New Bomber jerseys delayed for in-store sale

Are you looking forward to suiting up in a brand new Blue Bomber jersey immediately following its release on Thursday?

You’re going to have to wait a little while.

Sources have indicated that Winnipeg’s redesigned uniforms will not be made available for in-store sale until the week of the Bombers’ first preseason game on Wednesday, June 8. The jerseys, which will be styled similarly to the club’s vintage royal blues (pictured above), will only be made available prior to then via pre-order.

Though details from all nine CFL uniform launches have yet to be made available, it is possible that Winnipeg will be the only team without jerseys available for immediate, in-store sale upon release. Photos of what could be Hamilton’s new uniforms were snapped on Sunday at the Tiger-Cat’s new flagship store at Tim Hortons Field. If these are Hamilton’s new uniforms — and they almost certainly are — this photo confirms that they will be for in-store sale on Thursday.

Customized new uniforms are expected to retail for $209.00 plus applicable taxes, up from $199.99 a season ago.

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