The good news: less than 2,000 tickets left for Grey Cup. That’s also the bad news.

The CFL has announced that there are “less than 2,000” tickets remaining for Sunday’s Grey Cup.

That’s good news but only in a relative sense – it means there are still plenty of tickets remaining for the league’s showcase event with under four days left until the game. A quick search of shows there are seats available from $149 each all the the way up to $899.

The cost of tickets has been a source of controversy since they were announced last summer and then again when prices were slashed in October, angering those who had already ponied up.

And then there’s the question of how many tickets have actually been paid for. As we wrote this weekend, TSN employees have been offered up to five free tickets and there are unconfirmed reports that Bell employees were also extended an offer for seats to the game.

Seating capacity at BMO Field has been expanded for the game to approximately 35,000.

This is the second straight year there have been tickets available to the Grey Cup in the week leading up to the main event: Winnipeg didn’t sell the last of their 36,000 seats until the Friday before the game. There were similar issues in Vancouver in 2014.

It hasn’t also been so tough. The Saskatchewan Roughriders sold out the 2013 Grey Cup in Regina by mid-summer and the last time the game was in Toronto – in 2012 at the Rogers Centre – the tickets were gone by late June. In 2010, Edmonton sold out in three days.

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