Sherman says Manziel will start next week against Redblacks

Montreal Alouettes head coach Mike Sherman says Johnny Manziel will start next week against Ottawa, despite throwing four interceptions in his CFL debut on Friday night.

Sherman was asked if he was sticking with Manziel moving forward after the Alouettes were beaten 50-11 by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

“Yes,” he answered simply.

Sherman said he didn’t regret starting Manziel against Hamilton despite limited practice time: he was acquired from the Ticats less than two weeks ago.

“It didn’t look like anybody was ready today, the defence, the offence, special teams so no I don’t have any regrets. He’s going to have to get the first game out of his system,” Sherman said. Mistakes he made he’ll learn from. You really didn’t have a whole lot of opportunities because we didn’t protect very well. He made his share of mistakes but absolutely positively no regrets.”

Sherman was also asked if the team had the players with which to succeed.

“It’s something we have to look at. We look at personnel every week. There aren’t just players sitting at home waiting for a phone call that are really, really good players that are going to come here at this point. We have to find them from different avenues” he said. “I like the players we have, They work hard they do the things I asked them to do. Somehow, some way on game day we seem to get lost. We need to figure that out pretty quickly.”

Sherman also voiced his support for defensive coordinator Rich Stubler and he liked how Manziel handled himself after the loss.

“He said he learned a lot from this ball game. He’s fairly resilient. In the past when he’s played, things have come quite easily for him. This is a challenge but he’s more than ready to accept that challenge,” Sherman said. “I’m very encouraged by his comments after the game. He didn’t beat himself up but he assumed the responsibility he had. But there’s plenty of responsibility for everybody, coaches included.”


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  1. Who’s got yer belly 🙂

    • There is no need for that picture in this article or for your comments…we should all be respectful

    • They should have left him in the game, told him this game is lost just forget about INTs, dont worry about anymore, keep throwing and running. His last couple series he never even attempted a pass it seemed

      I am pulling for Manziel, but the most likely scenario is that kavis Reed and Sherman CFL employment ends in 2018 forever. Maybe Manziel if he wants can be a backup and learn the game?

      I hope he looks great against Ottawa, would be great. Kavis Reed and the Montreal owner (son) may be responsible for Montreal folding a second time, maybe the CFL will end up taking the team over,they should have an emergency fund handy.

      Kavis Reed is spitting on Montrealers

    • I think Mike Sherman is probably a very nice man. You can count on one hand and have fingers left over on coaches that had no CFL experience, and had any success. Kavis Reed is such a jerk, he should be pumping out portable toilets at construction sites. I am rooting big time for Manziel, but odds are the 3 names I mentioned will be out of CFL probably in 2019.

      Now Als have fired so many I wonder how many people they are still paying that are no longer with them. They could ask Jacques Chapdelaine to return, he was a great coach that only lacked a QB

  2. You gotta wonder what the hell their front office was thinking. This is so unbelievably irresponsible to start him so early. He’s not cfl vet. Not even giving this kid a chance. Als management needs to be canned

    • Paul Bomber // August 4, 2018 at 8:46 am //

      Unless Montreal has decided to treat this year as a practice session… you know, look to the future? Oh, wait… they traded away their draft picks, so it’s not about the future. Uhmmmm…. Kavis, do you have ANY idea what you’re doing? ANY strategy? What do you have photos of that are keeping you employed?

      • I am in Construction, I have a friend that operates Portolet in Toronto , yes you got it, pumping out portable toilets in Toronto area mostly downtown. Kavis can start right away, he only needs a clean drivers abstract, they will train otherwise

    • Headcase is no "Kid" // August 4, 2018 at 9:17 am //

      This 25 year old “kid” had a lot more practice reps + preseason action than the Winnipeg kid – fresh out of an American college – did when he started in week one. And he looked great. Manziel doesn’t need more reps. What he needs is a ticket back to Vegas where he can drink the rest of his miserable life away spending his daddy’s oil money.

