Redblacks (allegedly) caught violating roster rules, Rider fans react

According to TSN’s Gary Lawless, the Ottawa Redblacks have been caught engaging in some roster hijinks.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a CFL team has been caught violating roster rules this season. Back in August, Calgary quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell caused quite the stir when he accused the Riders of cheating on Twitter and subsequent reports revealed the Riders were not only using as many as 95 players in practice but paying those players, too. The CFL subsequently fined Saskatchewan $60,000 and reduced the team’s salary cap by $26,000 for practicing with ineligible players.

Lawless’ report, which has yet to be confirmed by the CFL, allowed Rider fans to engage in a cathartic bout of righteous indignation, protesting the discrepancy in the fines.

And get some shots in on Mitchell for ratting the out Riders in the first place…

There is, of course, a massive difference between allowing a player on the six-game injured list to practice and maintaining a second clandestine practice roster of players and paying them under the table. But it will no doubt provide fodder for the central argument espoused by Rider brass and fans: everybody does it.

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