DAVIS: With no reinforcements, Chris Jones turns to the riot act to motivate Riders

During their first practice following their bye week, the Saskatchewan Roughriders looked like they usually do during workouts — relaxed, somewhat sloppy and lackadaisical with some good-natured taunting and several players rehearsing in unusual positions (Hello, Eddie Steele, Duron Carter and Christion Jones.)

During their third practice after a 10-day hiatus — the final workout before the 2-2 squad visits the 2-2 Hamilton Tiger-Cats for a CFL rematch Thursday — they got justifiably chided by head coach Chris Jones.

A Tweet by Rawlco Radio’s Arielle Zerr explained the outburst.

Zerr continued with a Tweet and quote from veteran offensive lineman Brendon LaBatte

Saskatchewan defeated Hamilton 18-13 on July 5, the most recent game for both teams, because Riders tailback Marcus Thigpen miraculously ran for a 34-yard late-game touchdown. Hamilton totally dominated the contest until the dying minutes.

In four games Saskatchewan’s offence has scored four touchdowns. Thigpen’s major rewarded an excellent performance by Saskatchewan’s defence and special teams, but hasn’t assuaged concern for an offence missing its starting quarterback (Zach Collaros, who has a concussion) and inexplicably alternates journeyman Brandon Bridge and rookie David Watford in his stead.

The Roughriders also have a porous, short-staffed offensive line and have moved one of their best weapons, wideout Duron Carter, to defence as a replacement for injured cornerback Nick Marshall.

During the break the Roughriders were expected to bolster their roster with offensive linemen and defensive backs. That didn’t happen. The team basically stood pat, which is typically a formula for mediocrity.

When players’ jobs are being threatened there’s a sense of urgency on the practice field and during games. When players aren’t being challenged — like in the Riders’ case right now — complacency naturally sets in. That’s where the Roughriders sit: Mediocre, complacent and waiting to see if their head coach’s outrage motivates them to better performances.

Darrell Davis

Darrell Davis

Darrell Davis has reported on the Riders for more than 20 years and was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame media wing in 2006.
Darrell Davis
Darrell Davis
About Darrell Davis (124 Articles)
Darrell Davis has reported on the Riders for more than 20 years and was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame media wing in 2006.

81 Comments on DAVIS: With no reinforcements, Chris Jones turns to the riot act to motivate Riders

  1. Puck Hog // July 17, 2018 at 6:28 pm //

    Haha, good call. Two peas in a pod, Skid-mark Jerry and Diaper-bag Davis.

  2. Puck Hog // July 17, 2018 at 6:34 pm //

    Drew, what happened to all of the comments? Darrell can dish garbage but can’t take it? Hope his feelings weren’t hurt.

    • MR. Green // July 17, 2018 at 6:41 pm //

      Darrell can dish it but can’t take it.

      • Puck hog // July 18, 2018 at 1:37 am //

        Exactly. He dishes out fake news like the Ticats totally dominated the Riders for the whole game, when the game was close throughout and the Ticats never had a touchdown?

    • Puck hog // July 18, 2018 at 1:40 am //

      There were some excellent posts in the original comment section. Hope the writers repost them.

  3. Stampeding // July 17, 2018 at 7:08 pm //

    Are you guys proud to get a comment section erased?
    This is what complete non sense and complete discard for the media gets.

  4. BC Bomber // July 17, 2018 at 7:09 pm //

    GM doesn’t provide roster depth, Coach makes bizarre personnel decisions, but it must be the players fault they’ve lost hope so he yells at them. Yeah, that’ll work!

    • Komodo Dragon // July 17, 2018 at 7:51 pm //

      Where did it say Jones yelled at them Bomber? He didn’t yell at the men. He told them straight out that they are not anywhere near good enough to be practising so poorly. That they are 2-2 for a reason. He told them that they are not practising like they should.
      Why do some of you just make up shit as you go along.
      Jones has made his decisions in the game because of how poorly their playing.
      You do t know nothing about the depth on the Riders. Their just fine. Carter was going to play corner this year no matter what. It has nothing to do with depth.
      Stop talking out your ass and stick to the Bombers.

      • BC Bomber // July 17, 2018 at 7:58 pm //

        “Read the riot act” is a euphemism for a vocal thrashing.
        “Carter was going to play corner no matter what?” If that is the case, then I rest my case. Only Jones would be foolish enough to take one of the best receivers in the league from a struggling offence. And check your team’s roster. There is zero depth at DB.
        And I’m not talking with my ass, I’m talking with my fingers. Even I am not talented enough to type with my bottom.
        All the best KD!

  5. What happened here? 3DN? I’m sure there are lots of people looking for an explanation.

  6. Historic McMahon // July 17, 2018 at 7:23 pm //

    Yup probably complained again , was sick of getting owned all the time

    • Komodo Dragon // July 17, 2018 at 7:55 pm //

      Preastoric McMahon. The oldest crappiest stadium in Canada. Why would you even use that name. You just open yourself up for the truth. It’s a dump!!! Face it!
      Plus; Your the only one that gets owned. That’s why you post with all these different handles.

  7. Go riders go

  8. When I first read the headline I thought it said because of lack of reinforcements Jones was looking to the riot for players…..Regina Riot, the local womens football team, and a damn good team too.
    Wouldn’t that be the ultimate ego project, convert a female player for the men’s game?

  9. I have to admit, I’m also quite disappointed with the Roughriders, primarily with their sloppy offence. And most of that falls directly on the shoulders of our head coach Chris Jones.

    One of the most controversial moves I consider has been and continues to be the move to have Duron Carter play defence when our pass receiving corps have been absolutely unproductive and underachieving. Like many others, I place full blame on Chris Jones for getting rid of talented starter Bacari Grant and depth at the receiver position with the riddance of Chad Owens and Rob Bagg.

    Really, who do the Riders have at the receiver position besides Naaman Roosevelt? And who gets double-covered due to the lack of talent? And last season this was considered by many to be the most star-laden and explosive corps of receivers in Canada.

    And quarterbacks? What quarterbacks?

    Sure, we have a $430,000 quarterback (Zach Collaros) on the injured list. Funny thing was, he was injury prone and we settled for him when James Franklin (who is much younger, in his prime and not injury prone) was available for the taking before Coach Jones settled on Zach. And this coming from a coach who felt Darian Durant’s salary (which was roughly the same as Collaros) was too much PLUS he was injury prone. Now that’s a real head-scratcher, isn’t it?

