Ticats’ Jones believes No. 1 pick Chapman could make the Broncos team

Even though the Hamilton Tiger-Cats didn’t sign receiver Mark Chapman, head coach Junes Jones holds no grudges against the No. 1 overall pick.

Chapman and the Ticats were light years apart in negotiations and the Denver Broncos signed the standout receiver just before training camp.

“He did not sign with us, you go through contract issues and all different kinds of things and he wanted to give it a go in the NFL and there couldn’t be a better place than Denver, Colorado to do that,” Jones told Orange and Blue 760 in Denver.

“Undersized guy that has some quickness and speed, catches the ball, very smart, intelligent player, he has a chance to make the team.”

Chapman led Central Michigan University with 59 receptions and 875 yards while reaching the end zone five times in 13 games during his senior season in 2017. He made 147 receptions for 2,035 yards and 10 touchdowns over four years with the Chippewa’s.

“I think that he is so much like the three amigos, he’s that kind of guy,” Jones said about the Broncos trio of receivers on the team during the 1980s and 1990s.

“The NFL has changed so much to go to the taller bigger, faster – there are so many six-foot-four kids that can run the same as those undersized kids because in the colleges and the high schools the passing has created a whole new group of different types of receivers. Where in 1984 through the 1990’s there wasn’t the Julio Jones, the six-four, six-five guys that could run 4.5 and were 215-220 pounds.”

All 32 teams attended the Central Michigan University pro day where Chapman performed well. Chapman attended New York Giants rookie mini-camp but did not receive a contract offer. However, Chapman was impressive and put that on film for other teams around the NFL to see.  Clearly, the Broncos took notice offering a contract in advance of training camp.

“I hope Mark makes it,” Jones said. “He’s a great kid, got a great family, they’ll love him.”

Chapman believes the CFL is awesome but growing up in the United States the NFL was his dream, which is why he didn’t want to rush reporting to the Ticats.

“That was exactly the game plan, speaking with my agent early on in the draft process we always wanted to keep that door open because it’s always been a dream of mine to come and give the NFL a shot. CFL is awesome but this has always been my dream,” Chapman said on Orange and Blue 760 in Denver who has been standing out in camp.

“I was honestly just about to report to Hamilton, the Tiger-Cats they drafted me. I was getting ready and then I get a call from Denver on a Wednesday morning and I was on the flight two hours later – everything happened really fast.”


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  1. he wouldnt have ever made the cfl anyway no loss

    • TheLastArgoFan // August 8, 2018 at 9:34 pm //

      And you know this how Mr. Talent Scout?

    • Eric Gowland // August 9, 2018 at 7:20 am //

      What good or first round picks if we pick people who we can’t sign

      • First round picks Behar and Vandervoort from the 2017, are both having terrible seasons, they didn’t start last year and so far this season they are dropping and fumbling like crazy.
        Ekate was the number 1 pick last year – a failure and then cut by the Bombers.
        The chances of any first rounder that is not an O-lineman making a team is zero

  2. White Horse // August 8, 2018 at 8:39 pm //

    Explain please…

  3. gridironguru // August 8, 2018 at 9:56 pm //

    Did anyone know of him being on a plane to the hammer before he signed with Denver ? Tuff loss for Hamilton if that’s he case but I think jones is being very complimentary … attended nyg’s camp and no offer ??? Training camp fodder imo or practice roster at the most

  4. What a waste of a draft pick. Its like not even having a first round pick now. Could have picked a player who wanted to be here.

    • MA78. So your strategy is to sign a second rate talent who signs because he has no other options? Not sure that I like that strategy. Cats went for the best talent available and played the odds (very much in their favour) that the kid would not get an NFL look see. The kid has less than a 50-50 shot at making the practice roster and less than that to make the team. The odds still favour the Cats getting another shot at the kid if he washes out at Denver.

    • A waste of a draft pick? how about going through the list of first rounders over the past couple of years.
      Behar in Edmonton, Vandervoort in BC, Ekakate in Winnipeg, Randy Colling in Calgary, Brian Jones in Toronto.
      The Canadian draft is a huge disappointment. They stock up on 300 pound plus O-linemen so they can fill the talent positions with imports

  5. Ron Tuthill // August 8, 2018 at 10:54 pm //

    I agree that it looks like a waste of a draft pick but on the hand he could eventually be cut by Denver and would then sign with Hamilton. Although not knowing June Jones offense he could quickly learn it and he would have some seasoning (training) in the NFL.

  6. based on his highlight packs, he’d fit right into Jones’s system.

  7. Switching from 2nd overall draft pick to number 1 was a dumb move. I hope that they have learned from this blunder.

    • Marc. Not sure that it was such a blunder. As I recall the move from 2 to 1 cost us Bomben to Montreal. Bomben will be a free agent in 2019. He lives in Hamilton/Ancaster and has just built a house there for his family. Montreal traded him to the Toronto because Bomben made it clear to Montreal management that he will not sign with Montreal next year because he wants to return to Ontario (Toronto or Hamilton) to be closer to home. So … if Hamilton wants to get him back … they just need to outbid Toronto in free agency. The short story is that if Hamilton wants Bomben they can get him back … so the trade up to the first pick only cost Hamilton Bomben’s services for 2018 and they seem to have filled the gap pretty well. Of course … it would have been great if the kid had signed … it was a well calculated risk that just did not pay off.

  8. When you are a non playoff team you should not risk your early picks,you hopefully can get Kids that can help right away at least by adding depth and playing on specials.You Especially do not Trade a CDN 2 time east all-star offensive o-lineman to move up one spot to pick a player that is not here.Is this the way Scott Mitchell’s inept crew will use the 2 first round picks they received for Manziel?

