Maciocia’s decision to spurn Alouettes makes a whole lot of sense

Now that he’s explained it, Danny Maciocia’s decision to stay at the University of Montreal seems like an easy one.

RDS reporter and and all around good dude Didier Orméjuste posted a series of Tweets from Maciocia’s press conference Monday afternoon and they paint a pretty dysfunctional picture of the Montreal Alouettes front office.

I mean, OK. It’s been reported that the Wetenhall family want to install current special teams coordinator Kavis Reeed as general manager and maybe Maciocia could have found a way to work with him, despite the fact they’ve never been on the same staff before….

Huh. Around the CFL, some team presidents are more involved on the player side than others  but one of the only ways this convoluted structure made sense was if Maciocia, a former general manager in Edmonton, helped Reed – who has no front office experience – on the player personnel side.

So… Maciocia was being asked to take a job where he couldn’t have a say in selecting the two guys who would be, theoretically anyway, reporting to him – the general manager and head coach – while also being excluded from the player personnel side. It’s worth noting that the Alouettes already have a team president (Mark Weightman) with responsibility on the business side.

Didier draws the following conclusion…

Gee, I wonder why he turned them down.

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