Old Riders marketing man takes shot at Troy Westwood

Voice of the Riders Rod Pederson let it be known on Twitter that former team director of marketing and corporate development Trent Fraser would be on his SportsCage radio show on Thursday to share why he felt ‘Banjo Bowl’ is offensive.

Troy Westwood, who played 18 years for the Bombers, and coined the nickname for the annual ‘Banjo Bowl’ was intrigued by what Fraser had to say.

“I was totally and 100 per cent against the name,” Fraser, who spent five seasons in the Riders front office from 2000-2004, said.

“Realistically what’s transpired is that the Saskatchewan Roughriders, once again, have helped another football team in the CFL sell tickets because that particular game sells out almost all the time.”

Fraser ended by taking a shot at Westwood and his old hair style.

“Troy must be very proud of the fact that it’s actually helped his Bombers sell some tickets – him and his mullet are both proud I’m guessing.”