    And what about our backups? Who is our second-string quarterback? Is it Brandon Bridge? Is it David Watford? Don’t ask the TSN crew because they’re just as confused as we are.

    And our running backs? Well, Trent Richardson remains on the suspended list and Cameron Marshall failed a medical. Sure, we still have Marcus Thigpen, but what about Jerome Messam who frequently sits on the bench? What was he brought in for? To sit on the bench?

    And the offensive line? Well, it has regressed so horribly that it really is offensive. Where in the heck is Bruce Campbell? And why haven’t we brought him back?

    Unlike others, I tend to agree with Darrell Davis’ comments. The offence has regressed horribly due to some extremely unorthodox decisions made by our head coach.

    I admit the defence has looked fairly good of late but there were questionable coaching decisions on that side of the ball as well. One being the use of three-man rushes with what many of us would consider one of the finest defensive lines in the country, along with lots, and lots of depth. (Again, the offensive line sure could use some resources its way, Chris Jones.).

    Yes, Coach Jones probably had to throw in some fury and profanity at this underachieving group, though, it probably could have been done a lot sooner (as mentioned above).

    Rider fans, in my view, Chris Jones deserves an F-minus at this time for the team he has built in 2018. But I continue to be, and always will remain a hard-core, loud and proud fan of this team.

    Time to wake up, Riders!!!

    • This is pretty much what I’ve been preaching to you guys all off season

    • Much like the original article there is very little in this post that’s true, but there is no point in responding to either one if it’s only going to get deleted. Still waiting for an explanation from 3DN.

    • greenrider89 – We recently re signed Tristan Doughlin 24 5’11 190 Canadian DB to the active roster. So we should know tomorrow where Carter will be for sure. Also have Matt Elam 26 5’10 208 on practice learning the playbook. Be nice to get Carter catching passes again. And don’t forget Williams-Lambert, he’s got good hands.

      Takoby Cofield 26 6’4 315 Left tackle is on active and may benefit us Thursday.

      Braden Schram 25 6’4. 312 OL -Canadian
      Mathieu Breton 24 6’7 275 OL – Canadian (needs a few pounds IMO)
      Jarvis Harrison 26 6’4 330 OL are all sitting on Practice Roster.

      We’ve got staff, some raw, but there have been a few young O lineman take a start and play well this year. and of course JSJ is parked on 6 game…not sure what the hell to do with him.

      • Good research, Yup. I believe Chris Jones has Duron Carter playing defence this week since it might be too early to have any recent additions fed to the wolves. However, Thursday will show what Chris Jones has in mind.

        • Im wondering about the young Canadian – Doughlin ? He’s on active and he knows our D as I believe we released him earlier.

          Tomorrow the depth chart comes out, so I guess we will see.

      • True Green // July 18, 2018 at 1:19 am //

        Good info. Thanks Yup.

    • True Green // July 18, 2018 at 1:18 am //

      What makes you think Franklin was available to a western team? sure it looks like a good move now that he’s played two reasonably good games but he still has a lot to prove, although he’s on his way to doing so. Collaros is a proven winner, also with a lot to prove again. So really, either one was a gamble and Franklin may never have been a real option.

      Lots of bad decisions but these things are also hard to predict and could have, or still might, turn out to be good decisions.

    • This post is so spectacularly wrong that it’s quite remarkable. Where do you get all this stuff from? Did you dream it up yourself?

      “…our pass receiving corps have been absolutely unproductive and underachieving…”
      Nonsense. How many drops do you remember? How many clearly bad pass routes? In order to have a productive passing game you need good receivers and a good QB. Our problem has been with the QB, not the receivers.

      “I place full blame on Chris Jones for getting rid of talented starter Bacari Grant and depth at the receiver position with the riddance of Chad Owens and Rob Bagg.”
      -What? Where are Grant, Owens and Bagg now? Not a single one of them has been picked up by anyone else, and their replacements have all played very well. Where on earth do you get this stuff?

      “Really, who do the Riders have at the receiver position besides Naaman Roosevelt? And who gets double-covered due to the lack of talent?”
      -You must be making this up as you go. That catch by Stanford last game sure showed a lack of talent! And you don’t know who Holley, Evans and JWL are? I don’t know how to help you if you’re this out of it.

      “And quarterbacks? What quarterbacks?”
      -Try looking at the roster. They’re listed there. We have the same number as every other team.

      “Sure, we have a $430,000 quarterback (Zach Collaros) on the injured list.”
      -Is there anything more ridiculous than people who keep referring to the amount of money Collaros makes? So you see people listing Reilly salary beside his name, or BLM’s? Are you trying to imply something here? Mind boggling.

      “James Franklin (who is much younger, in his prime and not injury prone) was available for the taking”
      -You must be completely out of it. Not only was he not “available for the taking” but we had no chance at him at all. He was never a FA and Edmonton would never have traded him to us. The only way we would have had a shot at him is if he chose to become a FA after being traded to TO, but chose to sign with TO which meant that WE HAD NO SHOT AT HIM AT ALL. Did you honestly not know that?

      “And this coming from a coach who felt Darian Durant’s salary (which was roughly the same as Collaros) was too much PLUS he was injury prone. Now that’s a real head-scratcher, isn’t it?”
      -No, it’s not. Jones let Durant go because he didn’t think he’d played very well the last year, and after the way he played in Montreal clearly Jones was right, and I was a huge Durant fan. Collaros had been injured a couple of years ago but the issue was his knee. He had had a couple of concussions but they weren’t the concern. And btw, any player can get a concussion.

      “And what about our backups? Who is our second-string quarterback? Is it Brandon Bridge? Is it David Watford?”
      -What on earth are you talking about?

      “And our running backs?”
      -You might want to look up a guy named Tre Mason. He’s pretty good too.

      “And the offensive line? Well, it has regressed so horribly that it really is offensive. Where in the heck is Bruce Campbell? And why haven’t we brought him back?”
      -So I guess you didn’t follow the team in training camp? Injuries in camp have been our single biggest problem on the OL, but I won’t waste my time explaining. Campbell is a FA and he hasn’t signed with anyone. Maybe you should give him a call and ask him why.

