Exclusive Pictures from the Redblacks’ Halloween Party

Last night I had the privilege of attending the Ottawa Redblacks’ second annual Halloween party. The exclusive event was invite only and took place at the back of a long Whole Foods checkout line. Coaches and players had a chance to dress up, blow off some steam and scare unsuspecting grocery shoppers. Below, you’ll find exclusive pictures and the reasoning behind why each player chose their costumes.

First up we have Henry Burris, who chose to go as a pilot. Why you might ask? Well, the choice seems more than fitting when you remember that as the guy leading the CFL in passing yards, Burris loves to air it out. More importantly, Burris is the ultimate wingman, always looking to help his teammates score.


Just like the tasmanian devil, Abdul Kanneh always flies around in a chaotic frenzy that as a fan, is a joy to watch. By now Kanneh’s teammates know that they better make the tackle before he arrives on the scene, because he has no qualms about hammering his own man to get the job done.


“Deuce” is known for his swag and ability to talk a good game (and back it up) against his former team. Like every good DB, Jovon Johnson’s self-confidence is sky high and the wily vet still thinks he’s the best.


“If you’re down some points,

And you need a score,

Who you gonna call?


If the spot is short,

And it’s 3rd and long,

Who you gonna call?


He ain’t ‘fraid of no defence”


While he gets zero points for originality, Shawn Lemon knows that sometimes you just can’t ignore the obvious.


John Wayne is tough as nails and shows no mercy to his opponents, just like the Redblacks’ receiving corps. With a nickname like Duke, what did you expect Greg Ellingson to go as?


Every good play starts with a good snap, just like every good concert starts with properly set up musical equipment. Much like a guitar technician, Jon “Dangerbeard” Gott knows the only time most people notice a centre, is when they screw up.


Q: What does Justin Capicciotti have in common with Sherlock Holmes?
A: He always takes down the bad guy, as proven by his team leading 11 sacks.


Many thanks to the extremely talented Uly Neves for all of the definitely real pictures.


Santino Filoso is originally from Ottawa and has written about the Redblacks since 2013. He is the only CFL writer currently living in Brazil (as far as we know).