24 CFL-types to have a beer with on May 2-4

It’s the May long weekend, a sure sign that CFL football is just around the corner. It’s also a good time to drink beer. With that in mind, here are 24 CFL types we’d love to share a cold one with on May 2-4.

dannymac1. Danny McManus: a legendary drinker in his playing days, Danny Mac is known as one of the most affable guys throughout the CFL universe. He might have a story or two to tell as well…

2. Mike Morreale. Long playing career = plenty of good tales. Plus, the added bonus of tips on style, grooming and hair care.

3. Milt Stegall. Milt can talk, we know that for sure. Getting a word in edge-wise would be the challenge.

4. Pinball Clemons. You would have to find a secluded bar, otherwise your conversation would be interrupted constantly by well-wishers. And plan for a couple hours of pure, non-stop inspiration.

5. Danny Kepley, Dave Fennell, Dale Potter, & Dave Cutler. The details of the inner workings of championship dynasties are always cool and there’s no better than the Eskimos of the late 70’s and early 80’s. Plus these guys just seem to be the kind of guys you’d want to have a beer with at The Legion.

6. George Cortez. What? Known throughout the league as one of the toughest media interviews, Cortez is actually one of the most interesting and well-read people in the CFL. He can talk books, science, even curling. And lots and lots of football.

7. Peter Dyakowski. The veteran CFL offensive lineman is a former Canada’s Smartest Person title holder and ex-Jeopardy! contestant who can talk football or quantum mechanics. Also an expert on the statistical research of Dr. John Miller and internet trolling.

8. Jeffrey Orridge. We’re betting that Orridge drinks beer from a can – the same place he gets most of his answers. Plus, Jay-Z karaoke.

murphy9. Rob Murphy. the former B.C. and Toronto tackle, currently helping to raise triplets on his own, was a picture of calm during interviews but was downright terrorizing on the field and amusing too. Murphy’s been known even to buy reporters a beer or two.

10. Ron Lancaster. We’d have to travel north to get this done, but nobody explained the game better, derived more joy from doing it or had a better memory. Miss ya, Little General.

11. Jon Cornish. Oh wait, we already did that.

12. Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca. Perhaps we should do these separately or at the very least sit them at opposite ends of a very long table. Either way, drinks with these two could either clear the air or spark round two.

13. Nik Lewis. Lewis delivers the straight talk stone sober, hard to imagine what he might say after a few cocktails.

14. Adriano Belli. The man had held his retirement announcement on a party boat while wearing an all-white sailor’s outfit. How much more fun can you have?

15. Bob Dyce. Just an all around good guy and football guy. Might get the low down on what really happened with the Riders last year

therock16. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He only had a cup of coffee in the CFL but he’s done one or two interesting things since.

17. Andre Proulx. Just to see if he would heckle CFL fans after a few beers.

18. Sara Orlesky. TSN sideline reporter might be the nicest person is Canadian football.

19. Brendon LaBatte. His nickname is “Blue” that should be reason enough. Could also talk about race car driving if you wanted.

20. Chris Walby: Another legendary beer drinker and his stories from the 80s and 90s are insane.

21. Scott Mitchell, Scott Mitchell and Scott Mitchell. Bringing together the Ticats’ CEO, Calgary CFL reporter and offensive lineman might bend time and space.

22. Henry Burris: Good Hank, bad Hank, tanked Hank.

23. Bernie Custis, Chuck Ealey and Condredge Holloway. Three African-American men who broke the colour barrier and ushered in changes at the quarterback position for years to come on both sides of the border.

24. “Moe The Toe” Racine Just because there aren’t any offensive tackles turned place-kickers in the league anymore. Most games played as well as winning four Grey Cup rings as an Ottawa Rough Rider is pretty unique as well.

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