Featured Fan: Rob Joachim

Featured Fan is a spotlight on some of the most passionate fans around the CFL.

What are some of your earliest CFL memories?

I clearly remember watching the 1976 Grey Cup in my parents’ living room on Booth Street and jumping up and down on the couch during the Rough Rider’s final scoring drive. It was literally the only time I ever got away with it. I also recall the end of the 1979 season, specifically the final two regular season games and the playoffs. Ottawa lost to Montreal in the East final that year.

How many years have you been a season ticket holder?

I’m proud (or is it sad?) to say that I’ve been a season ticket holder through three franchises. In the Rough Rider era I was a STH from 1982 until they folded in 1996, was back again throughout the entire existence of the Renegades (2002-2005) and of course since the Redblacks came to town.


Who are some of your favourite players (past or present)? Why?

Considering I go way back as a fan, there’s way too many to pick just one. I’ll give honourable mentions to JC Watts, Skip Walker, Dave Newman, Larry Brune, Gerry Organ, Stephen Jones, Damon Allen, Reggie Barnes, Jock Climie, David Conrad, Greg Marshall, Kerry Joseph and of course Tony Gabriel for his toughness and dedication.

Now if we were talking guys presently playing in Ottawa I’d have to go with Brad Sinopoli, Chris Williams and Greg Ellingson. I’m happy I could easily name three players from last season since there wasn’t really anyone on the 2014 team that I liked.

What about some players who made you want to pull your hair out?

Again, that’s a long list but I’ll narrow down to Chevon Walker, Wallace Miles, Dan Crowley, Darren Davis, Ray Jacobs. And in terms of Rough Riders, there’s far too many I didn’t like but I’ll keep it to Todd Dillon and Joe Paopao.

Between the three franchises that have played in Ottawa, who’s had the best logo?

Hands down it’s been the immortal “R” for the Rough Riders.

What would you call your happiest and/or most disappointing moment as an Ottawa fan?

The happiest moment I can say I witnessed was the ’76 Grey Cup win. As for disappointing?  Without a doubt it was the day that the Rough Riders franchise was revoked and 120 years of history was flushed down the toilet. I never really felt (or had) the same bond with the Renegades.


What is your most prized piece of Rough Rider/Renegade/Redblacks memorabilia?

Good question. I’d say the Ottawa Citizen’s recap of the 1981 Grey Cup, which came out the following day. Aside from that I’ve got a some ticket stubs from the ‘80s and also a number of #80 jerseys.

Do you have any lucky game day attire?

Anything black works but it has to be ALL black. I also wear a specific shark tooth necklace but overall I’m not terribly superstitious, at least not anymore!


North or South Side?

South Side for life baby!!

Finish the sentence, “Being a part of R-Nation means….”

Being blessed to be a part of a wonderful group of people with whom I am proud to call my family (above calling them my friends). R-Nation lets me share the happiest moments of my life with a fantastic gang of passionate fans!


Thanks for your time Rob!

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Santino Filoso is originally from Ottawa and has written about the Redblacks since 2013. He is the only CFL writer currently living in Brazil (as far as we know).