Chad Owens shows Argos he can still make diving, one-handed TD grabs

Chad Owens is a ridiculous athlete.

The five-foot-eight receiver can make spectacular catches even though Toronto let him go to the rivals down the QEW.

Owens’ last major in an Argos uniform came with less than 30 seconds on the clock and Toronto down 35-31 when he laid out and reached one hand up to snag the ball while soaring through the air. That 10-yard touchdown propelled the Argos to a thrilling 38-35 victory. It was the best catch in the CFL in 2015.


The Flyin’ Hawaiin made a similar grab for his first touchdown in Ticat colours. Owens, running at full speed, dove and reeled in a 30-yard touchdown that provided the dagger in Hamilton’s win against his old team during the Argos opening game at BMO Field. An early catch-of-the-year candidate.


In case you forgot, Owens is 34 years old, but you wouldn’t know it after seeing a play like that.

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