Ford the Godfather of Ticat running backs

In the last 15 months, running back Michael Ford has been signed by five different professional football teams – three of them named the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Ford was first inked by the Ticats in June 2015, who then released him Aug. 1 after he appeared in three games. Six days later he was signed by the Atlanta Falcons, where he lasted three weeks. Then in September, he signed with the Ticats again and played in three more games.

This season, he signed with the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Aug. 12, appeared in three games, and was released a week ago. Now he’s back in Hamilton.

“He’s like the Godfather,” joked head coach Kent Austin. “The more tries to get out, the more we pull him back in.

Ford said there was no awkwardness in coming back to Hamilton a third time. With injuries to C.J. Gable and Ross Schuerman, the team needed someone with at least some familiarity with the offensive system.

“It’s been up and down but you have to enjoy the road,” Ford said. “It’s an opportunity and I’ll make the best of it. I got close to some of the guys and that’s the great part of coming back.”

Austin said there was some concern that Ford wouldn’t be interested in returning, given that he’s been cut twice already, but that Ford handled the situation like “a real pro.” And Ford said there’s a lesson here for football players everywhere.

“You should never burn bridges,” he said. “You never know when you might have to cross them again.”

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