      “The offence has regressed horribly due to some extremely unorthodox decisions made by our head coach.”
      -No. Not even close.

      “I admit the defence has looked fairly good of late but there were questionable coaching decisions on that side of the ball as well.”
      -No. Please don’t pretend that you have the faintest idea what you’re talking about.

      “Yes, Coach Jones probably had to throw in some fury and profanity at this underachieving group”
      -The only part of this team that is truly underachieving is the QBs. The OL is more about injuries, and the rest of the team is playing great.

      Are you aware that we won our last game with an outstanding defensive effort? Are you aware that we’re 2 – 2 and in the thick of the battle in spite of being without our #1 QB? This post of yours is just epic, epic … I’ll leave out what I was going to say. I just don’t know what else to say about it.

      • Puck Hog // July 18, 2018 at 8:57 am //

        Truer words were never spoke…….

      • Puck Hog // July 18, 2018 at 8:58 am //

        You’ve encapsulated Darrell Davis: Mr. Negativity.

      • For a Roughrider fan (and hot-headed one at that) you certainly don’t mind slamming other Rider fans (a 45-year observer) with your inflamed views and lack of knowledge. You act as though you are Mr. Perfect with your expert knowledge. Well let me try to decipher my knowledge with your rebuttals:

        Bacari Grant “led” the Roughriders last season with 84 receptions and over 1,000 yards, ahead of Duron Carter and Naaman Roosevelt. If you don’t consider Grant a big loss then shame on you for your lack of knowledge. Yes, Rob Bagg had been slipping the past few seasons but was a solid presence in the locker room. And Chad Owens arrival in the starting lineup late last season was second-to-none as the Riders rode into the playoffs. But when the Roughriders remove the big-3 — Roosevelt, Duron Carter and Bacari Grant — and have just one presence on the field — Roosevelt — that takes away a considerable amount of chemistry in the Roughriders passing attack. Even Brandon Bridge, when asked, questioned the loss of Carter on the offensive side of the playing field. You should know that!!!

        Furthermore, in Football 101, Carter, as a deep threat opens up a lot of the playing field for others including young receivers such as Shaq Evans, Jordan Williams-Lambert and Joshua Stanford. But my views might be way above your ability to comprehend.

        Secondly, I guess you haven’t been watching football that often (or ignorant to the real facts) when media alike including former CFL quarterbacks Henry Burris and Matt Dunigan continue to question why Chris Jones continues to alternate Brandon Bridge and David Watford throughout the entire game. These are pro quarterbacks questioning the Roughriders (or specifically Chris Jones), who their second-string quarterback is? Do you not understand that logic? Do you not understand the psyche both quarterbacks suffer from to be confident on the field and find their rhythm instead of shuffling in-and-out under Jones scrutiny? Go figure???

        And as far as James Franklin is concerned. Franklin’s rights were acquired by Toronto from the Eskimos on December 15th. But Franklin “did not” sign his contract “until” January 5th, the same day after the Roughriders successfully traded for Zach Collaros. What does that mean? Franklin exercised a “hold” on the trade until confirmation of the Roughriders’ signing of Collaros. Technically, Franklin was checking all resources before his signing. And in essence, Jones had three weeks to try to work something out with Toronto but was only interested in Collaros. Furthermore, Chris Jones showed absolutely no interest with Edmonton or Toronto, though, it was reported that Eskimo GM Brock Sutherland had no interest in trading Franklin to a western team. But you don’t seem to comprehend that as well. Narrow-minded, indeed.

        Running back Tre Mason? He’s been so good that I’ve hardly noticed him on the playing field. Yet a Canadian player, Jerome Messam, didn’t come at a bargain-basement price but primarily sits on the bench? Where is the logic with that? Again (and politely mentioning), this may be well-above your comprehension.

        Now what I find extremely surprising (LOL) is your nieve belief that our offensive line would be fine if we didn’t have all these injuries. Funny that the biggest joke around has been Dan Clark ranked as the ninth best centre in the league. Now, I’m not saying that Clark is the lowest-ranked centre in the league, but it makes one wonder. Injury prone, Brendan LaBatte, is starting to slide at 31 years of age along with OT Thaddeus Coleman at 33 years of age. And the first overall pick in 2016, Josiah St. John, has yet to crack the starting lineup. With your expert knowledge, please inform all of us who would be a solid bet to add to the starting lineup to reduce the amount of hits suffered by Collaros, Bridge and Watford? Or a solid bet to finally open up a running game that we can notice players like Tre Mason? Or is this the heavily scrutinized group you would commit to keeping in the Riders’ lineup? The current reminds me of five rookies starting in 1979 for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. It was disastrous.

        My question to you wise one is how much football did you really watch this year? Or observe when Ottawa destroyed Saskatchewan? And lowly Montreal, who many experts questioned whether they would win a single game this year, proceeded to defeat the Roughriders on their home field for the Alouettes’ only victory this season. But I guess with your mentions, the team’s only question mark, really, is at the quarterback position with no fault of Chris Jones of course. In polite terms, your rather embarrassing with your narrow-minded views.

        And if you had watched the Ottawa game closely, you would’ve also noticed the Riders front four were primarily a front three with one defender usually falling back in coverage. And many times Charleston Hughes was inserted in-and-out throughout the game until late in the third quarter. Really astute you are.

        Now really, who are you kidding???

        • Puck Hog // July 18, 2018 at 2:50 pm //

          Some good points, Green Rider, but your point about Grant might be off. Grant did well last year for yardage, but he made some big mistakes and dropped some important passes. In spite of all his catches, I’m not sure his head was in the right place.
          This year, I don’t think he had a stellar training camp, and that one flagrant dropped ball in pre-season could have been the final straw. I also heard he wasn’t the best lockeroom guy.

