Toronto sports radio host trolls CFL & its fans

Toronto radio host Dean Blundell successfully trolled the CFL social media community on Tuesday. It all started with this Tweet…

Blundell, who hosts the morning show on the Fan590, got an immediate and visceral response from CFL fans. I’ve dropped a very small sampling below along with Blundell’s timeline (as of 2:20 p.m. he was still going at it with fans.)

I have five six thoughts:

• arguing with someone who clearly doesn’t like something for no discernible reason is pretty pointless. It’s liking trying to talk a kid into liking brussels sprouts: it’s impossible and gets increasing frustrating the harder you try.

• the reaction by CFL fans is being used by Blundell and the other CFL haters to support the original premise: the CFL is second rate and its fans only defend it so stridently because they know its second rate. A communications director from the league responded, which, again, makes it seem like Blundell touched a nerve. The only way to win circular argument is to extricate yourself from it.

• the Fan590 is owned by Rogers which does not hold the rights to the CFL (they are owned by Bell Media’s TSN) and that fact is being used to question Blundell’s motivations in posting the question. Of course, Rogers has a stake in MLSE which owns an MLS franchise (Toronto FC), who are the other part of the poll question. I’m actually surprised the soccer fanatics – who are pretty easy to rile up in their own right – haven’t gone after Blundell as well. But this Rogers / TSN blood feud has made it virtually impossible for a sports media personality employed by one company to criticize a team or a property held by the other.

• putting Blundell’s trolling tendencies aside, this is yet another example of the uphill battle the CFL faces in Toronto. That a morning show host on a popular sports talk network would take a swipe at the league like this isn’t a positive sign, no matter how wrong-headed it may be. 

• if there’s a positive, it’s this: people talking a lot of CFL on social media during a dead period for league news in May. Sometimes, you don’t read your press (or Tweets) you just weigh it.

• kids, the lesson, as always: don’t feed the trolls. 


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