DUNK: Alouettes rushed Manziel into action and paid an awful price

Johnny Manziel’s agent was right. The Montreal Alouettes were very wrong.

Erik Burkhardt has been around the CFL for a couple months and he knew better than members of the Alouettes organization who have spent years in the three-down league and have literally decades of experience: Manziel should not have started so soon.

Burkhardt has never had a CFL client but even he felt it was ‘insane’ to start Manziel 10 days and four practices into his tenure with Montreal, nowhere near enough time to learn the offence, build a rapport and gain a feel for new teammates playing styles. He went ’round and round’ in discussions with general manager Kavis Reed and the Als front office about giving his celebrity quarterback more than a crash course before stepping onto the field as a starter in the CFL.

Manziel had never thrown four interceptions in a competitive football game in his life until being rushed to debut north of the border. Alouettes head coach Mike Sherman recruited Manziel to Texas A&M University and redshirted the dual-threat signal caller for an entire season even though his coaching job was on the line. That proved to be prescient and what was best for Manziel as he went on to win the Heisman Trophy in 2012 and light up the toughest conference – the SEC – in NCAA football for two years.

The Cleveland Browns traded up in the 2014 NFL Draft to select Manziel and even though there was a lot of fanfare, the Browns were patient. He didn’t start a game until Week 15 which came in mid-December. Manziel was a participant in all of Cleveland’s mini-camps, organized training activities, training camp and watched from the sidelines for nearly an entire season before being put in a starting role.

Burkhardt was adamant but clearly the Alouettes were too and Manziel threw four interceptions in a disastrous first CFL start. Manziel made no excuses prior to or after the game: he went along with what the team decided and that should be commended. Burkhardt is always going to look out for his clients best interests and in the current situation where Manziel’s image is vitally important for potentially any chance of getting another NFL shot, his agent had to vocalize the concerns about an expressed timeline.

During Manziel’s time with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the franchise worked for nearly a year to bring the celebrity quarterback to the CFL and he was brought along based on his progress. Manziel participated in individual quarterback drills at the first training camp practice held by the Ticats. Head coach June Jones said he was not going to rush Manziel despite feeling he had the ability to be the greatest player ever to play in the CFL.

Important development time was given to Manziel at the NCAA, NFL and, initially, at the CFL level. But because the Alouettes are desperate and jobs are on the line he was pushed into action far too soon in a brand new league. Ultimately, it wasn’t Johnny Football who disrespected the CFL, it was the Montreal decision-makers.

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.
Justin Dunk
Justin Dunk
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Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.

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  1. Your Honor, the prosecution rests its case. The CFL is not a professional sports entity. These are nothing but Up North Bush Games. So sad that Montreal team, too bad Johnny, bad move trade to a complete incompetent organization.

    • Johnnie Benched // August 4, 2018 at 6:18 pm //

      You had me at “Manziel should not have started.”

      You lost me at “so soon.”

      Manziel should not be in a league as good as the CFL. Let him go to one of the new ill-fated American minor leagues where he can suck in front of 3,000 fellow drunks and losers.

      • Pick Six'em // August 4, 2018 at 6:22 pm //

        And another think, Dunk: Go look at the video of his four ints, three of which were really bad. Do you think those are the result of him not knowing the offense or because he’s simply incompetent. You’re a former QB and know the answer. But that’s not how you wrote it above.

        That’s a pick six of your own.

        • And you know exactly the extent of what Johnny was seeing on those plays, how much or how little he understood of what he was seeing in front of him, and how much of these plays his offensive line and his receivers understood? Considering plays from Texas A&M and Cleveland had been inserted into the playbook?
          You have no business pretending to lecture Dunk, or anyone else who truly understands the game.

    • Weird. Most people, after last night’s debacle, used it to point out that the American hubris about their game is completely ludicrous…and that’s why a former Heisman winner wiped out in our extremely competitive game.

      Neither argument has much validity IMO. Manziel was unprepared, as was the team.

      Thing is though, I can’t help feeling Sherman, in his continued ignorance of the CFL game, was guilty of some of that American hubris-putting Manziel in, totally unprepared, against what was, after all, in his opinion, “just a 2-4 CFL squad”. The Ticats showed HIM.

      If anyone needs some humility, it’s coach Sherman. The CFL is an acquired taste, and when it IS acquired, the “taster” ends up appreciating the talent in this league. Hopefully Sherman gets there before we have a 1-17 season.

