Welcome to the new home of BC Lions Den

Welcome to the new home of BCLionsDen.ca, 3DownNation.com!

3-Down_Marker_1-3Over the past eight years we have been blogging, podcasting and talking BC Lions football on social media over at BCLionsDen.ca. This off-season I was approached by 3DownNation.com creator, Drew Edwards of the Hamilton Spectator and asked if we would be interested in being part of a new CFL website connecting bloggers, journalists and fans across the country in one central location.

While the offer was tempting, I did have some reservations. I had put a lot of blood sweat and tears into BCLionsDen.ca and I really enjoyed the creative outlet it gave me through blogging, web design and interacting with fans across the country about the Lions and the CFL. But after talking with Drew (who I really respect for his CFL coverage) I decided the offer was too good to pass up, and that it would be good for the site. More importantly it would be good for our readers and listeners.

You now have a one stop shop for opinions and analysis of the Canadian Football League. There are some great passionate fans involved in this project and we are thrilled to be part of it.

What this means for the site:

  • If you have certain bookmarks for the site, or find a previous article or pawdcast you would like to access through google, you will be able to do so on the old site.
  • If you have BCLionsDen.ca bookmarked, you will be redirected to our new home.
  • We become part of a league wide network of sites, dedicated to the CFL. A place for CFL fans to read about not only their team, but every team in the league. This network includes, bloggers, journalists and statisticians that are going to fuel your love of all things CFL.
  • Better content; By affiliating with the Hamilton Spectator and Metroland Media, we will have access to Canadian Press photos for our blogs, guests for our podcasts and other benefits that traditional media have access to.
  • More participation: With a bigger audience to draw from, we can hopefully generate more discussion from all fans across the league. Please join the discussion buy commenting on the posts here, and following all the 3DownNation authors on Twitter.
  • Nothing changes: We will still be blogging from a fans point of view. We will still be tweeting and maintaining our Facebook page.
  • The Pawdcast continues: Mojo Kemp and I will still be podcasting, and we’ll have access to great guests.
  • We have full creative freedom for our section of the site.

For those of you wanting access to our Pawdcast archives, they are accessible here. They are also always  available on iTunes.

So, please update your bookmarks, and we hope you enjoy the move. We’re still settling in and trying to work out some kinks, but I am excited about the move and what it’s going to bring for the future.