KG to Montreal: Als making a desperate push for playoffs

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Sitting on the cusp of a playoff spot, Alouettes GM/Head Coach Jim Popp decided that in order to salvage the season, he needed a quarterback with experience to lead this team. So who better to call on than the man who’s best known league-wide as the CFL’s best insurance policy?

This morning, the Alouettes acquired Kevin Glenn from the Saskatchewan Roughriders in exchange for a 5th round pick in next year’s CFL draft. With Rakeem Cato sidelined with a concussion, Popp may have decided that it was finally time to go with experience at the signal-caller position.

This is definitely a win-win for both sides. The Roughriders were officially eliminated from the playoffs last weekend so they can now focus on 2016. That means giving youngsters like Brett Smith and Keith Price a look as quarterbacks, so Glenn suddenly became an option. Glenn becomes a free agent at season’s end so the Riders essentially get an extra draft pick they would not have had otherwise by trading him to Montreal. (Edit: Glenn now has a deal in place that will keep him in Montreal throughout the 2016 season. CP)


Montreal now gets a leader at the QB position after going through six (!) quarterbacks since the start of this season. A far cry from the days where backup QBs would grow old and retire before Anthony Calvillo would relinquish his spot under centre. Developing the future at quarterback is important and honestly should have been done long before Calvillo’s forced retirement.

Young men like Cato, Brandon Bridge and yes, even Tanner Marsh deserve to have the undivided attention of a legend like AC teaching them how to successfully lead this Montreal Alouettes franchise. It’s my hope that when this season is finished, regardless of the results, that this administration takes a good long look at the coaching staff and hires the best talent possible….JUST NOT IN LATE FEBRUARY!! But that’s for another day to debate.


Right now, Montreal is going for broke by trading for Glenn. He does know how to win games and was able to lead both the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Calgary Stampeders to unexpected Grey Cup appearances. With four games left, including two divisional games and a tilt versus Glenn’s former Riders team to end the season, the possibility of the Alouettes not only crossing over to the West but even staying in the East for the playoffs just got a much-needed shot in the arm.

Kevin Glenn is walking into a potentially great scenario; he’s got talented receivers, a strong backfield and an experienced O-Line that will give him the protection that he needs. Pair that with Montreal’s still elite defense and all of a sudden the game has changed. Glenn claimed earlier this season that he felt that he could learn any team’s offensive game plan in a day or two. He’ll get the chance to back up that bold claim as the Alouettes practice both tomorrow and Friday in advance of Sunday’s game versus Hamilton.

I don’t typically like moves made out of desperation, but time is running out on this season. Plus it’s not like the Alouettes just blew their brains out in order to obtain Glenn’s services. This move could very well save Jim Popp’s reputation as one of the more brilliant minds of football. Hopefully in one month’s time, we’ll be back here at The ALSternative still talking about playing football in 2015.

Bienvenue a Montreal, Kevin Glenn.