    • Itty'sRealDAD // August 5, 2018 at 5:52 pm //

      @itty… A lil too much Matlock, I thinketh. WTF? “.. the prosecution rests its case.” What case? I think you also misspelled your name, the letters “Sh” are definitely missing at the beginning.

  2. Knucklehead // August 4, 2018 at 2:42 pm //

    Yeah.the agent knows.

  3. how many stories do you have to make on johnny manzeils failures as a quarter back 3 down syndrome nation isnt there 8 other teams you could talk about? this is getting worse than the boring carter stories

    • Nobody’s forcing you to read the articles. Nor is anyone forcing you to comment on them.

      If you don’t like the subject matter, just STFU and move along. Very simple, my friend.

      • or i can say what i want cuz its true, whatever u have said in the past especially about Nichols has turned out to be garbage , and no one is forcing you to reply, so just STFU amd move along, very simple minded you are my friend. and u dont have any friends here 🙂

      • Garney26 // August 4, 2018 at 9:03 pm //

        Wow an inteligent comment from Area 51. Way to go. Totally agree!

    • Historic McMahon // August 4, 2018 at 5:29 pm //

      Hahahahahaha told Ryan you were told

      • was i really by someone that no one respects lol, especially coming from you many handles

    • brian johnson // August 5, 2018 at 10:35 pm //

      Well said

  4. It’s time to acknowledge the cold hard reality that John Manziel is a trash QB.

    He sat for almost an entire season in Cleveland and still looked terrible when he finally started.

    Mediocre arm, pisspoor accuracy, too dumb to read coverage and reckless decision maker.

    No amount of time holding a clipboard is going to change that.

    • just like you are trash, agreed on that.

    • @Area51

      I’m a lifetime Alouettes fan and even I predicted Manziel would throw 6 interceptions.

      Name ANY starting quarterback of any quality in the CFL, and I’ll name the guy he sat behind on the sidelines, learning the game for (sometimes) several seasons before getting to lead his team.

      And when this “quarterback succession plan” is broken for whatever reason, BEFORE that young backup has learned everything he needs to know, and before he has taken enough snaps, so he can apply what he’s learned, the results are predictably chaotic and usually a MASSIVE fail.

      THIS is where the Alouettes have been, since Calvillo’s retirement. McPherson, after several seasons as a backup, LEFT in frustration as Montrealers were saying AC could play another 3-5 seasons. And neither AC nor Trestman had given ANY of the Alouettes ANY playing time in furtherance of their development.

      And we’ve seen the results: say what you will about the terrible playcalling of Schonert and Calvillo, you simply can’t insert a young quarterback into this game, without AT LEAST a season or two of “development” behind a wily veteran…and expect consistent, polished and winning quarterback play.

      And so we come to Manziel. Not ONLY has he NOT sat behind a veteran CFL quarterback to learn his craft, he’s sat for a few games, behind a relative young QB in Masoli, and then was traded to another team, with a foreign play book, with o’linemen who are almost as new to the system as Manziel himself, and an entire offence that has had to adapt to new plays, arguably familiar to Manziel, but alien to everyone else.

      So Yeah. Manziel had a crappy game. Anyone who knows anything about football predicted it. But having said that, it hardly stands as a condemnation of Manziel’s talents, or even of the talents of the rest of the Alouettes players. What we saw last night is the hubris and ignorance of an Alouettes management, and the inevitable result of a confrontation between a prepared and professional football team, and one that wasn’t even CLOSE to being either.

      I have no idea what Manziel can bring, assuming he’s prepared to play and professionalism and preparation set in with this team, assuming they ever do. Then again, while you’re welcome to your knee-jerk and uninformed opinion, NEITHER DO YOU.

      • What a shock. Another post about you hating AC and how everything about a QB comes down to how much he was mentored. Give me a break.

        Manziel’s problem is he never in his football life bothered with offensive coaching, planning, or a playbook. All he ever did was run around and make backyard plays.

        He’s now played too many games to change his style.

        Even if he wanted to turn over a new leaf and fit into a structured offense, he skipped studying and attending the football classroom for so many years that he is the equivalent of a Kindergartener in football theory.

      • On one hand … it is rare to be a consistent starter without a season or more as a backup.

        On the other hand … it has been done by Ray (four games as backup), the Wilkinson/Moon duo, the Jackson/Lancaster duo (then starters on different teams etc. says it is possible.

