The CFL has fined the Edmonton Eskimos $20,000 and head coach Jason Maas $15,000 for removing Live Mics before the TSN broadcast on Monday.

And Maas will be suspended and fined the maximum amount if they refuse to wear the mics in the future.

According to a statement issued by commissioner Jeffery Orridge on Wednesday, the live mics a were directive from this league’s Board of Governors, a motion that was supported by all nine clubs.

It was unfair to our fans, who had been promised a live mic game, to our broadcast partner, who had advertised a live mic game, and to the other clubs in the league who had abided by the Board’s directive to participate in live mic games. It was totally unacceptable,” Orridge said in the statement. “The Eskimos organization acknowledges this and has apologized.”

But Orridge saved his harshest words for Maas, who was reportedly behind the decision to remove his microphone, and the one worn by starting quarterback Mike Reilly, just moments before kickoff.

“The fact that Coach Maas has expressed no remorse whatsoever for what appears to be a unilateral and planned act of defiance is particularly disappointing. I want to send a clear signal that this cannot happen again,” Orridge said. “Should Coach Maas be directed to wear a live microphone again this season or in subsequent seasons, and he again refuses, he will be immediately subjected to the maximum fine allowable and he will be suspended for his team’s next game, even if that next game is a playoff or championship game.”

Reilly was not fined because the league’s collective bargaining agreement requires a player’s permission to wear an on-field microphone.

Sources say TSN is planning a Live Mic game on Nov. 5 when the Toronto Argonauts travel to Edmonton to play the Eskimos.


Drew Edwards
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