Video: OL vs. DL one-on-ones from the CFL Combine

Here’s video from one-on-ones between the offensive and defensive lineman at the 2016 CFL Combine on Sunday.

Offensive line:
No. 50: Kadeem Adams
No. 51: Jamal Campbell
No. 52: Michael Couture
No. 53: Philippe Gagnon
No. 54: Roman Grozman
No. 56: Zachary Intzandt
No. 57: Sean Jamieson
No. 58: Jason Lauzon-Seguin
No. 59: Josiah St. John
No. 60: Charles Vaillancourt

Defensive line:
No. 90: Tarique Anderson
No. 91: Rupert Butcher
No. 92: Michael Kashak
No. 93: Quinn Horton
No. 94: Donnie Egerter
No. 95: Denzel Philip
No. 96: Boyd Richardson
No. 97: John Biewald

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