Sheldon, the irate Riders fan, calms down after ugly win

After blowing up when the Riders lost to the Alouettes, Sheldon the Riders fan reappeared to give his thoughts after Saskatchewan’s win over Hamilton.

Sheldon called into the 620 CKRM SportsCage post-game show in a much, much better mood after the Riders’ 18-13 victory last Thursday.

“I’m back in the house tonight you’ll be happy to know,” Sheldon joked. “Listen, so last week I kind of blew up there, I don’t regret it because I say what’s in my heart. Last week we were completely at our lowest point, we lost to probably the worst team in the CFL by a landslide, we played poor on both sides of the ball, we lost at home on Humboldt Strong night, I was very disappointed we didn’t show up. We played a better team tonight and I felt like it was almost like the Mohammed Ali fight in the jungle, it was like a rope-a-dope.”

The Ticats had more first downs, passing yards, rushing yards and time of possession but somehow the Riders won.

“I gotta give props where props is due, Chris Jones the blitzing tonight was beautiful, it was like a work of art. We showed different schematics, different guys from different angles, we kept their offence on their toes not knowing what was coming,” Sheldon said.

Jones started Brandon Bridge but rotated CFL rookie David Watford in for at least one series per quarter.

“Sometimes I jump to conclusions as you guys know. I started thinking about it and I said this quarterback rotation what the hell is the point behind this? You’re not getting any consistency, cohesion, but then I thought about it for a minute, I haven’t been around the game as long as Chris Jones and the guy is a proven winner,” Sheldon said.

Bridge completed 11-of-13 passes for 101 yards, including the crucial 29-yard completion to Josh Stanford which set up the winning major, while rushing four times for 30 yards and accounting for all 12 offensive points the Riders scored. Watford went 3-of-6 for 47 yards and ran seven times for 50 yards, all of his drives ended in punts.

“Maybe what he wanted to do with two young quarterbacks that he’s not completely confident that can be starting quarterbacks that you can go to every single down, they might lose confidence. Maybe what he thought he would do is change it up and rotate to keep the pressure off of them. Not just as much as keeping the defence guessing as to what’s coming, but keeping the pressure off the young guys, letting them feed off each other, I think that’s what worked tonight for us,” Sheldon said.

“Bridge’s completion ratio was up tonight. I felt like he took the pressure off the young guys and they fed off each other, it’s almost like he made it a brotherhood on the field between those two and they fed off each other.”

Sheldon seems aware that his tirade has earned him a certain level of notoriety.

“Apparently all this crap has been blowing up on Twitter and Facebook and these things and it’s funny to watch. I’m not trying to make people think that I hate the Riders, that I only complain, I give props where it’s due. But I’m very passionate about the game, I love the Riders so when they play like dog meat, I’m going to call it dog meat,” Sheldon said.

“I don’t think my cardiologist would like that too much.”

Like most Riders fans, Sheldon was basking in the victory, ugly or not.

“We found a way to win. Jones found a way to beat a better football team tonight and I’m going to give him credit for that. I’m going to celebrate this win, not too stiff of a drink.”


51 Comments on Sheldon, the irate Riders fan, calms down after ugly win

  1. Stampeding // July 10, 2018 at 6:18 pm //

    Sheldon really exemplifies ridernation; irate!
    Irate, when they lose (even though they say the regular season means nothing)
    Irate, when a fellow fans speaks ill off the team (even though its completely justified)
    Irate, when you say something good about another team. Yesterday I said positive things about the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and just hours ago expressed my approval of the Argos signing Mccluster. I’m called every name in the book! “How dare you not compliment the riders too!”
    The insecurity of this fan base is incredible. What to they think we owe them?
    I’m really having to reconsider if I’m going to the rider game this October!.

    • Hopefully they won’t let your psycho ass within 100 yards of the gates.

    • Huff's Neighbor // July 10, 2018 at 7:17 pm //

      You get paid by 3D to be the ass you are don’t you? Just admit it. It’s ok, actually answers a lot of questions, because no one in their right mind, would be as big a douche as you. And that’s a compliment.

    • Greenland // July 10, 2018 at 7:18 pm //

      I really think you should reconsider posting on here.

    • Are you really that shortsighted to paint all fans with the same brush. You really need to get out more and actually have a face to face discussion with opposing teams fans. Most of them are just like your next door neighbor. I have watched either the Riders or Cats in every stadium except BC. Good times at all.

    • 3rd & 1 // July 11, 2018 at 9:36 am //

      Ever since the CFL award night in 2010 when Riders Nation won an award for its dedication and participation. This Stampeding multi named fellow ( fellow is a lose term) has had a hate on. The in 2013 when the Riders went into Calgary for the Western Final and totally embarrassed them. The Riders blew the Stampeders right out of their own Park. The hatred grew to a peak level. Now so much time of an individuals sad life is bent on verbal revenge. A very sad situation and a sad wasted life waiting to pounce on every Rider article he can be the 1st to comment. What a sad little man.