          • greenrider89 // July 18, 2018 at 8:51 pm //

            I don’t really know how Grant’s 2018 training camp and pre-season went through the eyes of Chris Jones, Puck Hog. I do know that Grant led the Riders last season in receptions with 84 for over 1,100 yards. I also realize that he had a few situations happen to him last year that are really unexplainable but would probably be a stabilizing force on the playing field for Bridge and Watford. The Rider receivers have lost their chemistry with the quarterbacks from the previous season. A lot of it I believe is based on the poor line play and the incredibly stupid substitutions Chris Jones continues to call for the quarterbacks. Plus, the fact they have so many new receivers very likely has an impact as well. Really, it doesn’t take a genius to question quarterback substitutions. Just ask Matt Dunigan and Henry Burris what they think of the Roughrider substitutions. I personally believe the team has dropped a notch from the end of last season. Hopefully, the Riders can get back in the groove. It remains to be seen. At this time, I don’t believe they are a contender due to too many question marks, though, the season is still young. And this coming from a seasoned Rider fan that will always remain a fan of the Riders.

        • What Bridge said is that he wouldn’t mind having Carter back at receiver. He wasn’t desperate for him, but he said he would like him back. Carter would improve the receiving corps somewhat, but he is a bigger asset on defence right now. Again, the play on the deep ball to Toliver probably saved the game for us.
          Suggesting that our receiving corps now is poor or talentless shows that you have no idea what you’re talking about. Our receiving corps now is MORE talented than it was last year, but yes also less experienced. That’s what happens when a young player beats out an older player, as JWL, Evans and Stanford all did in training camp, but there is no evidence that that lack of experience has cost us. There hasn’t been a rash of bad drops or bad routes or anything you could hang on the receivers. And no, Carter isn’t our only deep threat. Again, a completely clueless comment. Standford has been used as a deep threat this year, but Roosevelt, Holley, and Evans also all have the speed and size to be deep threats. Our problems have been with the QBs, not the receivers, and your suggestions to the contrary are just pure ignorance.

          Jones is indeed doing something outside the box with Bridge, but he knows him well so you can be sure there’s a reason why he’s doing it. The analysts are analysts and not coaches for a reason. Advanced thinking is not their thing. Their job is to look pretty and provide general knowledge. Conventional wisdom says that you don’t handle QBs this way, but Jones is deliberately doing something unconventional to try to light a spark under Bridge. Understand? And, btw, we won the game.

          “But Franklin “did not” sign his contract “until” January 5th, the same day after the Roughriders successfully traded for Zach Collaros. What does that mean? Franklin exercised a “hold” on the trade until confirmation of the Roughriders’ signing of Collaros.”
          -No. What that probably means the deal was already in place this was just the formal signing. But besides that Collaros was still probably the better choice at the time. He’s a veteran QB who has already been a top tier guy. Franklin may be a good prospect but he’s still just a prospect, with even less experience than Bridge. Now that Collaros is injured and Franklin has had a couple of decent games you’re trying to say that everyone should have known Franklin was the better player. That is revisionist history.

          “And in essence, Jones had three weeks to try to work something out with Toronto but was only interested in Collaros.”
          -Now you’ve gone from harebrained nonsense to barefaced lying. Toronto wanted to keep Franklin, not trade him, and there is NO EVIDENCE AT ALL to suggest that Jones was only interested in Collaros. You just made that up.

          “Jerome Messam, didn’t come at a bargain-basement price but primarily sits on the bench?”
          -Yes, he did come at a bargain basement price, and no he isn’t primarily sitting on the bench. What does it say about your argument that you have to make up feeble nonsense like this?

          “Injury prone, Brendan LaBatte, is starting to slide at 31 years of age.”
          -Wow, just wow. Labatte is not injury prone. He’s only missed more than 3 games once in his 11 year career. And far from “starting to slide,” he was a league All-Star last year. 31 is not old for an OL. Wow again. Talk about a fake fan.

          So you focus on the Ottawa and Montreal games and minimize the Toronto and Hamilton games. I would say that you should be ashamed of yourself as a Rider fan, but you’re clearly NOT a Rider fan. Everyone except Calgary has been losing to everyone this year, and we were without our #1 QB for most of the Ottawa game and all of the Montreal game, but I’m not surprised you didn’t mention that. That’s what you’re trying to hide. You’re not much different than the troll. I won’t waste any more time on you. I’m sorry I’ve wasted as much as I have.

          • Did I say Bridge was desperate to have Carter line up on the offensive side of the ball??? Maybe you should get some reading glasses.

            Did I say our receiving corps are poor and talentless? I SAID they were underachieving and unproductive. Man, you do really need reading glasses. And you’re a dimwit if you blame the quarterbacks for all our problems. You probably don’t have the knowledge or insight that the game of football starts at the line of scrimmage and it’s a TEAM GAME. If the Riders had solid linemen to open up holes and pass protect, it would make the jobs of Bridge and Watford a lot easier. Games are won and lost on both sides of the ball. But being the clueless person that you really are just shows that you don’t understand the game very well.

            Oh, and we won two games and lost two (one being to the lowly Montreal Alouettes). Hooray!!! I guess you consider the Riders season at its early stages as a real positive. And then you have the audacity to suggest Dunigan and Burris are just TV analysts who don’t really know what they’re talking about with the Riders’ quarterback situation. And who are you to be saying statements like that? So ignorant with your comments, you’re a talking embarrassment with your football jargon. I think you should really go out and play flag football now.

            And you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about when saying the Riders had NO CHANCE at a better football player in Franklin. Yes, they did. I had to even inform you WHEN the trade occurred between Edmonton and Toronto and WHEN Franklin finally signed with the Argos (3 weeks if you can’t count), only “after” Collaros was signed by the Riders. And for your information, I, along with many others felt Franklin would have been a much better signing than the injury-prone Collaros. In fact, I was hopeful all along James Franklin would be in green and white if you had read my previous mentions. Obviously, though, considering the reading glass situation and false accusations, I guess I understand.

            Furthermore, there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest the Franklin deal was “probably” already in place but just the formal signing as you suggest. The Argos only had the rights to Franklin as mentioned before. The trade would’ve fallen through had he waited to be a free agent. Another false statement to cover your tracks. Are you really that dim?

            And Jerome Messam, “he came at a bargain price” as you suggest. Please inform me and other Rider fans what the bargain price was since you pretend to have all the answers? You’re really beginning to be a joke, aren’t you?

            And no, I’m not a fake fan. I’ve been a fan for just over 45 years (probably three times the amount of years compared to your age) and we have season tickets and have enjoyed them for nearly 20 years. Plus we travel 500 miles return. I would suggest Roxanne and I are hardcore Rider fans.

