Rider billboard disappears after shellacking by Ticats

It’s apparently last call for the Riderville roll call.

Just a few short days after their team was humiliated 53-7 by the Ticats, the infamous Saskatchewan Roughrider billboard in Hamilton has disappeared.

The Riders rented ad space above a vacant car repair shop at the corner of Sherman Avenue North and Cannon Street, just two blocks from Tim Hortons Field earlier this month. The image featured a man opening his shirt to reveal the team’s logo and features the words “Roll Call,” the date of the game against the Ticats and web address of the team’s online store.

But the ad has now been replaced by one featuring a local realtor.

“Why pay money for something that’s a joke now?” Ticat linebacker Simoni Lawrence said. “This is Hamilton: who is going to buy something from the Rider store from this town? And in this neighbourhood? All you see is Ticats stuff and that’s awesome.”

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