Henry Burris tells haters to “shove it” in fiery halftime rant

A dull first half in the Edmonton-Ottawa matchup on Saturday night exploded with excitement when TSN’s Matthew Scianitti interviewed Henry Burris at halftime and last season’s MOP teed off on his supposed haters.

He took particular aim at the TSN panel, but did not mention anyone specifically.

“Well, all these guys at TSN always want to jump on me every week,” Burris said. “And it seems like me, here I am, playing hard, trying to turn around every team in this league. For people out there, I’ve turned around four teams in this league. And I’ve helped do it here too. So for all those people talking junk out there, you can take that and shove it, all right? That’s all I’ve got to say!”

Burris defended – and expanded on – his comments in his post-game interview.

“It was at a point where something had to be said. Those guys can say whatever they want and are not being held accountable,” Burris said post-game. “We played Toronto last week, it was my first game back and we had three days of practice and all I got asked was ‘am I worried?’ Things didn’t go right and I said I would be better this week but all the questions all week were ‘are you worried?’

“If I’m the defending (Most Outstanding Player) of this league, how come a rookie quarterback from Toronto is getting more positive press than the defending MOP? Do these guys know the game? That’s all I’m asking. I know they’ve been attacking me for years regardless of what I’ve done in this league and I just had to say something, and I did, but from this point I’m not going to talk about it. I made my point and I’m leaving it at that.”

Burris has had a long and storied career that will likely see him headed to the Hall of Fame when it is all said and done, but he still plays with a very sizeable chip on his shoulder and that was broadcast to the entire country.

Josh Smith has been writing about the Ticats and the CFL since 2010 and was sporting his beard way before it was cool. Will be long after, too.