Franklin finds a way as Argos down Eskimos

The Toronto Argonauts are off to a good start without their starting quarterback.

James Franklin passed for one touchdown and rushed for another in his Argos starting debut as Toronto beat the Edmonton Eskimos 20-17 on Saturday at BMO Field.

“He had great poise today,” Argos coach Marc Trestman said after the first game of a home-and-home series. “He made some key plays when we needed him to and he got the throws when we needed the throws.”

The Argos (1-2) were playing their first game this season without regular starter Ricky Ray, who was carted off with what is believed to be a season-ending neck injury in their last contest. Franklin, playing against his former team, finished the game 16-for-22 for 217 yards passing.

“The thing I was most concerned about was the chemistry with the guys and how they would respond to me in the huddle,” Franklin said.

The results were promising. Franklin guided the team on a game-winning touchdown drive late in the fourth quarter. A five-yard touchdown pass to Canadian fullback Declan Cross put Toronto up by one and a two-point conversion pass to Armanti Edwards from Franklin capped the scoring with 2:57 left.

Although it is believed Ray is out for the season, there has been no official announcement from the Argos, who entered the game as the only winless team in theCFL.

“Having a win against your former team in your first start is big, it’s a confidence booster,” Toronto running back James Wilder Jr. said.

Wilder had a rushing touchdown and carried the ball 21 times for 120 yards.

The Eskimos (2-2), meanwhile, weren’t surprised by Franklin’s performance.

“What he displayed out there is what we’ve seen the past two years,” Edmonton coach Jason Maas said of Franklin. “At the end of the day, the last two drives (Franklin ran the clock out to finish it) were enough to win them the game.”

The Eskimos (2-2) lost despite a productive game from quarterback Mike Reilly, who was 28-for-40 for 370 yards and one touchdown.

The Argonauts opened the scoring on the first drive of the game. Franklin called his own number for a two-yard rushing TD. Toronto kicker Ronnie Pfeffer missed the convert attempt to keep the score at 6-0.

The Eskimos turned over the ball on their opening drive as Cassius Vaughn stripped it from Edmonton running back C.J. Gable, allowing Shawn Lemon to recover.

That gave Toronto a short field, and Wilder recorded a five-yard touchdown rush. A two-point convert attempt failed and Toronto led 12-0.

Edmonton got on the board late in the first quarter after kicker Sean Whyte missed a 32-yard field goal attempt, settling for a single.

The Eskimos continued to cut Toronto’s lead in the second quarter as Whyte connected on a 33-yard field goal.

Whyte hit a 40-yard field goal in the final minute of the second quarter to trim Toronto’s lead to 12-7.

Despite trailing at the break, Edmonton dominated time of possession. They had the ball for 18:47 of the opening half compared to 11:13 for the Argonauts.

Toronto committed its first turnover in the third quarter as Franklin’s pass was intercepted by Maurice McKnight on Edmonton’s 20-yard line. On the ensuing drive, Reilly connected with Derel Walker on a 24-yard TD pass and the extra point put Edmonton ahead 14-12.

Edmonton added to its lead in the fourth quarter when Whyte hit a 41-yard field goal to make it 17-12.

“We got ourselves on a roll and we shot ourselves in the foot with penalties,” Reilly said. “It came down to discipline, especially on offence.”

Edmonton committed 12 penalties for 126 yards compared to seven penalties for 75 yards from Toronto.

NOTES: Attendance was 12,196. … The teams will meet again on Friday in Edmonton.

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  1. Impressed with Franklin. He hasn’t had much game day exposure but he has a decent arm with accuracy. Once again, we will see if that is sustainable.
    Tired of Duke Williams and his incessant hot dog after a 10 yard rec.
    Esks are very weak on def back field.
    Good win for Argos!

