3Down Podcast: Two Riders QBs are not better than one

Drew Edwards and Justin Dunk discuss the Riders’ unorthodox (but ultimately successful) use of quarterbacks, what’s wrong with Jon Jennings and what’s right about James Franklin (including an insane Mike Reilly hot take.) Plus, the turf monster at BMO and, yep, more Manziel talk.


4 Comments on 3Down Podcast: Two Riders QBs are not better than one

  1. I think you guys are missing the mark a bit on this QB rotation story. Yes it’s unorthodox, but Jones clearly knows that, so why is he doing it? Clearly he feels that something extreme and outside the box is needed, and that’s interesting because he knows Bridge very well. Bridge was here all last year and got a lot of playing time, and generally played very well. Bridge is a notoriously poor practice player, however, but generally a good gamer. Something seems different this year, however. Jones didn’t like what he saw in the first half against the Als to the point where he pulled Bridge and didn’t put him back. And then the strange rotation thing against the Ticats. Maybe he could see that Bridge was playing like practice and didn’t have that game day adrenaline flowing, and he was trying to light a fire under him? Dunno, but something seems seems fundamentally different this year in the way that Jones is handling Bridge.

  2. Colour me green // July 11, 2018 at 12:56 am //

    We need a good backup. So far I don’t see it.

  3. Huff's Neighbor // July 11, 2018 at 12:06 pm //

    Say what you want, but at this point the Riders are 1-0 using this scheme. Not sure why Dunk and Edwards have their panties in such a knot. It’s early, it’s a long season, so why not wait and see how it unfolds and then pile on after if it doesn’t work out. I doubt very much they will change their mind if it does.

  4. Im not concerned at all about our offense, we will get it figured out. Way too many weapons to continue to struggle. Hopefully Collaros is back soon.

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