  5. Cat Lover // August 4, 2018 at 3:09 pm //

    Itty I find your comments to be very disrespectful and dare I say…bush. It’s unfortunate what’s currently going on in Montreal but let’s not stoop to painting the entire league with one brushstroke. There have been and are many talented, hardworking and professional individuals throughout the Canadian Football League. Why don’t you concentrate on the many positives at play here? LONG LIVE THE CFL!!!

  6. Ari Katz // August 4, 2018 at 3:17 pm //

    Justin, Johnny has a strong desire to play and wants to play but the Als should have held him back. This was a wake up call for Johnny, a “humbling experience” as her refers to it and he will grow from this. Heads should roll in Montreal over the decision to play him and possibly over the decion to trade for him, in the first place. He needs a team around him and that is not going to occur overnight. Shame on the Als for mortgaging their future with such a high risk move. Manziel should have remained in Hamilton where his development would have continued and would have been assisted by June Jones and Coach Morrison. If any one watched June Jones go up to Manziel after the game, it appeared that the reception June Jones got was “cold”.

  7. Leonard Cohen // August 4, 2018 at 3:20 pm //

    “You can learn a line from a win and a book from a defeat.”
    — Paul Brown
    As long as the loss does not destroy you. Johnny seemed upbeat so he will learn a book.

  8. Puck Hog // August 4, 2018 at 3:33 pm //

    Sure, John will learn. He’s starting the next game and he will be better because of this loss. I am pulling for him to be successful, but that team, from Kavis down, is not the team that is going to make any qb look good.

  9. Billinburlington // August 4, 2018 at 3:40 pm //

    Thanks for the good insight Justin. I actually felt a bit sorry for Manziel during the debacle – even though I have not been a Manziel supporter.

    If there was a time that the Commissioner should step It isnow. I hope that the Commissioner has already had some sidebar conversations with the ALS owner about concerns with the team.

    The Als need to take a step back, take a deep breath and give Manziel as much time as he needs to be better positioned to start. They also need to evaluate their organization at the top and determine if the best available football minds are in the right place in the Als organization. Is there someone who can be brought in as a consultant to coach Manziel 1 to 1? I’m thinking of Kent Austin.

    However, this is not only an ALS issue – the impact of the disaster last night tarnishes the reputation of the league. Manziel can be a template for others wishing to return the NFL via the CFL. He demonstrated sparks of brilliance a few times… he has the potential to do well and fill seats across the league. The Als just need to figure out that template.. and starting to lose step to Manziel’s agent seems a wise beginning.

  10. Billinburlington // August 4, 2018 at 3:41 pm //

    … starting to listen to Manziel’s agent……

  11. Stuart Murray // August 4, 2018 at 3:45 pm //

    I agree with Cat Lover …let’s cheer for our team..lets cheer for our league.. Cats rep Hamilton….. CFL.reps. Canada .. OskeeWeeWee

  12. Pennyrocker // August 4, 2018 at 3:52 pm //

    One Question comes to mind is how 3downnation is help Johnny. Look at all the hype and thread you are giving this Coconut. Constantly putting him in the spotlight to see if he will fail and go back out. Give the guy a break already and let him play to the best of his talent without the purposely inflated egos.

  13. If it’s such a bush league, why doesn’t every NFL player that comes up here chew the league up? Because it’s a wide open, crazy motion game that rewards quick reflexes and creativity, and takes pride in being different. It’s not a static, purely size-dictated game like the NFL.

  14. antoine lussier // August 4, 2018 at 4:13 pm //

    4 interceptions!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did he think he was still a Tiger-Cat? throwing to the guys on defence?

  15. mr62cats // August 4, 2018 at 4:26 pm //

    I’m no fan of Johnny Manziel but I think this article and many of the comments are way off the mark.
    Sure Montreal got steamrolled 50-11 last night but my goodness some folks have short memories. July 29th,2017…..the Tiger-Cats played worse than Montreal did last night and lost 60-1 against Calgary! And Montreal fought back right up until the end last night.
    Despite Montreal’s loss I think Manziel got a wake up call. He can’t win it all by himself and his team-mates need to shape up and quit dropping passes and getting stupid penalties. In terms of Manziel’s future, he will have to learn to suck this one up, put it behind him and come out fired up for the next game. Better he learns this now (I suspect he already has) when there are still a lot of regular season games to go yet. As for last night being “too early”…I say nonsense. He wanted to play so it was time for him to dive into the pool at the deep end. Now that part is out of the way, I think Montreal with Manziel could very well become a respectable team by October.