  2. MVP – absolutely right about Duke Williams – someone needs to take him aside – great to see the Argos doing well … except against Hamilton

  3. Stampeding // July 7, 2018 at 9:21 pm //

    Franklin looks like a star in the making.
    Is there a better player than James Wilder Jr????? I don’t think there is right now.
    Looks like Calgary might walk to the Western Final this year. We really have a chance to pull away!

  4. Pennyrocker // July 7, 2018 at 9:27 pm //

    Reilly what happened got beat by the worst team in the league. Rider even beat the Argos.

    • Philski // July 7, 2018 at 9:33 pm //

      Agree. I’d wear a paper bag over my head for the next couple of days if I was him.

    • Masoli and Reilly seem to suffer from the same ailment : lots of throwing but no touchdowns.

      A case of Touchdown Deficit Disorder by two of the best quarterbacks.

    • Actually Montreal is the worst until they beat the loely sliders now the sliders have that title they are a pathetic team with no offense another long year in the basement for slidernation

      • BC the worst in the league right now. At least the Als have shown some life with Mathews at QB

      • And Deadmonton can be considered a team even lower than the Riders since the Riders beat BOTH Toronto and Hamilton while the lowly eskimos lost to both teams. Really says a lot about your wisdom, eh, Steve.

  5. john gatti // July 7, 2018 at 9:32 pm //

    The GTA is almost bigger than the whole league combined and they draw 12000 fans. Toronto clearly wants the NFL. What a shame.

    • and they will never get it, no one wants to see another toronto american team

    • lol. The GTA isn’t even as big as Montreal and Vancouver combined. And the Bills in Toronto series showed that Toronto definitely does NOT want the NFL. Is there anything else you’re clueless about that you’d like to share? That education system you have in Toronto isn’t very good, is it?

      • You need a lesson in geography and common sense.
        You are really clueless aren’t you.
        Within a 100km of Toronto there are close 10 MILLION people – the fourth largest metro area in North America.
        The actual population of the GTA is 6.4 Million (google it) which would be twice the population of Vancouver and Montreal combined.

        The NFL series showed that Toronto does NOT want the BILLS but would gladly support an expansion team.

        • |”The NFL series showed that Toronto does NOT want the BILLS but would gladly support an expansion team.”

          How exactly does the Bills in Toronto fiasco show that Toronto would gladly support an expansion team? This should be good.

          When exactly is that darned NFL gonna get around to that expansion team? Doesn’t Toronto just look like the best NFL market. Dear NFL: we don’t support football at any level, but we promise we’ll show up. Think of the markets that actually show support for the game, but somehow, the NFL would choose Toronto. Off the charts hilarious and shows how little you understand about the sport.

          Lastly, just think of the “streaming” potential.

        • most of the people in TO, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Markam are English as a 2nd language per the latest census report. Canadians born there have left the city. Drive from Lakeshore up Yonge St and it does not look very good. NO trees, No green space and the mayor wants to convert Ontario place into condos. They destroy all old architecture there. Its not a desirable place. Go Google Chicago waterfront, NY city Manhattan.
          Hamilton, you are doing a much better job. Just go see your neighbour about what not to do. TO is a poor sports town, the businesses support the teams and have to constantly beat the drum and down play the CFL. I will only go see the Argos and Ti Cats. Wont go there to see anything else

        • Let’s be clear: Your American city, Toronto, will never have an NFL team because Toronto is too much of a fairweather haven. Toronto is simply a “pretender”. “Dreamer” might be a better word.

    • Billinburlington // July 8, 2018 at 1:43 am //

      The failed experiment with the Bills proves that Toronto is not ready for the NFL. Best route is to build interest in football in Toronto with the Argos and build from there.

      Remember.. when the venture with the Bills was first announced, tickets were to be sold by a lottery… thinking was that demand would be so great that a lottery was the fairest way to allocate those scarce tickets.

      What actually happened was that they ended up giving tickets away so as to avoid embarrassing themselves with an empty Rogers Centre.

