Riders bring in six prospects for last minute, pre-draft workout

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have brought six prospects to Regina for final workouts on the eve of the CFL Draft.

Sources say the six are:

Oklahoma offensive lineman Josiah St. John (ranked No. 5 by CFL Central Scouting)

Virginia defensive lineman Trent Corney (No. 8)

Northern Illinois receiver Juwan Brescacin (No. 12)

Calgary running back Mercer Timmis (No. 13)

Buffalo offensive lineman Dillon Guy (No. 14)

Grand Valley State offensive lineman Brandon Revenberg (Unranked)

The scuttlebutt around the league is that the prospect that performs best at this final on-field session could be the odds-on favourite to be selected with the No. 1 pick on Tuesday.

However, sources say the Riders – who are desperate to upgrade their Canadian talent – are still inclined to trade the first overall selection for multiple picks and role players or a veteran national starter. Saskatchewan currently holds the No. 1 pick but they do not pick again until No. 24 and No. 26 late in the third round.

The decision to bring multiple prospects in for a final workout may be an attempt to solicit trade offers from other teams interested in one or more of those players.

Also of note, Saskatchewan is asking Timmis to work out as a slot receiver, as opposed to a running back. Scouts say Timmis may go higher in the draft if he can demonstrate an ability to play receiver, a position where nationals are more commonly utilized around the league.

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