UPDATED: What we know about the new CBA

More details about the new collective bargaining agreement between the union and the players are leaking out and it seems smart to recap what (we think) we know based on the reporting of generally reputable sources:

  • three-year deal with a $50,000 increase in the salary cap each season.
  • minimum salary stays the same in 2019 ($53,000) then jumps to $65,000 in 2020 and 2021.
  • the three-year deal times up with the expiration of the league’s TV contract with TSN.
  • some form of revenue sharing on any new TV deal and CFL 2.0.
  • medical coverage for up to three years for injured players.
  • Canadian quarterbacks will be part of the ratio.
  • some protection for veteran American players, including three of the seven international starters must have played three years with their current team or four years in the CFL.
  • the ratio will remain the same through the duration of the CBA.
  • no more unpaid bonuses in the lead up to a new CBA.
  • the addition of an extra roster spot for an international player.
  • work permits for American players will be open, allowing them to seek other employment in Canada during the off-season.
  • a rookie salary scale that’s said to start at $85,000 for the first overall pick.
  • the deal went to CFLPA team reps on Wednesday and is to be given to the union membership later on. A ratification vote is expected to be held until sometime next week.

We’ll continue to update this list with information as we get it.