Lulay, Lulay Lulay Lulay leads Lions comeback victory over Eskimos

Monte Stewart, Canadian Press

Travon Van’s eight-yard touchdown run early in the fourth quarter staked the B.C. Lions to a comeback 31-23 win over the Edmonton Eskimos on Thursday night.

The Lions (3-4) ended their losing skid at two games while handing the Eskimos (5-3) their first loss in four outings.

Van made his first start at running back in place of the injured Jeremiah Johnson. His touchdown gave the Lions an insurmountable 27-20 lead.

It came one play after defensive lineman Otha Foster forced Edmonton quarterback Mike Reilly to fumble and then recovered the ball himself.

B.C. quarterback Travis Lulay surpassed 20,000 passing yards for his career as he completed 16 of 29 passes, including one for an eight-yard touchdown toss to Kevin Elliott.

The Lions’ other points came on Chris Rainey’s 79-yard punt return and three field goals, including a career-best 51-yarder, two converts and two punt singles from Long.

Reilly threw two touchdown passes and ran for one score himself.

Nate Behar and Derrel Walker caught Reilly’s touchdown passes. Edmonton’s other points came from kicker Sean Whyte.

The Eskimos started by moving up the field with ease, following Jamill Smith’s opening kick-off return to the B.C. 39-yard line. Reilly opened the scoring with a 10-yard touchdown pass to Behar before the game was four and half minutes old.

The Lions got on the scoreboard with 51 seconds left in the first quarter as Long booted a 25-yard field goal. The three-pointer came shortly after Emmanuel Arceneaux caught a shovel pass from Lulay on a reverse play and picked up 39 yards. With the catch, Arceneaux extended his reception streak to 109 games.

Edmonton’s successful fake field-goal attempt led to a Reilly one-yard touchdown plunge early in the second quarter. The TD came four plays after backup quarterback Danny O’Brien passed to Almondo Sewell, usually a lineman, for a 16-yard gain off the fake field goal. Whyte’s 32-yard convert gave the Eskimos a 14-3 lead.

But a little while later, Rainey returned a punt 79 yards for a B.C. touchdown. After scoring, Rainey climbed some stairs to the stands and presented the ball to his wife Jenn Hillenburg, who had their young children Makari and Makynli in tow. Long’s single-point conversion reduced Edmonton’s lead to 14-10.

It looked like the Lions were going to take the lead when Lulay threw a 14-yard touchdown strike to Bryan Burnham. But the TD was nullified by a holding penalty.

On the next play, Korey Jones intercepted a Lulay pass and took the ball 70 yards the other way. Lulay prevented a touchdown with a desperate diving tackle, but his heroics were short-lived. Reilly threw a 15-yard TD pass to Walker on the very next play, and Whyte’s missed convert left the Eskimos with a 20-10 half-time lead.


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  1. grumblingaboutgreen // August 10, 2018 at 1:29 am //

    oh hey isnt THIS a surprise with the riders now once again tied for LAST place in the west with the lions? wally buonos team never RELENTS which gives them the opportunity for a COMEBACK in the second half! contrast that with the absolute SURRENDER shown by riderhole against this same eskimo team in the final drive showing ZERO intention of trying to win and instead just running out the CLOCK. anyone who looks at the STANDINGS can see that saskatchewan remains the ONLY team to have never defeated a CREDIBLE opponent with their only wins coming against the east while bc ADDS to their record with an upset over the highly regarded eskimos!

  2. Ex Eskimos come back to haunt their old team, I was cheering hard for the Eskies but it was good to see the Lions do well at home. Lions just changed things up better then the Eskimos at the half. Duke Williams gets too many balls thrown his way if you ask me

  3. Riding the Horse // August 10, 2018 at 1:34 am //

    Wow did Lulay look good, I hope he stay’s healthy.
    Thanks You BC for doing the Stamps a favor.
    rider fans; we have a good and bad news,
    the bad- you are moving to the basement
    the good-you are going to have company, for now anyways.

    riders fans should be very afraid right now,

    • The riders didn’t play tonight lions and Eskimos did . Have u ever made a post without including your rider obsession

      • grumblingaboutgreen // August 10, 2018 at 1:52 am //

        note the CONTRAST between a quality coach like buono or mass and someone totally out of his DEPTH as in riderhole! lulay definitely STRUGGLED during the first half as did reilly in the SECOND, but neither had their coach interfere with their confidence and RHYTHM by replacing them with a BACKUP. even on the live mics you could hear buono DISAGREED with lulays decision making but showed RESPECT for his player! the leagues true ATHLETES take pride in their craft and playing arbitrary political GAMES with their playing time is a great way to lose the LOCKER room. just as the mere PRESENCE of manziel has been a distraction for hamilton and now montreal the FOCUS of riderhole has been disrupted by petty playground politics!

