Friday Conversation: Commissioner for a day

FBO CFL Commissioner 20150317Last week, I resurrected the Friday Conversation to talk about favourite moments from the 2015 season. I got that idea from thinking about my five favourite Ticats moments of 2015. This week’s Friday Conversation question came to me as I was writing my post about changing the coin toss.

The coin toss idea got me thinking about other changes I would make, or that people would like to see. So with that, I ask you this: what is the one change you would make if you could be the CFL commissioner for a day?

I only have one rule: no expansion. I think we, as CFL fans, universally accept that we would love to see the league expand to at least 10 teams. But expanding is not as simple as willing it to happen. There needs to be a proper stadium and the right ownership, among other things, for it to happen. So let’s all agree that expanding would be awesome and pick something else, OK?

So here is mine, and it is not the coin toss idea: make everything reviewable (and increase coaches’ challenges).

I know that there is a growing sentiment to completely get rid of review and I am sympathetic to that plea. I am not the world’s biggest fan of reviews and coaches’ challenges, but that is the system we have, so instead of scrapping it, which I don’t think will every happen, I say we tweak it to make it better. I say we just make every play, including penalties, reviewable. If it happens in the game, it can be challenged. Simple.

Now, I also want to increase the number of challenges a coach has, but with a twist. Right now, coaches have two challenges and if they get both right, they gain a third. I say, if they get the first two right, they get to keep challenging until they get one wrong. Coaches will therefore have an infinite number of challenges, but only if they continue to be correct after their initial two.

So now I leave it to you, my friendly readers. If you were to occupy Jeffrey Orridge’s office for one day, what change would you make?

Josh Smith has been writing about the Ticats and the CFL since 2010 and was sporting his beard way before it was cool. Will be long after, too.