Mitchell fined for his whistleblower Tweets that exposed Riders

Calgary Stampeders quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell says he’s been fined by the CFL for his whistleblower tweets that blew the lid off the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ personnel hijinks.

“I spoke with commissioner Orridge and I will be fined on the subject. It was mainly because of the tweet that broke it down and said extra players, extra practices, all that,” Mitchell told the Hustler and Lawless radio show in Winnipeg. “It’s not a question of being right. Sometimes it’s wrong to be right. It’s the way I went about it and keeping it in house, talking to my guys and talking to the CFL but not talking to be public just to be scrutinized.”

Mitchell started a firestorm with a series of Tweets last Tuesday that insinuated that the Riders were playing fast and loose with CFL roster rules. Subsequent reports indicated that the Riders were not only utilizing a significant number of players who were not under contract but paying those players as well. The CFL ultimately fined the Saskatchewan Roughriders $60,000 and reduced the team’s salary cap by $26,000.

According to a release issued by the league, the penalties came after an investigation “spanning several weeks” that included visits to team practices in Regina. The league found that the team used ineligible players in practice, including those on the six-game injured list and players not under contract.

“As Commissioner, I am compelled to make decisions consistent with protecting the competitive balance within our league, the spirit of our rules and the integrity of our game,” CFL Commissioner, Jeffrey Orridge said in a statement. “The recent conduct, behaviour and activities of the Saskatchewan Roughriders have compromised the reputation of the CFL.”

Mitchell led his team to a 19-10 victory over Saskatchewan on Saturday – a game that was not without its own controversy – and says he doesn’t regret his decision to go public.

“I wouldn’t say that I wish I hadn’t done it. I thought that something needed to be done about it. I could have gone about it a different way but at the moment I thought that was the necessary way and that’s why I did it,” he said. “I’m not going to back away from it. I thought public pressure would help the most out of anything and obviously it helped a little bit.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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