    • Mr62. I agree. Too much is being made of this single game. I saw lots of potential from Manzeil. If he keeps his head on straight he will win some games. Loved Masoli. We kept the right guy. If we run the ball 20 times we will beat Winnipeg next week.

  16. He was traded to a team that is terrible and he will never succeed in Montreal and probably never succeed in the cfl or any other league . He is a celebrity not a qb he will be gone and never heard of again after his 2 years or less in Montreal. Hamilton didn’t spend all that time recruiting him to just trade him away if they thought he was any good . He is a problem and is not focused on what needs to be done to be a leader and good football player.

  17. CowtownDave // August 4, 2018 at 4:49 pm //

    Manziel is highly overrated. The CFL is much bigger than an NCAA/internet celebrity. And about the Als – hire someone who knows what he’s doing to run the football ops. Reed was a terrible hire.

  18. Riding the Horse // August 4, 2018 at 5:21 pm //

    I only watched small portions of this game. The one pick I saw was not his fault. Johnny made an amazing play, but the receiver aloud the ball to bounce out of his hands right to the DB.
    Give it time. If his attitude is right, he could be a very fun player to watch.

    • Personally, I think he will improve.

      The question is whether he stops throwing INTs like the first one … which the defender had an easier catch than the intended receiver.

  19. To the clown who go’s by the moniker Riding the Horse. Go back to grade school, learn how to spell.

    aloud? Lmao! It’s spelled allowed you clown.

  20. Omg! I am so sick of hearing about Johnny Manziel and what he did and did not do. Rod Black and Glen Suitor should be home with their heads covered in shame. They never stopped talking about “the Johnny” from start to finish. There were 21 other players on that field sweating and grinding and playing the best Football they could manage. There were other families and friends listening for just a mention. What about families listening in the US waiting for a mention of their son? All they got was a sickening dose of “the Johnny” over and over again. Last night was just too embarrassing and those announcers should be ashamed!! All of them!! And stop it!!!

    • You make a good point about there being other players on the field but you obviously have a NFL bias because you should have said there are 23 other players on the field not 21. In Canada we play 12 man football.

  21. Evil Empire // August 4, 2018 at 5:41 pm //

    I had never seen Manziel play before. And, as horrific as that start was, he did make some plays. I’m not gonna pass judgement on him just from his first start in Canada. I’m looking forward to the Als in Ott next week, and in Edm the week after. All I’ll be looking for is improvement. If he can learn, and improve from one game to the next that’s all I would like to see. Not throwing 4 picks would make a big difference. They will probably still lose, but it would be a step in the right direction.

    Though alot of you have seen him before, and pretty much have your opinions set in stone. I’ll keep an open mind. Alot of really good QBs had really crappy rookie seasons in the CFL. One game is way too little for me to judge. I know three picks were all on him. And, that’s just not good enough. Unfortunately, there are only a cpl, or three teams that are really bad. So, there is not going to be any really easy games for him.

    • Unlike you, I watched John Manziel play in both college and the NFL. I’ve seen enough to know that he’s not a pro level QB – – so of course I stand by my assessment.

      He was a serviceable college QB on an absolutely loaded A&M offence – – every member of the OLine was a 1st round pick, Mike Evans an NFL Pro Bowler and Derrel Walker on the other side.

      With the Browns he was absolutely brutal. No question they had a horrible team, but Manziel was totally unprepared, made terrible throws and nonsensical decisions in the pocket.

      I’m seeing the same kind of play from Pat Mahomes now – – another 1st round reach who was clearly over drafted – – which doesn’t bode well for KC this year.

      Apologists will make excuses about how throwing two or three INTs is an “improvement” or that putting up 175yds passing is an “improvement”.

      But as I’ve explained since he first signed withHamiltn, the bottom line is that John Manziel is a trash QB who has no place in professional football.

      • you have not seen him play in college bla bla bla you say you have seen everything, almost like many handles has met people and plyaers in bars.

  22. mr62cats // August 4, 2018 at 7:56 pm //

    Area51: You could be right about Manziel. But June Jones and Mike Sherman seem to think he has some potential. He has been given a great opportunity with Montreal so he will have to produce some points and some wins in the next few weeks…or he will be back on the bench. And then he will be gone like many other college and NFL players who were unable to make it in the CFL. The football field is the ultimate judge. Not the hype. I wonder how Anthony Calvillo feels about Manziel.

