Greetings from EE-ville

They say you never forget your first blog post. Actually, no one says that except someone who hasn’t done this before. Seems strange I know because I’ve been in the business of talking about our venerable three down gridiron circuit for many years and for exactly 14 seasons as the Esks’ Director and then VP of Communications and Marketing, I helped writers, TV and radio folks tell the stories of the CFL.  Until now I just haven’t put fingers to keyboard in order to share my insight.

My day job as a talk show host at TSN1260 in Edmonton allows me the access to Edmonton Eskimo players, coaches and executives, so the Commonwealth Concourse will have a generous helping of reportage on the successes and failures of the team as it moves through the season.

What I’ll also be sharing is some of the really good stories from my many seasons on the sidelines, dressing rooms planes and yes, courtrooms (see: Payton, Elfrid). There was that time when, against my better judgement, I chased Lawrence Phillips down a hallway because he stole a donut from a new conference. Many years later Mr. Phillips stands accused of killing his prison cellmate. In hindsight that honey glazed wasn’t worth THAT much! In the coming days, months , and hopefully years, I’ll “take you behind the curtain” from time to time to read some things you won’t get elsewhere.

Allow me to close out the first dispatch from the Commonwealth Concourse to say that the CFL/LCF has many endearing and enduring qualities. The rules and style of play make it unique and entertaining, but I think what makes this so special is the people who play and coach north of the 49th.  When you work in pro sports it sorely tests your “fan-dom”, your ability to just enjoy the games for what they are. No that I’m no longer working under the big top, I can have an opinion, and share it.

Through mini-camp, training camp, home games in Ft. McMurray and even some in Edmonton, I look forward to being your trustworthy correspondent from YEG (that’s airline speak for Edmonton).