      • I did not know he came from money

      • I agree with the first part, with Streveler having 2 days practice on first game of season and yes fresh out of college, he played extremely well and should have won if not for a last minute drive where the Defense let Edmonton score. Then won the second game he played. So I don’t want to hear excuses for a Heisman winner who also has Spent 2 years in NFL and had 7 games plus 2 preason games in the CFL. Sure he may not have know the playbook as well, but that doesnt affect poor decision making. That being said, Montreal is a Bad team. And traded at least 2 of their best players to get Johnny. It was a bad game by Johnny. But I do think this guy will be playing a whole lot better in a month or two. Too bad the upgrades in Montreal all went to Hamilton.

    • Kavis Reed is a POC that has no business being anything other than a portapot pump driver. I think that could just be his niche

  3. This is all coming from a former top NFL coach. Who you think would know when it was best to start a fledgling QB. OMG! Shiltz and Adams were levels above Manziel and Adams was only recently traded as well. Johnny you made the worst decisions out there! Think about it. All in all, Montreal fans, don’t give up… VA and JM will only get better… they both have it in them.

  4. Posted this in another thread, but it’s more appropriate here:

    “I am the Shermanator. I’m a geriatric football-robot way past my prime trying to change the future for one ‘money’ QB.

    Johnny, you’ve been targeted for Shermanation. Come with me if you want to play”

    • Johnny Can't Play North American Football // August 4, 2018 at 9:22 am //

      The same could be said about the geriatric football-robot that is way past his prime that nevertheless scored 51 points last night. Of course the fact that June Jones recently said that he still believed Johnny Headcase could be the best ever in the CFL totally negates anything else this mediocre coach will ever do.

      Playing Headcase too early is not the problem. Playing him at all is. You people are really, really slow on the uptake. Even after he is released, you’ll still be making excuses for him and claiming that the “kid” just needs more reps. Embarrassing.

      • Yeah sure, and the executioners being fast with their trigger fingers is the really smart reaction to this.

        He may not work out in the end, and no excuses will be needed.

        But a QB playing his first live-fire game, in a style of football he’s only had 2 months to learn, after a handful of practices on a new but really bad team, deserves just a little slack. No?

      • Foodie Foodnerd // August 4, 2018 at 6:18 pm //

        Johnny Footnote’s brief CFL attempt is over. Watch for endless excuses, so-called humblings, lessons learned, etc., etc., before he suddenly decides to take time off to supposedly work on him, but in reality an easy out amid fervent hope we all forget about him.

  5. “How can you explain that the players were not ready at the start of the game”

    Love that question. Kudos to the Montreal sports reporter who asked that.

  6. Had a good laugh at Vern Adams coming off the bench tonight and going 1/5 for a grand total of THREE (3) yards passing.

    Thought to decide which QB is more useless – – Adams or John Manziel.

    But we know with absolute certainty that both are complete trash.

    • And what were YOUR stats for the evening…yeah…thought so…

      • Wynonna Rider-Nation // August 4, 2018 at 9:25 am //

        In fairness, it is hard to imagine that Area51 could have done any worse. But it is incredibly weak to come back with that. In fact you really just threw the equivalent of a pick six, which even Johnny Headcase didn’t do last night.

  7. Evil Empire // August 4, 2018 at 4:55 am //

    On the road in Ottawa, then Edmonton. It might do him good to be away from home. At least there won’t be 20K ppl in the crowd praying that he can win. It should relieve at least a tiny bit of pressure.

    From what I saw last night, there is no way Mtl can possibly be in the playoffs, this year. Manziel, Adams, or Willy. None of those guys can get that team into the playoffs. I’d be surprised if they won another game this season.

  8. This is a train wreck now. Sherman is way in over his head just like qbs how many nfl coaches have come here and had sucess? Trestman had Calvillo and Ray from the start and last year he really did just get lucky.

    • Wynonna Ryder-Nation // August 4, 2018 at 9:29 am //

      Calvillo has been a terrible coach. Not unlike Phil Jackson as a GM. Don’t assume that a truly great QB can be even an average coach. Calvillo is living proof since he has failed at every opportunity to develop a young QB. (Toronto’s current QB is 30 years old, by the way.)

      Kavis must be fired. Sherman was a bad hire, and just about every assistant the Als have will never work in the CFL in their current capacity again. They are Kavis’ guys and they are employed well above their actual abilities. Just like the Klueless one. (The owner is pretty Klueless to keep Kavis around in spite of things only getting even worse under his watch.)

