Ticats LB Lawrence vs B.C. RB Murray-Lawrence in spicy Twitter beef

B.C. Lions running back Shaq  Murray-Lawrence and Ticats linebacker Simoni Lawrence engaged some quality Twitter beef Saturday night.

It started with Murray-Lawrence posting some self-congratulatory highlights from the Lions 28-3 win over the Ticats… the ‘Twitter Fingers’ reference would appear to be a shot at Lawrence’s active social media presence…

Lawrence fired back, with dollar signs and depth chart references,

Needless to say, the interaction caught the attention of other CFL types, including former Ticat Bryan Hall… (the coffee cup and frog thing means, essentially, That’s None of My Business. It’s a reference that involves tea and Kermit the Frog… and yes, the fact that I feel the need to explain it means I’m old.)

Another former Ticat….

The Ticat quarterback.

In related news, the Ticats face the Lions in Vancouver on Aug, 13.

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