Why the Riders should (and shouldn’t) host the 2018 Grey Cup

We already know that Ottawa will host the game next year for Canada’s 150th birthday. It’s a connection that simply made too much sense to pass up for both the league and the celebrations going on in the Nation’s Capital. After that? Things start to get a little foggy. By all accounts, you’d think Hamilton would be in the running since that community has been waiting longer than any other to host the big game. But the Hammer likely won’t get their chance until 2018, at the earliest. They should have a good shot at 2019, you would think.

For now, the 2018 game reminds wide open. So, why not do some thinking out loud and make the case for and against Saskatchewan.

Why Saskatchewan should host the 2018 Grey Cup

  1. Money: without question, the game would be a success in Riderville. There’s little doubt the game would sell-out and the festival should be well attended. Despite the team’s lack of success lately, the team still draws over 30-thousand fans per game and they would show up for a Grey Cup.
  2. New Mosaic Stadium: the new digs open next year, and having been inside the stadium already, it would be a great setting for the game. The stadium holds 33-thousand but can be expanded for something like the Grey Cup. After a year of figuring out their new home, the Riders should be ready to show it off to the nation.
  3. The facilities: Hotels aside, Regina has much to offer the Grey Cup. Outside of the stadium, Evraz Place worked well as a set up for all of the team parties under one roof (except for one). The city’s bar scene is growing. There’s also room for indoor practices should the weather be awful. The downtown city square also makes for a great street festival area. On top of that, pretty much everything is a short drive or cab ride from each other.

Why Saskatchewan shouldn’t host the 2018 Grey Cup

  1. There are more deserving communities: 2018 would be just five years since the game was last held in Saskatchewan. Alberta is due for game, likely Edmonton after the work they’ve done to Commonwealth Stadium. Out of the Western team’s, Alberta’s have gone the longest without hosting.
  2. The Riders: if all goes to plan, 2018 will probably be the year the team is finally a Grey Cup contender again, however, a lot still has to go right for that to happen. The team might still be trying to get their house in order on the field and it might not be the time to concentrate on hosting a Grey Cup.
  3. It won’t grow the league: as good as a host city Regina is for the Grey Cup, bringing the game to the community too often won’t help bring in new fans. Fans exist here, the team is financially stable, it should go to some places that could use the help.

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