3Down Podcast: Why Johnny sucked, whether T.O. can play

Drew Edwards and Justin Dunk discuss Johnny Manziel’s dreadful debut, TO’s workout with the Riders and whether the Argos big comeback can turn around their season. Also, the latest on the AAF, Calgary’s chances at a perfect season and Jason Maas’ anger management problems.


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  1. David Tress // August 7, 2018 at 3:18 pm //

    Manziel still showed flashes of brilliance but little luck just as Owens showed he can still run. Let them play.

  2. One on one workout with TO? You guys are out of the loop. He was working out a group of players and we have at least two other names, Rico McWilliams and Justin Holman.

    And what Jones said was that the lineup card thing happened at least one other time, “since he’s been in the league,” so the other time wasn’t with the Riders, but yeah, it was still inexcusable. Jones isn’t releasing the name of the guilty party – which, given the current state of the Regina media, is probably a good thing – but I sure hope he deals with this internally.

    I don’t think a guy like Kenny Ladler would more money in the AAF. He was an all-star up here so someone would offer him $150k+, and that would be a lot more than he would make in the AAF, and he has an established reputation here, and the league has been around for 100 years, etc. It’s the low end guys we’re going to lose to the AAF, if we don’t raise our minimum salary, and we’ll probably still lose some even if we do. It would be interesting to know how much money it would take to raise the minimum salary to, say, $80k. It might not be all that much. How many players on the average team make that much or below, and what is the sum of all shortfalls? Less than $500k would be my guess. So we could raise the minimum salary and then raise the cap by roughly the same amount, or a bit more, and then let things settle out from there for a while. Or better yet, sign a $20-$40 million dollar TV deal in the US and raise the cap and minimum by a lot.

  3. Only one league, the AFL (which joined the NFL), has survived in the last 60+ years. Why fret over a league that will fold in a year or two? It should be business as usual for the CFL. Lets worry over our own problems instead of those which we have no control over.

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