The (unofficial) Ticats training camp depth chart

ticatsdepthAfter two days of Ticats training camp, I’ve put together a very unofficial depth chart. A few things of note:

• Troy Davis, who started the East Final at defensive end after the injury to Eric Norwood, is getting a look at middle linebacker. He’s spent the first two days with the first team.

• the quarterbacks are still splitting reps with the first team with Jeremiah Masoli going first, followed by Jeff Mathews. Both guys have looked good, though I like Mathews’ decision-making and accuracy in the early going.

• the Ticats have played with the same ratio configuration the first couple of days: three offensive linemen, two receivers, a defensive tackle and a safety.

• this chart doesn’t reflect this morning’s addition of fullback Preston Huggins. He was a 2015 draft pick as a linebacker out of Western, converted to fullback during last year’s training camp, then went back to Western for his final senior (where he played linebacker gain.) Huggins was released after rookie camp in April but brought back after the injury to fullback Felix Faubert-Lussier.

• areas of strength thus far: defensive line and linebacker, where a guy with 60-plus games in the NFL (Larry Deane) is currently running with the third team. Defensive tackle Delano Johnson is having a good camp as well.

• if the Ticats decide to go with two Canadian receivers, there will be some tough decisions to be made on the American side, too.

• practice ended with kickers Brett Maher and Cody Mandell each kicking two field goals of 40-plus yards, the entire team gathered around to simulate the noise and pressure of a game-winning situation. Each guy made one and missed one.


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