The Friday Conversation: Your favourite moment of 2015

Justin MedlockEarlier this week, I posted some of my favourite Ticats moments of 2015. And while there were a comments on the article, they all dealt with, understandably, the Ticats. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated those comments, and all comments that my posts get, but I am curious what other CFL fans have as their favourite moment of the 2015 season.

So I thought I would resurrect the Friday Conversation and ask just that question: what was your favourite moment of the 2015 CFL season?

My favourite moment is a personal one that I did not include on the list that I posted earlier this week: when I met Angelo Mosca.


It was a brief encounter, but on the day that Mosca’s number was retired by the Ticats I was part of a lucky group of fans to get to have an audience with the man of the hour. I shook his hand, thanked him for all he has down for the team and the city, got an autograph and snapped a picture. I was probably only with him for a minute or so, but I am not afraid to admit that I was in awe. This man is a legend and just getting a chance to share a few short moments with him, especially on his big day, was something I will never forget. Every Ticats fan seemingly has an Angelo Mosca story to tell and on that beautiful summer evening I got mine.

So now I throw it to all the readers out there: give me your favourite moment of the 2015 season.

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