        • Wow you are a weird dude . Will all your caps and ranting you acually make red look almost sane and that is saying a lot .
          Ok fess up your are drunk you have to be because if you are sober you need help and fast .

        • I had two post waiting for moderation and this post is allowed?

          • Paul Bomber // August 10, 2018 at 2:12 am //

            probably because you had a certain word they’ve flagged as a no-no. I don’t think there is actually a moderator – you’re post just went into limbo.
            Try re-wording your post next time.

        • I’m picturing this guy sitting in his worn out lazboy wearing sweatpants with a torn crotch for scratching and a white wife beater with mustard stains in front of his old tube tv , rabbit ears covered in tinfoil . After the game he lets out a mighty fart and lumbers over to his ancient desktop computer pounding out his rider rant on his stained sticky keyboard covered in cheezy dust . Into his second bottle of five star whiskey.

          • He is a riders fan that team causes you to drink just look at their pathetic history ,losing wears on you year after year

      • Has any riders fan ever not posted to any story that didn’t pertain to them ?NEVER they always gotta put their 2 cents in .Once riders fans figure out that NOBODY cares about them except their own lowly fan base .Your team is officially tied for last place again right where they belong and the ONLY team whom MTL can beat.

    • Go put on your stamp jammies and go to bed the adults are talking now .

      • Go back to your family gathering and play your banjos and leave the other REAL fans alone.


  4. Esks looked vulnerable tonight.
    I know I’m going to be wavering between Winnipeg and Edmonton all year as to who is the 2nd best team in the West (and probably the league)

  5. You can never count out Wally

  6. Attention morons……….what the hell do the Riders have to do with a BC win over Edmonton? Grow up you are worse than bully children in a school yard.

    • Exactly .

      • Paul Bomber // August 10, 2018 at 2:20 am //

        do what I do – ignore posters you know are baiting people.
        Sounds like I missed a good game (couldn’t handle the live mic… too annoying)

        • You did miss a good game and the live mic is really no big deal . It’s kinda cool hearing some of the stuff in the huddle etc.
          You can’t blame TSN for doing all they can to get the ratings up.

  7. Barry Obama // August 10, 2018 at 1:57 am //

    BC just moved into the crossover playoff position.

    • Evil Empire // August 10, 2018 at 5:24 am //

      @Barry Obama.

      An epic one sentence observation.

      Your post literally just laid it out. I can’t believe you, and I are the only ppl that actually connected the dots.

      JEEBUS !

      Riderville… No lie… 99% of Rider Nation prayed for, and got an Eskimo loss.

      You wot, mate ?

      Do you mean you jokers had absolutely ZERO understanding that an Eskimo win was exponentially better than a BC win ? Or, do you clowns still think you’ll run the table ? Like a few of you predicted before your last 2 losses.

      Kiss my ace.

      Legit… Can any of you even BEGIN to comprehend the big picture ? I believe to the depths of my heart that a MASSIVE majority of you can’t.

      Run Forrest, Run ! Stupid is as stupid does. Hello, McFly ???

      The least knowledgeable fan base in the league. And, it’s not even close. Apparently, Big Brother Syndrome, is a real thing.

      Enjoy the “ Esks lose again “ thread. It is pretty badass.

  8. RicoBeBlue&Gold // August 10, 2018 at 2:18 am //

    Lulay was Lulay (good). But solid special teams and an inspired defence in the second half was nice to see from BC. Love the CFL!

  9. TheLastArgoFan // August 10, 2018 at 7:09 am //

    What do they put in the drinking water in Alberta to make so many of their citizens complete douches?
    Riders this.
    Riders that.
    Riders hate.
    In a story about a game between Edmonton and B.C.
    Or ANY story for that matter.

    Ruins the forums for everyone else.

    • It’s because riders fan deserve everything they get ,they love to run their mouths non stop as they did against your Argos in the eastern fin last year ,going on to say they deserved to beat the Argos and go to the cup ,when in fact the Argos were in complete control for 98 % of that game,the refs let’s the riders back in it when they had no business even being close and that’s why their fan base is so hated and picked on.They bring it on themselves .DONT ever feel sorry for them

  10. Very entertaining game to watch! Congrats BC!

  11. Maas was outcoached. They need to protect Reilly better.

  12. GreenInCalgary // August 10, 2018 at 8:52 am //

    Great game. Good for the league and all teams in it. A healthy Lulay is great for the league. I hope we have a lot of exciting games like this one over the rest of this season.

  13. Lions will crush the riders in 2 weeks leaving the poor riders all alone in the basement

  14. Otha Foster played a great game on defense. One fumble recovered, a sack, and four tackles. named TSN player of the game for good reason with honourable mention to Travis Lulay.

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