    • ” I wonder how Anthony Calvillo feels about Manziel.”

      I can guarantee you, as with the majority of his playing career, Zombie Calvillo is terrified an athletic, talented quarterback like Manziel will eventually outshine his pathetic 3/8 GC record.
      Whether Manziel’s the guy to do it remains an open question.

      That’s why he NEVER let another QB take a second of playing time while he was QB.
      And THAT’s why the Alouettes are in this mess in the first place.

      • Just remember AC was forced to run out of town in Hamilton and was told he would never be a starter. If a guy like Lancaster could be wrong about a player so could many putting down Manziel. I am not a Johnny fan by far and glad he is gone from the hammer, but with the right coaching he could end up biting Hamilton in the ass.

  23. Mr62 if June thought he had potential he would have kept him under his wing . June realized during his time in the hammer the guys a train wreck with no real football skills that’s why he got traded. As for Sherman he will be fired by seasons end .

    • mr62cats // August 4, 2018 at 8:27 pm //

      Randy: I disagree with both of your points. Without Jones’ OK, the Tiger-Cats would never have hired Manziel. And your prediction about Sherman is unsubstantiated speculation. How do you know what will happen in Montreal between now and the end of the season? I really don’t like being in the position of having to defend Manziel but at the same time I don’t like seeing wild stuff like this written about him.

      • Even though I hope I’m wrong, I doubt Manziel or the Alouettes will get anything solid together between now and the end of the season.

        Assuming Wetenhall fires Reed, hopefully the new GM will be capable of scouting and signing players to surround Manziel and put him in a position to succeed.

        If they keep Reed on, NEXT season might be better, but I give them a 50/50 chance of making the playoffs, even if Manziel is MUCH better than anything we’ve seen here in years.

      • I actually don’t think Jones had much say in Manziel being signed. This whole saga started years before Jones came up here. Austin, Mitchell and Tillman were the drivers of this and I think Ambrosie green lit it to try to shore up interest in the CFL.

        • mr62cats // August 6, 2018 at 6:58 pm //

          Allison: Have you not watched Manziel during his May 19th video newser where he says June Jones was with the rest of the Tiger-Cats management who went down south last year to speak to Manziel about signing with the Tiger-Cats? Did you not read the story from last December where June Jones is quoted as saying on cfl.ca that ” “I think he’d be the best player to ever play up here….” On Aug 6th, Jones told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that” Jones told the Star-Advertiser that “Manziel’s signing is “good for him and good for us.” These comments from Jones tell me Jones did have some say in Manziel being signed. It would make no sense at all to exclude the HC from any decision to hire Manziel. Do you have some information to back up what you wrote?
          Maybe the plan all along was to use Manziel as trade bait but so far I have not seen any evidence of it…. or evidence that Jones had no say in that either. Have you?

  24. What is Too soon ?
    The guy has been a pro already for years
    Yeah he sat a couple due to legal issues
    But still a Pro
    It’s too bad the coaching staff and management team in Montreal is so Awful
    Lots of times you need to blame the players but this is a case of poor play calling and poor coaching the
    Defence looks like Swiss cheese
    And offence is just as bad
    Montreal has been an awful team since Calvillo
    Or for that matter since Trestman and Popp left

    • If his start was as a Cat, I could agree. In this case, nowhere near enought time with the new team.

  25. Manziel NEEDS playing time to learn the CFL game inside and out. This dose of reality will serve him well. If I recall correctly another QB by the name of Troy Ackeman had a terrible 1st NFL game as a rookie and he ended up with a pretty good career. If Johnny has the WILL there will be a WAY for him and the Als to improve and be successful in the near future. Simple as that.

    • Tiger man // August 9, 2018 at 7:41 am //

      Hey Jim…Manziel got his dose of reality when he arrived in Hamilton.

      It’s the coaching staff in Montreal that needs to wake up.

  26. It’s not Johnny football’s fault! It’s the CFL’s fault! Because they are not acknowledging the real issues and real problems with their 3 down game and their declining popularity and their deteriorating product on the field. And especially now, with the new Commissioner who is obviously on the Canadian players and their basically Canadian player’s association side, made up of carefully selected grossly overpaid and terribly over-rated guaranteed Canadian starting O-Linemen.