            And you should be ashamed and start acting like a Rider fan instead of being a troll to other Rider fans. A real pretender, aren’t you. Maybe it’s time to grow up and stop acting like the little kid that you are who pretends to know it all, yet knows nothing. And you call yourself a Rider fan. Get real!!!

            And I agree. Please stop wasting my time by spewing out your garbage. It’s really starting to stink!!!

  10. Sliders r Mickey mouse yup yup yup yup yup lead the league in attendance but Jones will b gone by labour day when sliders are 2 and 6 guess there’s not anything else to do in Sask that’s why they lead the league in attendance Mickey mouse yup yup yup yup yup

    • Nice comment from a fan whose team lost to the “Riders” and hasn’t won a title in nearly 20 years. As mentioned above, be a fan of the league not a hater of a team.

      • greenrider89 // July 18, 2018 at 12:37 pm //

        What’s makes you think he’s a Ti-Cat Fan? He could very well be Mr. Many Handles. The way this site is set up makes it almost impossible to confirm who’s who…just saying…

    • This message from the Romper Room Valedictorian.

  11. Scottsask // July 17, 2018 at 8:49 pm //

    I usually don’t agree with Darrell, but in this case it’s very difficult not to.

  12. Sliders were totally out played by cats very lucky to have won cats beat themselves long season for sliders till Mickey mouse Jones puts the best receiver back on offense and play Messam and let their qbs get in rythem Jones should be fired for signing Collaros who is very injury prone hangs on to ball too long gets sacked fumbles and throws a pick 6 every game yup yup yup yup yup

    • Riders4Last // July 17, 2018 at 11:56 pm //

      Awe please don’t pick on poor “all world” Jones it was only a 430,000 mistake by signing the back up Collaros ,Tiger-Cats crush the lowly sliders this week to get revenge

  13. True Green // July 17, 2018 at 9:49 pm //

    Daryl sums up his own journalism “Mediocre, complacent and waiting to see if their head coach’s outrage motivates them to better performances.” obviously Daryl needed a better coach.

  14. For those who missed what happened, when this article was posted a number of people replied pretty much completely shredding it, and Davis, exposing the lies and contradictory statements. There was even an interesting post about Davis’ history and getting kicked out of the Rider locker room in the Austin era. And then all posts were deleted. I would guess that about 30 posts in all were deleted, everyone in the thread at that point. And to this point there has been no explanation from 3DN.

  15. Just wondering // July 17, 2018 at 10:14 pm //

    I didn’t read those deleted posts. Were they reasonable well thought out criticism or vulgar, name calling, classless comments? Anyone unbiased that can give an opinion on that? Just wondering, because if they were the later variety, they should have been deleted. No explanation necessary.

    • dangnabbit // July 17, 2018 at 11:11 pm //

      As I recall, they were pretty much garbage of the sort you’d expect. Insults to the author, insults to Chris Jones, insults to Stampland, insults to Yup, insults to anyone Yup thought was a Stampland sockpuppet, you get the idea. I am really not sorry to see them erased.

      • Puck hog // July 18, 2018 at 1:25 am //

        Actually, the comments were honest assessments about a biased writer who was called out. For example, Davis thinks the Thigpen TD was an accident, but if the story was flipped and Hamilton scored a late TD, Davis’ article would read something like, “Hamilton was so well-coached that they read the Riders’ inept defence like a book. Then, when it mattered the most, the Ticats pounced and ensured their victory. That’s what good teams do – win games with timely scoring. The Riders obviously cannot score near the end when the game is on the line.” C’mon Davis; how about some objectivity.

    • About half a dozen were well thought out and presented critiques of the article and Davis’s history, which completely shredded both. The rest were the usual variety. I think the troll had a couple of posts in there but I never read his. And they were all deleted. The thread was wiped clean back to zero. Could it have been a technical glitch? If so why haven’t they explained?

  16. Rob Shinske // July 18, 2018 at 12:07 am //

    It is a sport, and there is much more to worry about, but in a province such as Saskatchewan, which is too small the way its population is disbursed to have an NHL team, the Roughriders and the CFL take centre stage. The CFL is obviously not the NFL, but it is good entertainment and the Riders are closely scrutinized (sometimes fairly, and sometimes not so fairly). It is a long season, and in a nine team league, one should not panic just yet. However, the season thus far has been mediocre and the decision to put Carter at DB is total bush league, as is the inexcusable reality of paying heavily for an injury prone QB without having a reliable second pivot in place. Whether I like Chris Jones as a person is irrelevant, and results matter. That stated, it is becoming harder and harder to support someone who has not delivered as of yet, and who also has treated some former long time Riders in less than fitting fashion. If Chris Jones team continues to struggle, I would suggest his position be re-evaluated this fall. No one wants a carousel at Coach and GM but the supposed no nonsense and unemotional approach has not worked overly well either.

  17. It will be interesting if status quo is maintained if we get our butts kick I think if we embarrass ourselves Riders will have to start bringing in some help unless something else up ? Budget mismanagement maybe that’s speculation but it does make one wonder why the lack of backups?

    • We’ve got a couple db’s and some O linemen as I stated above, John. Now whether they can fill a spot effectively is the question.

      Hamilton is going to be very tough at home and we have some tough competition coming up. Our performance in the next few games will speak volumes.

  18. Scottsask // July 18, 2018 at 12:57 am //

    And it won’t get any easier over the next 4 games.

  19. This is one mans opinion who happens to be pissy and narrow minded mostly wrong and a jackass. The quotes actually speak for themself, they arent playing up to thei ability. But no go back to your whining ways please.

  20. Any TC win under 20 points would be considered a colossal failure in my books…time to avenge that last garbage game.

  21. Ok, let’s try this again. This was a terrible article by Davis, perhaps even worse than usual.

    “Marcus Thigpen miraculously ran for a 34-yard late-game touchdown.”
    -Miraculous? Thigpen is a good player and that was a well executed play, but I’m sure Davis would choke if he admitted that.

    “Hamilton totally dominated the contest until the dying minutes.”
    -Total lie. In fact it was a close game all the way with a number of lead changes, and Bridge doesn’t fumble that ball on the goal line we would have been ahead from the second quarter on. You have to assume that Davis didn’t even watch the game, otherwise he’d come up with a less transparent lie.

