Riderville reacts: how Rider fans are taking the trade of Darian Durant

The day that many in Riderville were waiting for has finally arrived.

On Friday morning, the Riders dealt franchise quarterback Darian Durant, a pending free agent, to the Montreal Alouettes for a pair of draft picks. Today is the day that will forever be linked to the team’s VP, GM, head coach and defensive coordinator Chris Jones. Whether Jones is able to find the next great quarterback in Saskatchewan will forever be his legacy in Rider Nation.

Since news of the deal broke, reaction has been pouring in from across the country. We’ve heard from Jones, we’ve heard (sort of) from Durant through his website, and through social media, we’ve certainly heard from the fans.

This trade even has people outside of Saskatchewan talking.

Not surprisingly, some aren’t thrilled with the news.

Others, are trying to see the bigger picture.

Even a Regina business is getting on the act.

At the end of the day, everyone just wants to wish Durant well.

And hey, even the darkest day might have a silver lining or two.

If you want even more reaction, there’s an entire message board thread dedicated to the trade here.

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