    Let’s look at the real facts! The Canadian ratio is clearly not working and is obviously not selling 3 down football because it’s not one bit credible and certainly doesn’t work in today’s highly competitive professional sports leagues. Because it prevents CFL teams from recruiting the best and most talented available O-Linemen and the best available receivers and best available players at all other positions from starting and playing at every position for entire CFL game. Unlike most professional sports leagues, like the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and yes even MLS soccer. Who are all extremely successful pro leagues because they get it! Because their Canadian city pro teams don’t have a ridiculous old school, handcuffing, dictating, guaranteed Canadian starting ratio and have a huge half the roster unrealistic and unobtainable guaranteed Canadian roster ratio, like currently in the CFL. That would prevent them too from recruiting the best roster and team, and prevent them from starting and playing the best available players. And if they did, they couldn’t compete and they all would have like the CFL, an undesirable and unwatchable product, resulting in many, many, empty seats, like you see in the CFL. Those are the real facts and the real truth, that the Commissioner of the CFL and the CFL continues to cover up, and continues to say that our 3 down game is in great shape. Which it certainly is not!

    So what is the Als suppose to do or any other CFL team? When they are forced to over pay and start and play Canadian O-Linemen and other Canadian players to fill a dictating, handcuffing, guaranteed Canadian starting ratio and huge Canadian roster ratio. When in way too many cases they have no busiess being on a CFL field and are only there because of their Canadian passport and their automatic, guaranteed Canadian ratio! And as well, fill an unrealistic and unobtainable huge guaranteed Canadian roster ratio. So how can Johnny football or any other star CFL QB feel secure and protected, so they can be successful and productive on offence.

    The Canadian ratio also is hugely problematic every single CFL game, where CFL teams struggle desperately, by constantly juggling their starting line ups and are consistently unable to start and play their best receivers and other better players in other starting and roster positions in the CFL. Or can’t even have them on their teams period, because they are blocked by the Canadian ratio! And even worse, because in the CFL the Canadian players and their controlling, basically Canadian player’s association are only willing to practice the bare minimum, of only four and a half hours a day or less, which includes travel time and meeting sessions. Which is only half the time that the NFL practices, when our 3 down game is a lot more complex and a much harder game to grasp.

    So when you have a so called 3 down professional football league who doesn’t even allow their teams to recruit the best and most talented available players to start and play at every position for entire CFL game, because of their handcuffing, dictating, guaranteed Canadian ratio. You see what you get on the field! Which again the CFL continues to cover up!

    And when you couple the serious Canadian ratio problem with the problems and turn-offs with the 3 down game itself, because of way too many undesirable two and outs in the CFL that don’t even exist in the NFL, and way too many field goals in the CFL for points. Which is magnified in redzone when you see too many monotonous, unappealing two down stops in the redzone, resulting in too many boring, predictable, non-eventful, easy, chip shot field goals, that no football fan wants to see especially in a 3 down football game. Again, you see what you get!

    PS. Let’s face it, when you continue to use the same format over and over again that clearly doesn’t work, like the CFL is doing, you would think they would change.

    PS. I know I’m probably wasting my time posting this post here because there are mostly only the minority CFL ratio blockers on this site. But if a small percentage of the majority of sports fans in Canada who all have the same sentiments about the
    disliked and disrespected, and not one bit credible Canadian ratio, who really count, reads my post, it’s worth it!

    PS. I would also challenge 3DownNation as well to do an article on the on going Canadian ratio problem and state the real facts and list all the issues with it. Which there are many, to illustrate
    why it doesn’t work and isn’t working in the CFL, and why it doesn’t work in professional sports leagues today. Which 3DownNation has never done! Why?

    I hope the Commissioner and CFL aren’t trying to gag all the sports media in Canada, to do what they are doing, which is refusing to talk about it and refusing to acknowledge the real issues and the real serious problems with the Canadian ratio, that is really hurting the CFL and our 3 down game and really hurting the product on the field.

    It’s time to call the CFL out on the serious Canadian ratio issue, and to speak out loud and clear! And if I was an owner of a CFL team, I would be telling the CFL, if you don’t stop allowing the Canadian players and their basically Canadian player’s association from dictating who starts and plays in the CFL with their Canadian ratio weapon. And start finally allowing the GM’s and Coaches in the CFL to recruit the best and most talented available players to start and play at every position for entire CFL game, like practically every other professional sports league can, including MLS soccer. Then I would be folding the tent and my CFL team. I would think then, something would finally get done. And it better happen for the 2019 season or the CFL will continue to lose more and more fans and lose more and more viewers, and the owners will lose more and more revenue, and a team will fold!