    • Riders4Last // July 11, 2018 at 10:52 am //

      Stampeding have you not realized if you say anything mean or pick on poor little slidernation they will pout and whine and cry forever and will never be your freind ever again so please be nice to them or you will seriously hurt their delicate little feelings .LMAO

      • Calgary Beer is Buffalopiss // July 11, 2018 at 3:54 pm //

        Hey Ridersoutlast, both you and Stampendick should get together. You sound like a matched pair. You guys could be the fudge packing buddys. When ever you get together to discuss the Riders you can pound each others fudge

    • And yet, here you are commenting on a Riders article. Get lost, nobody cares what you think about them. Go find something about the Stamps to talk about, like the whereabouts and activities of Brandon Browner.

  2. Blowing your own horn a bit too much.

  3. Riders are dog meat. As I have stated before. Ticats will win it all this year no question

    • Meathead // July 10, 2018 at 8:42 pm //

      Area51, surprised you are predicting the Cats to win it all this year considering your previous negative comments about Masoli…..unless you feel that Manziel will be the starter by then?

    • Huff's Neighbor // July 11, 2018 at 12:08 pm //

      Better to be dog meat than stupid. Arse 51 you lead the way in that category.

    • Here’s a prediction for you that is more of a fact. It doesn’t matter what Eastern team (if it even is an Eastern team) represents the East in the next 2 Grey Cups, because they’ve already lost. Edmonton hosts this year and Calgary next and Eastern teams won’t be winning Western hosted Grey Cups.

  4. Just saying // July 10, 2018 at 7:26 pm //

    You do know that these Sheldon rants are scripted right ?

  5. Thumper55 // July 10, 2018 at 7:26 pm //

    “We”? What number is Sheldon? How many yards rushing did he get? Big blocks, key catches, fumbles returned for sixes? (HUGHES IS STILL THE MAN even in that dreadful green jersey:) All teams have Sheldons, guys who are with the team win or tie, quick to bask in the second hand sunshine of victory, quick to condemn “those bums” in defeat. Relax Sheldon, it’s a game man, just a few hours of fun away from the hustle and bustle of real life. Funny to watch the guy twist off though, hope he loses it again next time “he” loses.

  6. Stampeding // July 10, 2018 at 7:32 pm //

    From Irate Sheldon, to assaulting the visitors with beer cans, to the manured lawns of your own long serving player.
    It was all enough to keep Henry Burris from a second contact.
    What more needs said about the rnation???

    • I believe one of the BC Lions fired a football into the stands in anger and pegged an old man pretty good in the head – that is why the fans stood up for their fellow fans and fired beer cans back at the scum lions.
      And for the record, no players lawn or driveway has ever been manured.

    • Mennyhandles has spoken! What a Putz!

  7. Eskssuck // July 10, 2018 at 8:49 pm //

    Im a rider fan and this classless act does NOT speak for me. Take your meds and shut up. You sure his name wasnt jason?

  8. MR. Green // July 10, 2018 at 9:02 pm //

    I was happy to hear he had settled down. I bet his wife is happy the Riders don’t play this week.

  9. Sheldon said, ““We found a way to win. Jones found a way to beat a better football team tonight and I’m going to give him credit for that.”
    He admits Hamilton is the better team. He forgets it was Chris Jones that assembled the inferior team.

  10. yeah….it may be a mistake to hang on every word Sheldon says like he is Nostradamus….because he isn’t.

  11. Stampeding, your dislike for the Riders and rider nation is ridiculous. It’s unreal that you would paint all Rider fans (including me) with a bunch of disrespectful so called fans that cross the line. That’s like me calling all white male stamps fans racist, because a few fans at a Stamps game called me the n word and told me to go back to Africa. BTW never been to Africa.

    This last statement is not just for you, it’s for others too that continue to make obxnous comments about others. Grow up people and stop bullying. I come to read comments from fans that have a different perspective about the game not people bashing each other and name calling each other. Enough already.

    • Stampeding // July 10, 2018 at 10:03 pm //

      Unfortunately, it’s been far more than “a few” incidences that form my experiences with rider fans. Rider fans are the worse, most disrespectful and most violent of all. That’s not to say it’s everyone, but it is more than any other fan base.
      If you had several incidences of Stamp fans calling you that over the years, you would be perfectly in your right and within reason to form a bad opinion of Stamp fans.
      Sorry that’s your reputation, it’s not just me saying that.
      Coming on here calling me every name in the book doesn’t help.

      • And now you’re playing the victim card. I can only imagine, if you interact with Rider fans in person, with the same amount of charm as you do on here – it’s no wonder your experiences haven’t been positive.

        • Come to the next game Yup. I got your ticket free of charge. You can see how I interact for yourself.

