Ticats’ Dyakowski touts fake study, conducts fake radio interview

Hamilton Tiger-Cats offensive lineman Peter Dyakowski pulled an amazing troll job on Roughrider fans – and duped an unsuspecting Saskatchewan radio host in the process.

It starts with this Tweet from Dyakowski.

Predictably, this Tweet got Rider fans – who view themselves as the league’s pre-eminent fan base and are more than willing to shout down anyone with audacity to suggest otherwise – all up in arms. There were dozen of Tweets like these…

Dyakowski played along, Tweeting out a few other “facts” about the study but things really took a turn when Jamie Nye, a Regina radio host, asked him to provide the “professor” who authored the “study.”

So Dyakowski sent him a response…

For those of you following the U.S. presidential race, “John Miller” is the name Donald Trump used back in the 1990s when he acted as his own fake spokesperson. But Nye dutifully interviewed “Professor Miller” on his show yesterday… and it’s remarkable how much Miller sounds like one Peter Dyakowski.


You should really listen to the entire interview but Dyakowski plays it completely straight, making up all kind of “facts” and sounding like, well, a boring math professor defending his study. Their chat goes on for nearly eight minutes and Nye never appears to clue in, inviting him back when the “full study” is released at the start of CFL regular season.

Dyakowski finally confessed to the hoax on Twitter….

Well done, Peter. Well, done.


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