    • Wow thats a lot of words…no Canadians playing = no legue

    • Wow Ed, quite the Shakespearean soliloquy…but some good stuff there.

    • Not this tired old “ditch the ratio” topic again.
      If Canadian (national) players did not play or start there would be no CFL because with the CFL’s mostly US Head Coaches, the CFL would become a farm league for the NFL.
      Most fans and viewers I have known since I became a Tiger-Cat fan in 1961, are happy to see Canadian University players make it to the CFL and become starters. So I think you are wrong in your assessment of how the fans are reacting to the Canadian game.
      CFL football developed on its own from rugby football. We should cherish that!

  27. Manziel can only learn how to play with playing time, not sitting on the bench. He did that for 5 weeks in Hamilton. The Als could have sat Manziel for another week and another week, but his reputation is to not study his playbook. Johnny probably would’ve had a rotten first game in 3 weeks if they sat him out until then.

    He had a rotten first game in the NFL too, with eerily similar stats to Friday.

    Johnny will be better next game and probably better in the game after that. Will he ever be able to match a Jeremiah Masoli? Perhaps, with another 3 to 4 years in the league.

    I realize most NFL scouts generally discount CFL success or stardom, instead relying on a player’s college rep. The NFL should perhaps be signing Jeremiah not Johnny?

    (An example from a few years ago when the Bombers had two outstanding receivers with incredible numbers but the NFL instead signed Dudley Guice and a Ryan, I believe, receivers who were probably well-known to the NFL scouts from their college days…but quickly faded into obscurity in the NFL…while the CFL superstars carried on.)

  28. Sherman is like Ken Miller without knowledge of the CFL I bet hes a hell of a grandpa tho.

  29. Thanks Philski…for saying there is some good stuff there! You’re really tuned in and have a good sports brain, like the majority of sports fans in Canada who knows what’s really going on. And Bob your comments…no Canadians playing, no league. That ludicrous! That means no Toronto FC team and no Leafs or Canadians or any other Canadian NHL team, and no JAYS!

    Come on, you and Mr67cats get real, and get with the program! Make the top Canadian players that actually want to play in the CFL and not the NFL, who don’t even support the Canadian ratio, have to make a CFL team like the Americans have too! Don’t just hand them a starting and roster spot on a CFL team because of their Canadian passport and their guaranteed Canadian ratio. When in too many cases in the CFL they obviously have no business being a CFL field. How is this respected or one bit credible?

    I can guaranteed you, that the CFL would be a lot more respected and supported if there where Canadian players that truely earned a starting or roster spot on a CFL team and were actually good enough to start. But not like it is now in the CFL, which is suppose to be a real professional football league. When you have half a CFL roster automatically handed to Canadian players and seven Canadian starter stops guaranteed. This doesn’t sell CFL 3 down football or any professional sports league, because the majority of sports fans in Canada go to professional sports games to watch the best and most talented players playing and starting in their leagues, and at every position for entire game. Which is not happening in the CFL because the Canadian ratio prevents football fans in Canada from watching CFL 3 down football played at its highest with the best available players.

    So you are telling me, if there were no Canadian players on the Leafs or Canadians or the Raptors, or the Jays or Tor FC, that their teams would fold! Really! Get real! And that’s why they have there arenas and stadiums packed and the CFL stadiums practically empty!

  30. mr62cats // August 6, 2018 at 1:05 pm //

    Ed: I did NOT say the Leafs, Raptors, TorFC or Jays would fold. Different sports.
    But then I read your line: “I can guarantee you….etc”. Comical. Who are you to be able to guarantee anything when it comes to sports?
    And as for your claim that in “too many cases” some of our Canadian starters have “no business being on a CFL field”….we have imports who can’t make the grade despite their college/NFL experience.

