Ticats’ Simoni Lawrence mic’d up for Manziel debut highly entertaining

Ticats linebacker Simoni Lawrence has one of the most energetic personalities in the CFL.

TSN made a fantastic decision to mic Lawrence up for Hamilton’s game against the Montreal Alouettes and Johnny Manziel, who made his CFL debut.

Before the game, Lawrence was riding the bike getting ready to take the field while chatting with Chris Williams saw the camera following him and remembered he was mic’d.

“Ah sh*% I forgot about I’m mic’d up,” Lawrence said and laughed and laughed and laughed.

When Lawrence stepped between the white lines for the first defensive series, fellow linebacker Larry Dean intercepted Manziel for the first pick of the game. Lawrence came off the field celebrating the turnover.

“That was too easy. That was too easy, Dean. Dean that was like bro, bro it can’t get no easier than that,” Lawrence said.

“Some people play football and some people make plays. Damn, his first throw was a pick, that’s sad.”

Then linebacker coach Robert Lyles reiterated what the Ticats felt Manziel wanted to do.

“Johnny wants to throw the ball, so stay deep,” Lyles said.

Jumal Rolle intercepted Manziel for the third time and Mike Daly grabbed the fourth in the game. Hamilton won 50-11.

“I ain’t never seen no quarterback throw four interceptions and the crowd still go crazy. Throw four picks, be down by 50 and still get Johnny calls. This is ridiculous,” Lawrence said.

The game finished with Manziel on the bench for the entire fourth quarter and Lawrence still on the field, talking.

“We want Johnny!!!! We want Johnny!!!!”


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  1. They should mic up a couple redblacks linebackers because johnny gonna be in for the same beatdown Saturday. And this time there is no Vernon Adams waiting to take over !

  2. Johnny Released // August 7, 2018 at 6:52 pm //

    Fans of other CFL teams will tune in when their team plays The Sideshow to see if their team can pick off Johnny Turnover a half dozen times and slam a 50-burger on the scoreboard. That will help ratings in Ottawa at least.

    Manziel has now had real CFL game experience at the one good skill he has: Preventing pick-sixes with his tackles.

  3. Johnny Turnover // August 7, 2018 at 6:56 pm //

    “We want Johnny!” — A chant he will never, ever hear again. At least not from his home crowd.

  4. I just think Simoni Talks way too much. sometimes He does not recognize when to Talk and when to shut the F-Up. When a player excessively Trash Talks then they better bring it 1000 % on every down the effort guys like Ray Lewis,Steve Tasker and Chris Spielman gave on every single play in their careers and I just do not see that from Simoni.Sorry just think he needs to tone it down a bit.

    • I don’t dislike Simoni but i really prefer players that do their talking with their play on the field and dont have a twitter account.

    • Diehardticat // August 7, 2018 at 8:20 pm //

      Lol. Maybe you could take your own medicine bigplay and know when to put a lid on it. Simoni is an all-star and a leader on the team.

  5. If als are smart they will have more called runs for John for the next 3 games.

  6. Ticats63 // August 7, 2018 at 8:12 pm //

    Would it be too much trouble for “3DownStaff” to include in this interesting article the TSN schedule (or link) for this week’s Mic’d Up show?

  7. White Horse // August 7, 2018 at 8:14 pm //

    I see an improved game effort for Johnny. He will get better game by game and his team will get a win before seasons end. No West crossover please.

  8. Bring back our Als // August 7, 2018 at 8:46 pm //

    As an ALS fan who watched that mess on the als side
    Watching mic’d up was actually fun to watch. Since the als are mow eliminated I will be cheering on Lawrence and the Tcats. With the coaching staff in place another win will be great. If Kavis could hang on for another year I am sure he will have the worst record as a GM. The way he falls forward I guess he will be the next commissioner

  9. Ticat Mike // August 7, 2018 at 9:45 pm //

    simoni should do a lot less talking and a lot more playmaking —- he gets beat a lot, and I can’t think of the last time he was a huge factor on defense. OK – that’s harsh, he seems to be a very affable guy and solid player — but the hype exceeds the play on the field.

    • Definitely not the same player who first got here.

      • JOHN DUNN // August 8, 2018 at 9:55 am //

        Check the stats .. he is leading the team in tackles.. makes a lot of big plays and makes a great combo with Dean and Unamba. Our defence has kept us in a lot of games and he is the leader.

        • YOU check the stats, JOHN DUNN…sure the TC D has kept the team in…except when the game is on the line and the opposition sends a 32 year old washed up RB up the middle, hobbling in for the winning TD. Unamba? Average at best, and takes STUPID penalties. Dean? Lots of tackles…but no “game winning” stops or big plays at critical moments…you do the research, JOHN DUNN..

  10. Ticat Mike // August 7, 2018 at 9:47 pm //

    ONe more thing — this miking of players is BS. Very gimmicky and really doesnt add to the game or the experience of watching football,understanding the tactics and the game within the game. It is rather embarrassing. TSN needs to fill air time, and this is what some genius came up with. I don’t care and I don’t watch it.

  11. Diehardticat Just my opinion and you are a typical Ticat Fan you love Mediocre Football when someone happens to hit on that weak nerve you go on the Attack. Simoni was not even a Eastern All-star last year nor was he a 2016 CFL all-star you have to go back three plus years to 2015.I remember In 2016 Simoni had a small twitter battle leading up to their Game in Calgary twice in that game Messam trucked right over Simoni’s Ass one was for a touchdown and Simoni was still chirping, the game was all but over and Messam just looked at Simoni and flexed his bicep talk about embarrassing! Watch the tape.So my point is know when to talk and when not to and I am just wondering if Simoni who still has the ability to be a very effective player would benefit from a little less trash talk?

    • Yeah, but you shouldn’t use “peeper” Messam as a “good” example…that’s just plain uncouth.

  12. Tiger man // August 8, 2018 at 8:05 am //

    Simoni may not be the linebacker he was when he first arrived in Hamilton, but no one on that team plays with as much energy.

    • The water boy does…and the cheerleaders…sorry, “cheer-girls”…and “cheer-guys”.

  13. Ya agree Philski I actually thought about that before I posted but best example in my Head with out going back and watching other Games so just picked the low hanging fruit.

    • Think Simoni knows his physical side of the game is waning…and fair enough, we all get old…and his verbal attribute tries to make up for it…still effective as a player though.

  14. If you’ve ever been involved in a sport, you know there are guys you hate when you play against them, and you love the guy when they play with you, like Simoni! SL backs up the talk with outstanding play. His game slumped last year when he stopped talking. He’s back to his ol’ self under Glanville. Glanville told him he’s going to have more fun this year than he’s ever had playing football, and it sure looks like that’s what’s happening!

    Myself, I prefer the “shut-up-and-play” types, but understand the value and effect of a guy like Lawrence. These athletes are all, “Alpha Dogs” with personalities that are hard to suppress, as long as you, “walk the walk” and don’t just talk. My Ukrainian grandmother used to say, “the empty wagon makes the most noise.” Simoni’s wagon is a long way from empty.

  15. Tiger Chick // August 8, 2018 at 10:47 am //

    I’m not a fan of Miked up but Simoni was funny and bang on. You won’t find a better team guy, he motivates the team at every game at the beginning in the huddle. Lots of spirit, always a smile and good to the community. He wasn’t wrong, 38 point lead at one point and they are still doing the Johnny chant. We deserved that win for putting up with all the Johnny hype, we did our team and our community well. Too bad we didn’t make our Players of the week and we were put in 5th place by the CFL bull ratings. Kudos to Masoli as well. He has bore the Johnny burden with great style.

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