Welcome to 3DownDaily

When I started the Scratching Post blog back in – holy crap – 2009, I quickly realized that posting something every day was one of the ways to draw traffic. If readers knew there was going to be something posted every day, they’d be inclined to check every day. At the beginning of the 2010 season, I pledged to post at least once a day: five-plus years later, the streak was still going.

It officially ended shortly after we launched 3Down (unofficially it ended with one of the many posts that were clearly designed to extend the streak or on one of the days when a post didn’t appear until after midnight.) We’ve had fresh content on 3Down pretty much every day but I haven’t always been the one providing it.

One of the other challenges I’ve had is finding a way to write about league issues without diluting the Ticat-centric focus that is the Scratching Post. There are plenty of Hamilton fans who want the skinny on their team but aren’t interested in goings-on across the league. Fair enough, but given that this is a CFL-centric site, I need to find a home for that stuff.

And so… we’re starting a new daily feature here on 3DownNation called “3DownDaily” which will feature something CFL-centric every single day. I’m going to run it in conjunction with deputy editor Justin Dunk, in part because our traffic numbers show we can’t have enough Dunk on the site and also because posting every day by myself got to be something of a challenge by the end. So Dunk and I will share the load.

3DownDaily will feature audio, video, stuff from social media, news, analysis, context and just about anything and everything else. It is, like this site, another little experiment.

The Scratching Post, meanwhile, will remain Ticats-only, which should make my hardcore readers happy.

So welcome to 3DownDaily. And see you tomorrow.