  31. Mr67cats…If you think grossly over paid and terribly over rated guaranteed Canadian starting O-Linemen, and yes in way too many cases currently in the CFL have no business being on a CFL field, is selling CFL 3 down football? You got to be kidding me! I can guaranteed you, no sports fan in Canada goes to a CFL game to see them play! Because they don’t, they stay away because of them! And where are all the great Canadian receivers in the CFL? They are few and far between! And again, the ones that are starting in the CFL are obviously only starting in the CFL because of their passport and their guaranteed Canadian starting ratio. When the majority of American receivers, who are yes a lot better and deserve to start in the CFL, are sitting on the bench! Which is insane, and only in the CFL this kind of insanity is happening! What is the CFL…A House league 3 down football league! Because that kind of thing only happens in house league sports, and not even in minor league competitive sports or in minor league competitive football, or even in the CIS!

    If the CFL is going to be a real player and start being really respected and supported as a real professional 3 down football league. They need to do what the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and yes even MLS soccer are doing, and that’s to finally allow the GM’s and Coaches to recruit the best and most talented available players, so they can start and play at every position for entire CFL game. And so sports fans and all football fans and all the younger generation sports fans in Canada, can all watch CFL 3 down football played at its highest level with the best and most talented available players. Or the CFL will continue to struggle and lose more and more fans and lose more and more season ticket holders, and lose more and more viewers and the owners lose more and more money. Which will lead to one or more CFL teams folding. And if you can’t see the logic in the real facts and acknowledge the enormous amount of empty seats throughout the CFL, that don’t lie! Then you belong with the small minority of the Canadian ratio Blockers!

    PS. Another important point, is that CFL teams and their GM’s are finding it harder and harder to attract American players to the CFL because the Canadian players use their Canadian ratio to demand a lot more money than American players. Because the Canadian players and their basically Canadian player’s association know that CFL teams are forced to start and play them, and know that half a CFL roster has to be Canadian. And now with two more football leagues starting up in the States, CFL teams and GM’s are going to find it even more and more difficult to attract American talent to the CFL. Which will continue to hurt the popularity of CFL 3 down football and degrade the product on the field in the CFL even more!

    • You’ve gone from a discussion to a rant.
      And you still make no sense. Obviously the CFL is not for you.

  32. It’s not a rant, it’s awareness and pro sport smarts and real vision, and real common sense! Anyone with any kind of a sports brain would totally agree. And the majority of sports fans in Canada do agree, that is why the CFL is not watched or supported like it should be in our own country. The problem with the CFL is they won’t listen or acknowledge they have real serious issues and problems with their 3 down game, and will not change! When they need to change, if they have any chance of attracting more fans and more viewers, and to generate more revenue. Which they need a lot more of!

    And to make it perfectly clear I’m a loyal CFL fan and I’m very Canadian and only watch the CFL and don’t watch the NFL. But I too are getting turned off and are starting to turn off CFL games because what I have outlined. Which are the exact same reasons why there are so many empty seats around the CFL and why there are so many sports fans in general and football fans, and younger generation sports fans in Canada, only watching the NFL in our own country. Which is a very serious problem that the CFL is not addressing or fixing, that they need to fix because the CFL desperately needs all of these fans. If they have any chance to grow their fan base and grow their brand of 3 down football and league.

    PS. I like any proud Canadian wants to see a Canadian football player who really wants to play in the CFL and not the NFL, play in the CFL. But more importantly, who is good enough and who actually earns his starting and roster spot on a CFL team. Not just automatically handed to him, only because of his Canadian passport and because of their handcuffing, dictating, guaranteed Canadian ratio. Especially when they obviously have no business being on a CFL field, which is consistently happening now in the CFL and in way too many cases. Which definitely does not and is not selling CFL 3 down football!

    So the CFL have two choices, stay the same and continue to struggle and lose more and more fans and lose more and more season ticket holders, and lose more and more viewers and lose more and more revenue for the owners. Or change, to allow the best and most talented available players to start and play at every position for entire CFL game, like practically every other professional sports leagues can, including MLS soccer, And also as important, bring in a new rule and that’s actually going to make our 3 down game itself better and make it a lot more entertaining and a lot exciting brand of CFL 3 down football to watch and be part of! Then you would see a lot more appealing 3 down game and a much better product on the field, resulting in a lot more fans in CFL stadiums and a lot more viewers, and a lot more revenue for the owners and league.

  33. David Tress // August 8, 2018 at 12:14 pm //

    Manziel still showed flashes of brilliance. He will get better as he becomes more accustomed with the CFL game.

    • Tiger man // August 9, 2018 at 7:37 am //

      Unfortunately, David, those around him will not improve and so his success will be very limited.

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