    “Thigpen’s major rewarded an excellent performance by Saskatchewan’s defence and special teams…”
    -Stop the presses! Davis told the truth! I might have expected a lightning bolt to immediately strike him dead after this. Also note that the excellent play of our defence and teams means that a fire doesn’t need to be lit under them. No jobs need to be threatened, because they are already playing excellent football, including Carter. In fact Carter’s play on the deep ball to Toliver might have saved us the game. I think only a 6’5” Carter could have made that play. And he also nearly picked off another pass. Carter has struggled in the two games where he was matched up against small, quick, receivers, but he’s been outstanding against taller receivers, and his ball hawking skills have been huge as well. Hamilton really didn’t go after him much after he almost picked that one off against them.

    “The Roughriders also have a porous, short-staffed offensive line…”
    -The Riders have 5 backup OLs, 3 Canadian and 2 American, so no, not short at all, but I’m sure Davis has no idea how many backups we have. Our issues on the OL have been mostly due to injuries, and Clark, but if it hadn’t been for the injuries we might have been able to replace Clark. Bladek is healing up and finding his groove, and if either JSJ or Schram can step up we might be able to replace Clark too.

    “During the break the Roughriders were expected to bolster their roster with offensive linemen and defensive backs.”
    -We brought in 2 DBs and an OL before the break, but I’m sure Davis doesn’t know that. The only OL who might be able to help right now is someone who could step in and start, but those are hard to come by, and our guys are healing up and getting better so it’s probably best to stick with them at this point.

    “When players’ jobs are being threatened there’s a sense of urgency on the practice field and during games. When players aren’t being challenged — like in the Riders’ case right now — complacency naturally sets in.”
    -Really? And how would Davis even know that players aren’t being challenged? But let’s back up for a second. Davis has already, miraculously (a true miracle this time), admitted that the defence and teams are playing excellent football, so no need to threaten jobs there. And the OL issues are mostly about injures, so the one place where you could argue that jobs need to be threatened is at QB, but when Jones did this by cutting Bridge’s playing time and rotating him and Watford Davis claims not to understand what Jones was doing, and he said that Jones “inexplicably alternates journeyman Brandon Bridge and rookie David Watford.” So Davis is talking out of both sides of his mouth, and probably lying both times.

    Here’s the thing. Davis obviously doesn’t care, or he’d take some time to come up with some better BS, and perhaps even watch a game or two. He thinks the old boys control the media and the upper management of the Riders so it just doesn’t matter. He thinks he can be as lame as he wants to be, because his cronies control it all, and it just doesn’t matter.

    • For sure // July 18, 2018 at 7:24 am //

      Davis has a different opinion then yours. That doesn’t make them lies; only differing opinions. You are both entitled to an opinion. Time will tell which is right.
      About this “old boys club”. Anyone who does not agree with you are conveniently fitted into this club and all spew “BS”. If you watch games and listen to the comments of a growing number of ex players and long time football guys, as well as some active players and younger media personnel, you would find that it is an expanding crew that believe that the Riders at this time are a mess. Apparently, Brendan Labatte can be included in this group. Some of these are quite knowledgeable and it doesn’t matter if they are part of an “old boys club”, or an active roster, or an avid fan. Because they do not see things your way does not make them wrong, or right, or make them liars or full of BS. It also does not mean that whatever mess the Riders are currently in cannot be fixed, only that there is a situation that Jones has to find a way to deal with. Obviously, there is a situation to be dealt with very soon, unless you are also putting Labatte in the same “old boys club”. If Labatte says that there are some things not right, I, for one tend to put a lot of stock in what he says.
      If, as you say, there is so much depth, why do we not see it? The latest DB added is being touted as only a special team player. We all know there are bodies on the practice roster and injury reserve but if they are not viable replacements, then they really are not depth at all. St John, for one, has had opportunities and has not shown that he can adequately replace anyone. That is an opinion, not a lie.

      • Puck Hog // July 18, 2018 at 9:12 am //

        Davis is ultra- negative. Just listen to him on the Green Zone – it’s torturous. He can’t offer an honest assessment because of his negative bias against the Roughrider organization. I am not sure he goes to the coaches scrums; it seems the coaches don’t talk to him. He gets his information from Twitter. His “opinion” is based from his personal vendetta against the team. He used to write for a daily newspaper, but his lack of objectivity and professionalism has reduced him to what we see today.

        • BigRedMachine // July 18, 2018 at 12:41 pm //

          Perhaps you may not have noticed but newspaper staff have gone through a major downsizing in the past few years which is absolutely no reflection on the writer’s ability. It seems that some only want to hear what cheerleaders such as Rod Pedersen have to say.

          • Puck Hog // July 19, 2018 at 12:59 am //

            Newspapers going through downsizing keep their best employees. And I didn’t mean he got let go because of his poor attitude. I mentioned he worked for a newspaper to remind y’all that he should be professional and objective. Davis is neither. He is a bitter and vindictive man, and his writing reflects this.

      • Lies and opinions are two completely different things. If you don’t know the difference please find a dictionary and look it up. And no, the old boys are a specific group of people, but I’m sure you know that quite well.

        And no, nobody credible thinks this team is a mess. We won 10 games last year, up from 3 just a couple of years before. We’re 2-2 now this season in spite of our #1 QB being injured. Everyone credible acknowledges that our D and teams are playing great. Heck, even Davis admitted that. Our only issues are at QB and to some extent on the OL, but both are understandable and mostly injury related, and neither one is a “mess”. The anti-Jones forces are in panic mode now, however, and they’re flinging anything they can and hoping something sticks. “The team is a mess,” is just the latest, feeble, completely unsupported log to be tossed.

        I said that the problems on the OL are MOSTLY due to injury. Labatte clearly thinks there are others, and certainly at least with Clark and his bad penalties and play he’s right, so I have no problem with what he’s said. He’s not saying anything against Jones, as you imply. He’s taking responsibility for the OL, and that’s fine. Their play has been poor and he’s trying to do something to help step it up.