  9. Kavis Reed hiring Mike Sherman tells you all you need to know about the current state of affairs in Montreal.
    Manziel is screwed if this is where he is forced to showcase his talents in hopes of heading south in a couple of years.

  10. Yes it was a mistake to throw Johnny in there after a handful of practices. However this guy will get better quickly so folks need to give him a chance. Besides, he only needs to play 31 minutes next week to win his first CFL game against the “we don’t need to show up for the second half” Redblacks next week.

  11. Ari Katz // August 4, 2018 at 7:40 am //

    Philski for that to happen, the Als have to make a significant change.. They have to bring somebody in with significant CFL experience. Yes Kahari Jones has that experience but Kent Austin is the right guy at least as an offensive coordinator to tutor Manziel. I think Manziel’s tremendous desire to play has harmed his CFL development. The duo of June Jones and Morrison are much stronger than Sherman and Kathari Jones. There is no comparison between the offensive talent in Hamilton vs Montreal. In the long run , Manziel would have been better off in Hamilton and besides adjusting his expectations about the CFL , Manziel likely regrets being so impatient to play in Hamilton that he forced the team’ s hand.

  12. Ari
    Not a fan of Austin’s style but think he’s the guy to turn Mtl around.
    They should bring him in ASAP

  13. I think it is better if Montreal hit the pause button rather than bringing in someone like Austin. Sherman has a plan to move forward. As a fan I thought that they could build on Adams and Shiltz. But Sherman likes Manziel, made sure the team got him, and is willing to give him some time to develop. So it looks like that is the way it will play out, with Adams coming in for relief.

    But the team around Manziel or anyone else is not a very good one this year. That is the real problem.

  14. Paul Bomber // August 4, 2018 at 8:40 am //

    What is with the obsession with Sherman’s headset cable issue from 2 (3?) weeks ago? What jerk decided that’s a good photo for this story? Grow up.

  15. Hamilton fans better pray it’s not Steinauer! Austin, they can have….

  16. They’ve got no choice but to keep playing Manziel and start thinking about next year. They’ve got to dump the Band-Aid approach to building a football team. JM’s got some skills you can’t teach, and he’s got a chance of being a decent CFL QB, but it’s very much about building around him, and you’ve got the Three Blind Mice in charge; Wetenhall, Jr, and Reed. Gooooood Luck!

  17. ottawa can count on getting 4 intercetpions so they need to just practice on what to do when they get those 4 turnovers and not worry about the rest of the game, johnny football is garbage!

  18. Dawgmanistan // August 4, 2018 at 5:22 pm //

    Streveler didn’t have near as many mistakes right out of college…just saying

  19. First, grow up with that photo. It’s rude and disrespectful.

    Second, why wouldn’t he start next week? If he went back to the bench then starting yesterday would be pointless. He needs to keep playing to get better.

    Third, I feel like he will be back with Hamilton in no time. Not sure why.

    • It was rude and disrespectful for Mike Sherman to be flashing his gunt on national television.

      Sherman should have been suspended for such an indecent exposure act.

  20. Cleats59 // August 4, 2018 at 8:12 pm //

    Buddy give it a rest with Sherman’s belly!
    Manziel should start unIttawa and will get better in time, but the O line is brutal and will he survive and not get injured.

  21. The dears // August 5, 2018 at 7:16 am //

    One poster noted Steveler did better than Manziel in his first CFL start and Mcleod BT did better than both. This plus a long list of quick QB successes starting with Frank Philchock should blow up the apprentice of years theory. Sitting for a long time has more to do with a dearth of starting slots (only 9) as opposed to a long learn curve. Also with Riders and BC sucking the East could grab the crossover.

  22. David Tress // August 5, 2018 at 11:28 am //

    Manziel will get better. He still completed 11 passes with little practice. He also demonstrated great elusiveness. The ALS would have lost anyways. Manziel should be starter for rest of season and the stadium will be full.

  23. When things get TOUGH the TOUGH get going. We will all find out how TOUGH the Als are as a team and see how Manziel, Sherman and Reed end things in 2018. All 3 have the knowledge in the game but need the fortitude to do better each week and see things thru as planned. With NFL cuts coming down the pike by Sept. 1st hopefully they can get some guys to help the team in all areas.

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