Saskatchewan Roughriders clean up their look

Major change was not the name of the game for the Saskatchewan Roughriders as they unveiled their new look on Thursday morning at Mosaic Stadium. Instead of a complete overhaul, the team made a number of subtle changes to their jerseys for the 2016 season.

The biggest change sees the black piping dropped from white portions of the jersey and around the numbers, making the Green and White, once again the green and white. The  look of the white portions have also been tweaked. The logo on the back of the jersey, affectionately known as the “tramp stamp” is also gone. The four stripes on the side of the pants represent the team’s four Grey Cup victories. Other changes are fairly minor in nature.

The helmets have also been tweaked with a larger logo. Many will also be celebrating the death of the white lid, especially if you’re over the age of 35.



The Riders made the right decision to keep the changes to a minimum this time around. They have a fairly classic look built around two colours and they’ve returned to with the removal of the black piping. The only downside is that the Redblacks and Stampeders both have the same basic template for their jerseys. It’s a little odd that three teams in a nine team league to have the same general design, but the team’s probably aren’t at fault for that.

As for the fans, with how minor the changes are, reaction has been positive to indifferent for the most part.

What we do know for sure, no matter the look, these jerseys and the new line of gear in general will fly off the shelves across Saskatchewan and the country as a whole.

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