Green Cast: All about that defence, that defence, no offence

John Fraser returns from a week in the middle of no where as he and Joel Gasson discuss the Riders win over the Hamilton Ticats. There’s no mystery as to how they won that game. The defence. Why? They were able to adapt with more blitzes and moving Duron Carter to a matchup that works for him.

Offensively, well there’s still lots of work to be done. John finally gets to rant about Carter on defence, which is now affecting the offence more than anything. As for the quarterbacks? Just pick one.

In their weekly look around the league, Joel and John talk about Matt Nichols’ return in Winnipeg and the beginning of the James Franklin era in Toronto.

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18 Comments on Green Cast: All about that defence, that defence, no offence

  1. Puck Hog // July 11, 2018 at 12:19 am //

    Looks like the Riders’ defence is going to have to carry the day until the offence hits its stride.

    • Here’s hoping the O gets a few things sorted out during the bye, and come to play football in Hamilton.

  2. Puck Hog // July 11, 2018 at 12:25 am //

    Until they shore up the OL, Mcadoo is going to have to come up with some screen plays, running schemes, and quick hitters to keep opposing defences honest so they can’t pin their ears back and annihilate our qb.

  3. Like to see Moore utilized a little more as a release valve of needed. He’s a big man and generally runs over one or two before he’s brought down. Adds a different dimension if we need to get rid of the ball quick.

    • Puck Hog // July 11, 2018 at 12:38 am //

      Agreed. The same could be said of Messam. Jones said he was placing him on a “pitch count” this year and it appears he’s resting him for the Grey Cup final!!!

      • All 3 backs have different styles. Mason has the ability and speed to break one as does Thigpen. But they need lanes, and they haven’t been there.

        If Messam gets past the line with a full head of steam he’s good for 5/6, however other than the odd run he’s been met almost as soon as he gets the ball.

      • you mean the Grey Cup?
        It’s not the Grey Cup final.

  4. Stampeding // July 11, 2018 at 1:15 am //

    Yes, I certainly remember riders fans telling us how Franklin was coming to Sask. I can’t wait until the Alex Singleton talk starts as we get later in season and closer to FA 2019.
    It is great entertainment

  5. Colourmegreen // July 11, 2018 at 1:18 am //

    Biggest Improvement has to be at OL. QB right behind. Need bridges to step it up. Watford seems to be more of a runner, Nelon Green 2.0

    • He was a receiver so he knows what to do if he needs to take off. Bridge seems very hesitant to run this year, and allows the pocket to collapse around him. Not all his fault as pass pro has been suspect.

  6. Scottsask // July 11, 2018 at 2:07 am //

    He still seems far too jumpy in the pocket, he just doesn’t seem to have any confidence. I’ve been disappointed in his play up to this point, but hopefully the winning drive from last game will carry on into next week. Looking forward to an improved effort from the offense next week.

    • I believe he’s missing the mentorship he had from Glenn. Regardless, we’ve got a week to work and loads of game film to go over. Here’s hoping Scott

  7. Pennyrocker // July 11, 2018 at 9:52 am //

    Bridge lost his mentor this year now he has to find his way on his own. It is a new day and a new beginning. Bend over Bridge so we can kick your butt otherwise get out there and do what you do best.

  8. Scottsask // July 11, 2018 at 11:58 am //

    I fully expected Steve Walsh would pick up the slack as far as mentor ship goes. Time will tell.

  9. fannotacoach // July 11, 2018 at 12:25 pm //

    Bridge is likely not running as much because that is what he is told to do: try to overcome, the tendency to run first. Hard to overcome when all those big guys are staring you in the face. Give him some protection and he’ll be fine in my opinion.

  10. Scottsask // July 11, 2018 at 9:51 pm //


  11. More gems from our disreputable duo:

    “Our weak linebacking corps…”
    -Moncrief and Eguavoen must be early front runners to be at least western all-stars. Hurl has done his job, and Judge is getting better every game. We don’t have anywhere close to a weak LB corps. Btw, I think our D is first in the league in terms of giving up the least amount of rushing yards per game, thanks in no small part to our LB corps.

    “Maybe Chris Jones sees something the rest of us don’t…”
    -Ya think? Chris Jones has been one of the best DCs in the league for years. Meanwhile, genius #2 thinks we have a weak LB corps.

    “51% is actually respectably close to 75%…”
    -No. No it isn’t.

    “Chris Jones seems to be notoriously suborn…”
    -Not sure what this is supposed to mean, but Jones is certainly not afraid to try new things.

    “Hamilton’s running game was good…”
    -No, it really wasn’t. Hamilton had less than 100 yards for the game, and Masoli had 60 of that. Hamilton’s RBs had 36 yards for the game, and after that first drive I think they may have had negative yards.

    “Chris Jones was willing to admit to a degree that what he was doing [with Carter] wasn’t working…”
    -Here’s one that shows very well what these two are about. Previously they referred to Jones as being stubborn. IOW, if he sticks with what he was doing and doesn’t make changes he’s stubborn. Here they’re saying that if he makes changes then he’s, “admitting that what he was doing was wrong.” So no matter what he does they just flip flop and play it from the other side. Their objective isn’t to give any kind of honest analysis. It’s to find a way to attack Jones, and they’re perfectly happy to talk out of both sides of their mouths to do it. Their whole framing of this and the language they use gives them away. Football is a game of patience and adaptation. Sometimes you need to stick with something and give it a chance to work, and sometimes you need to adapt, perhaps to changes the other teams have made against you. But for these two everything is twisted and spun into a language designed to try to attack Jones, “stubborn” or “admitting a mistake”.

    The attacks on Carter are over the top. All-Star Gainey gave up 110 yards to Banks. If Carter would have given up 110 yards to anyone these two would be losing their minds. Every DB gets beaten sometimes, but these guys are looking for any opportunity to jump on Carter. The play Carter made on the deep ball to Toliver was a play that maybe only a 6’5” Carter could make. It was a HUGE play, and then he almost picked one off, and they didn’t go after him much after that. Genius #1 opined that if the long ball to Toliver had been thrown better he may have caught it. There is almost always a place where only the receiver can catch the ball, so a “better throw” could complete almost every pass, but in this case it was a well thrown ball and if Toliver pulled up at all it wasn’t very much, but Carter closed and went up and knocked it away. It was a very good play by Carter. Start at about 47:25 here:

    And the QB switching stuff is must more mindless droning and trying to pile on Jones. There are some interesting questions to be asked here. Jones clearly knows Bridge well. He saw him all last year and through training camp this year. Jones also knows that what he tired last tame is unconventional, so why does Jones think that this would work for Bridge? But you’re never going to get any interesting questions from these two, or any real football questions for that matter. These two have an agenda and they are single minded about it.

  12. The near interception is at 55:30 in the above link. He sold out for that ball and darn near had it. They didn’t really go after him much after that.

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