        I certainly hope that Collaros comes back soon and stays healthy the rest of the year, or that Bridge finds his form of last year, but even if neither of those things happen we’re still in good shape going forward, as long as we have Jones. There are a bunch of good QBs coming available at the end of this year and with Jones I’m sure we can land one, maybe even Reilly. Without Jones I don’t like our chances, and I would say we would have no shot at Reilly. Setbacks are part of progress, and with Jones ability to build a team we’re always going to get things righted and get back on that track. Without him he’d be with someone else and we’ll be behind them, and probably about half a dozen other teams. We’d pretty much be back where we were a few years ago.

        Can’t see the depth? Do you need your eyes checked? The D is obviously playing great, so that’s not an issue. Besides that Marshall should be back soon, and Elam as a 1st round NFL pick clearly has a lot more upside than just a special teamer. The only place where we had depth issues is on the OL, and we have 5 guys now as backups there. Arguably one is a developmental Canadian who may not be ready yet, but the other two Canadians are high draft picks and should be very good prospects. JSJ played respectably well in his first year in spite of missing training camp, and the last two years he’s had injury issues. The coaches said he was playing very well this year before getting injured so he IS a guy who should be able to step in and play once he’s healthy. As a first overall pick he’s got all the tools, but hamstrings are tricky things. So your statement that JSJ, “has had opportunities and has not shown that he can adequately replace anyone,” is indeed false, because he has shown that he can play. His issue, once again, is injuries.

        • For sure // July 18, 2018 at 12:24 pm //

          I did not imply that Labatte blamed Jones. For one thing, Labatte has too much class to throw his coach under the bus. What I said was that Labatte said there is a problem with the team, their attitude, their work ethic; in short, that the players are not coming to practice prepared to work to become better. He was pointing at the whole team. He talked about balls on the ground, missed assignments, not yet mastering first plays and a general lack of effort. That is the coach’s responsibility to fix.
          As for getting Reilly, keep dreaming. Edmonton pays him more then Jones would probably be willing to. Reilly seems happy in Edmonton and has perhaps the best receiver group in the league. Why would he want to come to the Riders and play behind this O line and throw to their receivers? You were all convinced that Franklin couldn’t wait to get back with Jones. How did that work for you? If you were paying attention, you would know that there will be a great deal of free agents after this year because of the players’ association contract expiring and because of Ambrosie’s directive to not pay bonuses until a new contract is agreed too. It does not mean that these players will not sign with their current team; in fact, most probably will but they are waiting until they know what the new agreement looks like and how it will affect them.
          I know the difference between lies and opinions. I see examples of both every day in these posts.
          Before you disrespect the old boys club too much, bear in mind that that old boys club brought two Grey Cups, half of their championships of four, to the Riders in a span of seven years. They had a hand in the most successful decade the Rider organization has ever had. That is not a lie or an opinion. It is a fact.

  22. For sure // July 18, 2018 at 9:47 am //

    Perhaps his opinion is unbiased and more honest then most. He doesn’t partake of the green koolaid. I find him more interesting then some media, such as Pederson who preaches that Jones can do no wrong and constantly picks the Riders for first place and Grey Cup winners. Now that is biased.

    • Stampeder Summer // July 18, 2018 at 11:06 am //

      I’m sure if Davis fawned over this team like Pedersen, they’d what to nominate him for a Pulitzer.
      Funny, none of them call out Petersen when he’s hyperbolic. They proudly use ‘Canada’s team’ which was coined by Pedersen.
      Sometimes the truth just hurts, especially when you start with unrealistic expectations.

      • Puck Hog // July 18, 2018 at 11:50 am //

        Here’s the truth: you have a problem. Get help.

        • Better yet – get lost!!

        • Puck Hog – looks like the only roster change from last week is Henry out and the Canadian kid Doughlin in 3rd at safety.

          Carter is listed at boundary but as we saw last week, he was shuffled. Wonder if Carter will see more O reps with the addition of another body in the backfield ?

          • Puck Hog // July 19, 2018 at 1:06 am //

            Yes, it will be interesting to see how much D that Carter will be playing. I would think that the TCs will be changing up their receiver routes, perhaps more crossing routes and pick plays now that they expect Carter to be on Toliver.

  23. @ For sure
    Clearly the defence, including Carter, and special teams are doing very well. There are no problems there. The issues this team has are very specific and very narrow. Labatte may have been using general language to avoid singling anyone out, but this team’s problems are clear and very focused. In particular Bridge, who happens to be our current single biggest problem, is well known to be a poor practice player, and that’s going to be all the more irksome now that he’s not playing well in games either. I’m sure Labatte is taking some responsibility for the OL as well.

    Edmonton is regressing under Sunderland and Maas, and Reilly is taking a pounding behind their porous OL. Not only is he a player who wants to win, but he has his career to think about as well. All those big hits he’s taking will take their toll on his body. I think he might even take less money to come play for the coach he won a GC with. Our receivers are just as good as theirs, and our OL even now is just as good or better, at least in terms of pass protection. And Reilly has seen Jones build our team over the last few years and I’m sure he’s confident that Jones can make the OL much better than Edmonton’s.

    On Franklin, nothing is 100% and Reilly signing here isn’t 100% either, but it makes all the sense in the world and I think it’s a very good possibility. I was surprised that Franklin signed with Toronto, but we don’t know what he was promised, and as much as I’m sure he would have liked playing for Jones playing for Trestman I’m sure was an appealing option as well. They traded for his rights and they had his ear, and they convinced him to sign, and now he’s their starting QB, so it worked out well for him. What will Reilly’s options be next year? If BLM tries the NFL Calgary might be another one, but with Jones I like our chances. We’d have to sign Jones to a long term deal first, however. I don’t think Reilly signs here if Jones is left hanging with one year left on his deal.