    • Look at the last 4 years of the draft! Where have all these great players gone?
      It’s all about teams snapping up O-linemen. Receivers, RBs or defensive players do not come out of the Canadian draft except to be sent to “special” teams.

  9. Evil Empire // August 9, 2018 at 12:08 am //

    The draft has and, always will be a crap shoot. Especially, when you have no idea if the guy will even sign, or report. NFL aspirations should be a big concern, and discussed in person with the potential draftee beforehand. Especially, if there is any interest at all from the NFL. Then weighed heavily in house, and a decision made, prior to the draft. Not sure why they’re talking to a coach about GM matters, though. There’s some weird stuff going on with that lately from a cpl US based reporters.

    Talking to C Jones about Manziel. WTF does C Jones know about Manziel’s debut that you, or I don’t know ? Talking to J Jones about “ contract issues and all different kinds of things “. Why does this site actually go, and reprint this dribble from the US ?

    Does that seem odd to anybody else ? Reporting on what the Ham HC says to some radio station in Denver. Especially, when the site owner’s beat is the Ti-Cats ? I’d think it if were worth printing. It’s something this site would actually ask the Ti-Cats about firsthand. And, I’d expect that they’d ask the GM pertinent questions and, vice versa with the HC. Instead of this nonsense.

    • You are right the Canadian draft is more than a crap shoot it’s CRAP

      Show me how many starters besides O-linemen have come out of the Canadian draft in the last 4 seasons

      • Well, the following are players that started either this week or last and were drafted in the previous two seasons:

        Nate Behar, WR Edmonton
        Bo Banner, DL Montreal
        Kwaku Boateng, DL, Edmonton
        Austen Hartley, WR Ottawa
        Jordan Herdman, LB, BC

        Faith Ekakitie, Justin Vaughan, Sean Thomas-Erlington and Cameron Judge have also started for their respective teams. Daniel Peterman, Danny Vandervoort and Rashaun Simonise also rotate in frequently to their teams Receiving corps.

        I could go on for the previous two seasons, but seeing as teams only usually start seven Canadians, and most have many established Canadian veterans that the kids would have to push out, that’s a pretty good list.

  10. Amicus I think you missed Marc’s point the Cats have been the most losing Team % wise for two decades and finished 8th last year they should not be taking calculated risks leave that to Teams that can afford to takes risks such as Stamps,Esks ETC.

  11. Chapman did it right. Waited to the very end to get a NFL deal and got one. Now it is on him to prove all the naysayers wrong. Many CFL draft picks over the years have gone the same route. Some hit the jackpot and stick but most do not. Wish him well and if he gets cut he always has the TiCats to come back to or the new AFL starting next spring in the USA.

  12. Who cares about Chapstick? TC’s have enough talented receivers already…mostly in the “elf sized” class so this guy wasn’t going to help the TC’s vertically challenged receiver cause anyway. Let him roam the NFL…fall flat on his face…and then go beg the TC’s (or some other CFL team) to take him at half the original offer.

  13. Mark hardt // August 9, 2018 at 6:50 am //

    You got me thinking Evil Empire.. My top Canadian music acts starting in Halifax going West..Sloan, The Stills, William Shatner (several talk sing albums), The Dears, Men Without Hats, Cory Hart, Melissa Auf der Maur, Tiga, Allannis Morrissette, Steppenwolf, Guess Who, Niel Young, The Beaches, Alvvays, Rush, Loverboy, Bryan Adams, Montreal has the most by far. When I get back on the air in Tampa I am going to do a Canadian Snowbirds set in the October to April period.

  14. gocatsgo // August 9, 2018 at 7:48 am //

    Chapman is looking out for his best interests, something that everyone does and teams do all the time, as players get cut left and right especially when the ratio thing becomes a factor. So if it doesn’t work out he probably returns to the CFL and Hamilton . But in order to avoid this from happening again maybe getting a player’s true sights for himself on the table could avoid losing a high draft pick. But some guys might not open to disclose this so there still is an element of luck that your high pick signs in the CFL.

  15. Black and Gold // August 9, 2018 at 9:31 am //

    Another Samuel Giguere?

    • Giguere was a CIS player that stood out in NFL camps and was recruited to be a Kick off returner.
      Chapman is a receiver with a better resume, he is a NCAA DIV 1 leading receiver.

  16. No Amicus drafting guys like Revenberg and Ciraco Helps, The Cats have no excuses for the Chapman situation just naïve Fans willing to defend their every move leading to the Worst Team losing % wise for two decades!

    • Yeah, I sure wish those kind of guys were drafted by the Ticats… oh, wait, they were.

      Many first rounders have forced Canadian teams to wait because they got signed by the NFL, some even made it onto rosters and made their CFL rights-holders wait even longer (or give up waiting if they never came north). The Cats rolled the dice hoping to grab what they felt was the best player available. Far too soon to see if they rolled craps.

  17. Barry McCawkiner // August 9, 2018 at 3:00 pm //

    He’s not making Broncos roster. He’s lucky if he lands on a practice roster. Most like, he does the “Giguere” bounce around before realizing he has a use in the CFL simply by having CAN citizenship. Look how good it worked out for Giguere….huh, wait… 😉

  18. msd that’s why players that have a high potential to go south usually fall a little in the CFL and Teams that are Good will take a Flyer on them because they can afford to Gamble a little unlike your Team which has been the worst Team for 2 decades,But hey If you feel they should be rolling the dice great enjoy the next decade! You and Your Team are the Cleveland Browns of the Great white North but only more pathetic at least the Browns are in a 32 team league.

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