          • I’ve got many friends and know a few alumni. Been to a few games and have had a few less than desirable experiences. But I’m certainly not going to paint all Stamp fans with the same brush. There are tools everywhere Red.

          • Puck Hog // July 11, 2018 at 8:50 am //

            Wow, Yup, Red is inviting you to a game with him. Now that would be a memorable experience, lol!

      • You sound like a union worker??…BTW when is Calgary getting a new stadium??

  12. Scottsask // July 10, 2018 at 9:29 pm //

    God Bless you RPARR. If only the clowns that run this site would actually moderate it and ban assholes. I also enjoy interacting with other fans and sticking to football. Unfortunately as I stated before this is how the clowns want it. Sad.

  13. Rparr, do think that racism exists only in Calgary, look at the recent events in Saskatchewan, white supremacy is alive and thriving in that province.

  14. Scottsask // July 10, 2018 at 9:35 pm //

    What recent events would that be?

  15. Dave you missed my point. First of all I grew up in the states so I clearly know racism exists everywhere. My point is that it’s ridiculous to paint a fan base a certain way because of a few ignorant people.

  16. No surprise // July 10, 2018 at 10:42 pm //

    Red is no more of an embarrassment to Stamps fans then a lot of you are to Rider fans. Embarrassing how you respond to anything he says with name calling and vulgar scenarios. Nothing that anyone can be proud of.

    • Puck Hog // July 11, 2018 at 12:06 am //

      You’re embarrassing yourself with that comment. Better review a few articles. Red screws over literally every article for people who want to leisurely cruise through articles of their league to discover what is happening with their team and any other teams in which they’re interested. Clearly, there is something wrong with that man. Who does that, and to what end?

  17. No surprise // July 11, 2018 at 7:33 am //

    How am I embarrassing myself?
    Red has a biased view on every story. He puts a Stamps fans view on every story. Often somewhat over the top. That is often followed by several responding with absolutely nothing to do with football but degrading to personal insults and vulgarities. The result is that anyone looking for info and comments on CFL teams have to wade through all this crap to find the odd tidbit of interesting opinion. Crap about basements and mothers and on and on and on. But I am embarrassing myself? Really?

  18. Tiger man // July 11, 2018 at 7:36 am //

    It was all for attention.

    And the fools that they are in regina…they gave it to him.

  19. THE RULK // July 11, 2018 at 10:29 am //

    Hey no surprise: talk football not fanbase or shut up. That’s how you are embarrassing yourself. And that goes for the rest of you. Red is proven incapable. IGNORE.

    • No surprise // July 11, 2018 at 5:14 pm //

      That is all I am saying. Forget the insults. Just talk football. Just tired of scrolling through the crap.

  20. Scottsask // July 11, 2018 at 11:56 am //


  21. The stupid banter about, bad or good, fans must emanate from small minds. Any fan base consists of both. The city doesn’t matter; the sport doesn’t matter. There are decent people and there are scumbags…and there are the irrelevant, like stampeding. Many years ago I was at McMahon (it was a dump then, and has deteriorated since) for a playoff tilt vs. Riders.
    Being much younger, and cheering heartily, drew the ire of Stamp fans…I was just being a fan…no vulgarity, didn’t dis any Stamp players…just cheered good plays. Even though the Stamps won in OT, I was accosted after the game, while walking away from the dump, by 4 douche-bags in a car. One flashed a knife and threatened my life.
    Does that mean that all Stamp fans are douche-bags? Of course not. Could the same scenario play out in any other city? Of course, it could! I have friends and relatives who live in various places, and support their own CFL teams. We have no trouble talking FOOTBALL without the childish vitriol that permeates this site.
    I would gladly engage with fans of any and all other CFL teams to discuss FOOTBALL.
    While I understand (and,on occasion, have been similarly sucked in to the need to reply to ridiculous posts) due to the complete and total frustration fomented by half-wits making less than half-witted remarks, I would appeal to real fans to exchange meaningful banter. Note to the trolls: meaningful does NOT MEAN full of mean vitriol.

  22. Margaret Marshall // July 12, 2018 at 11:48 am //

    Hi Rider fans. I am also glad the Riders won. An ugly win, but a W nevertheless. Ugliness can be beautiful but pretty never-my art teacher used to say that. The win has value, but the process highlights the ongoing issues with the team. This website is about football fans discussing the game, its players, and all decisions good or bad. People fall into name calling verbal scrums that bypass the opportunity to showcase our fans understanding of the game and potential to present interesting productive analysis. Don’t rise to the bait, ignore it is to isolate it. Without active responses, baiters and haters have no forum. People on this website are drawn together by the love of our game. Most people offer impressive opinions and suggestions. Thats a good thing. The fans here are a good resource for the CFL and an outlet for those who love our game. Lets protect this.

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