    “Before you disrespect the old boys club too much, bear in mind that that old boys club brought two Grey Cups, half of their championships of four, to the Riders in a span of seven years.”
    -First I’d like to acknowledge your honesty here. You’re not pretending that Tillman or Taman were in charge. This was the old boys team pretty much right from the time they ran Shivers out of town to the time they hired Chris Jones. Or at least they were in charge. The cup winning 2007 team was built by Roy Shivers. Even Tillman admitted that. And the second one was won with a Roy Shivers QB, Darian Durant. So what did the old boys do? During Tillman’s 3 years they drafted 5 Regina area players, all of whom were busts, and they signed a number of other Regina area players as FAs as well. For those not familiar, the old boys run the team for themselves and their cronies. They’re not interested in drafting players from anywhere else in Saskatchewan, just the Regina area, because that’s where they’re based. Interestingly during this time Tillman was making his neg lists be public, so we could see what the old boys were doing with the QBs and receivers, and that was maybe the most shocking revelation of the whole era. I don’t think that part has become widely known yet. The next year the Riders drafted two more Regina area players. Sisco was again a bust but Neufeld actually became a player, becoming the only 1 of 7 in that 4 years span. Taman must have refused to keep doing this because it was waaaay too obvious, but he was involved in the contract scandals, and one that popped out at me at the time was the Hus trade. We traded the better player and the better pick for a LS we didn’t need, but someone must have wanted him on the team and they pulled the right strings to make it happen. So this is what the old boys do when they’re in control.

  24. For sure // July 19, 2018 at 2:15 am //

    You certainly put your own spin on everything; most of which I do not agree with.
    Let’s start with receivers. The top five receivers (by yardage) include three receivers from Edmonton and two from Hamilton. Duke Williams is number one, Derel Walker is number two and Kenny Stafford is four. The Duke has four hundred yard games. The Riders don’t yet have a receiver with a hundred yard game. Yes, they have the advantage of Reilly throwing to them but they make Reilly better as well as Reilly makes them better. With the possible exception of Roosevelt, you can’t possibly put any other Rider receiver in the same category as Williams and Walker. Those three are among the best in the league. Williams is on target to hit two thousand yards. No way that the Riders receivers match, let alone exceed, those of the Eskimos.
    Edmonton’s O line is also better. As evidence of that, look at the running game. Poor O line usually doesn’t contribute to a good ground game. The Riders are the only team without a hundred yard running back. Even with the platoon, they do not have a hundred yard game. Hardly an incentive for any quarterback to want to come play behind this line.
    You say that Edmonton is regressing. Back to what, perhaps only winning ten games this year? And matching what the Rders did last year? And may or may not do this year?
    If Reilly chooses to leave Edmonton, which I doubt, why would he take a pay cut when he could easily be courted by several CFL teams? To play with Chris Jones you say? At some point, you will have to admit that not everyone wants to play for Chris Jones. Some might but some are anxious to leave after one season. They are all individuals and there is no perfect coach for everyone. Wanting to play with Jones again because they won a Grey Cup together? Then how do you explain the fact that most Grey Cup winners lose more players to free agency then other teams? Why don’t they all want to stay with their winning coach?
    As for giving Jones a long term contract; he needs to prove more then he has up to this point to deserve a multi year contract. Right now, his team seems to be in some turmoil. Jones has to prove that his plan can be successful, as opposed to being an exercise of mass confusion as it sometimes appears. The fact is that Jones needs Reilly much more then Reilly needs Jones. In his third year, he still does not have a reliable first string quarterback. With the new restrictions on coaching staff, both numbers and salaries, I believe you will find very few long term contracts for coaches.
    Lastly, the onus for hiring Jones is all on Reynelds, good or bad. It is Reynelds alone who will answer to giving Jones all the hats, again good or bad. Chris Jones was not hired by the old boys club.

  25. What I write are facts and well supported opinions. Spin is more like your suggestion later on that the team is in “turmoil”. That seems to be the latest of many angles you and your friends are trying to work, but once again there is no evidence at all to support it.

    W.r.t. the receivers, you’re right the difference in production comes from the QB side. I would absolutely stack ours up against theirs, and in terms of overall depth I’d put ours ahead. In terms of top two against top two I might have to give the edge to Walker and Williams over Roosevelt and Carter, but after that their talent level drops way off, whereas ours – Holley, Evans and JWL and even Stanford – stays very strong. Stafford has been in the league 6 years now and his best year was a few years ago in Edmonton where he had 732 yards in 18 games. He’s had a hot start to this year, but again much of that is on Reilly. Stafford is a journeyman receiver at best. My guess is that Williams was put on their neg list by the previous regime, and the drop off after him represents the Sunderland effect.

    I think the Esks are looking like a .500 team this year, and they’re only that good because Reilly is capable of putting them on his back and single handedly winning games. If the Esks had an average QB and not Reilly I think the only game they would have won this year was the BC game. Reilly was the difference in the wins over the Bombers and Argos. I think they’d be 1-4 right now without him.

    “At some point, you will have to admit that not everyone wants to play for Chris Jones.”
    -this is a logical fallacy. Of course not everyone is going to want to play for Chris Jones, or anyone else for that matter. But that has nothing whatsoever to do with our discussion about whether Mike Reilly wants to play for Chris Jones.

    “Some might but some are anxious to leave after one season.”
    -Really? Name one, other than the ones who were beaten out for jobs. I think you just made that up.

    “Wanting to play with Jones again because they won a Grey Cup together? Then how do you explain the fact that most Grey Cup winners lose more players to free agency then other teams? Why don’t they all want to stay with their winning coach?”
    -Actually most players want to stay, because they value winning first, but some leave because they want to get paid, and they know they’ll have to sign with another team as a FA to get top dollar.

    Anyone who has watched Jones over the last 2+ years knows what he can do, and yes he’s earned a long term, top dollar, contract. He’s going to be the next Hufnagel or Buono in his prime. The only question is will it be with us or some other team, with us left wishing it was us? Wouldn’t it be something if the old boys managed to get rid of him, and he ended up going back to Edmonton, and they ended up finishing ahead of us for the next 10 years?

    I wish I believed that Reynolds was really in charge. Whether the old boys hired Jones specifically or not they knew the team was a mess, having been abused and run into the ground by them since Shivers’ time. They knew that none of their puppet GMs had the ability to find a top tier QB like Durant, and that Durant’s time was over. They knew they needed a real, top tier, GM again for the first time since Shivers to rebuild the team. And they found one. I do have to give them credit for that. But things are different this time. Contracts are shorter. Jones’ players follow him from team to team. There is no cap implementation like there was in 2007 which forced most teams other than us to essentially rebuild to fit the cap. Unlike in 2007 if we lose Jones this team will fall back quickly, in maybe only two or three years, and we’ll be watching Hufnagel’s, Trestman’s and Chris Jone’s teams, and probably others, finish ahead of us for the next 10 years.

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