      • The Bills series didn’t prove a thing. The BILLS were a bust in Toronto but if a rich investor put up the money the NFL would jump at the chance to give them a franchise.
        The 4th largest metro area in North America and the richest without an NFL team.
        Toronto fans would come out in droves to watch their own team NOT a crappy team from Buffalo.

        The Rogers Centre would not be their home but an expanded BMO stadium. They are expanding BMO for the World Cup 2026, an NFL field would fit nice in a soccer stadium. With a new West side and end zone tiers it could easily be 55k.

        • What has the NFL been waiting for Jeff? You don’t think if the NFL wanted a team in Toronto, there wouldn’t be a team in Toronto?
          Thanks for the Sunday afternoon laugh. I believe your renovated BMO idea is probably the most off the charts bizarre thing I’ve ever read on 3 Down Nation. You honestly believe the NFL would approve of a 55,000 seat stadium including a piece of junk framework? How much are tickets in your fantasy world. $25.00 each? Think the NFL knows Toronto is a big rich city ? But somehow London and Mexico City get games. Hmmm, wonder why that is? You are aware that 55000 doesn’t reach the NFL league minimum. But, who cares, Toronto is the 4th largest Metro area. Right Jeff.

    • patlynch // July 8, 2018 at 6:58 am //

      A new franchise and stadium would cost over $2 billion . Maybe the new premier of Ontario, a former brain surgeon/lobotomy recipient, will find efficiencies in his imaginary budget. This guy makes Trump look like a genius ! NFL owners are not anxious to share their pieces of the pie with new foreign ownership. It will not happen folks .

      • 2 billion? Try 3 to 4 billion in Canadian funds +. A team alone would be 2 billion US +. The stadium is the funniest of all. I hear people suggesting PSL’s!!! Sure, the first 20,000 would go to corporations. But, actual fans dropping $15,000 to $25,000 for the “right” to purchase tickets is off the charts hilarious!!! Not sure what Ford has to do with your comment.

      • NO – you haven’t been paying attention pat – they are expanding BMO for the World Cup. It can easily fit an NFL field.
        Around $200 million to rebuild the West side and end zone seats and corner seats, it can easily seat 55k.

        Okay we get it you are upset the NDP lost the election but enough of the political crap – MLSE could easily put up the money for an expanded BMO.
        No taxpayers money and no foreign ownership.
        I could happen

        • Oh please, just stop it. You can’t honestly believe the NFL would allow a renovated BMO to be an NFL stadium? You can’t be serious. It would be the smallest stadium in the NFL by far and the place is a piece of junk compared to modern stadiums. Do you understand business. Do you have any idea of how expensive tickets prices we need to be if playing in such a small stadium? Think it through before leaving such silly comments. But most importantly, why exactly would the NFL give Toronto a franchise? What exactly have they been waiting for? No Jeff, it can’t happen and frankly your comment just shows how little you understand about business and the NFL.

    • “Toronto clearly wants the NFL. What a shame”.

      The NFL clearly doesn’t want Toronto. Karma.

      Why wouldn’t the NFL want Toronto with their outstanding support of high school, university, arena football, the Argonauts and the Bills in Toronto series. What more can Toronto do to prove they love the sport.

      Funny part is, if the Argos had averaged 35,000 per game over the last 20 years, the NFL would already be here. Toronto is so blind they can’t see it. Hilarious.

      To think the NFL would ever consider this market is hilarious.

      • The Argos averaged 35,000? when? where have you been? It doesn’t matter what the Argos attendance was 20 years ago, the fans are gone they are the baby boomers that keep retiring every year.
        It’s about attracting the young millenials which clearly they are not doing.
        Attendance was 12,196 yesterday and that was with $19 tickets, cheap beer and a team that has just come off of a Grey Cup.
        The NFL would look at the young people that are flocking to TFC games and the Jays games and would want a piece of that. They would see that the Argos are a different older crowd.
        The NFL would sell to the millenials and the TV audience, the would see a Toronto NFL team as “Canada’s Team”

        • Well, perhaps if I type it slowly for you, you will understand the second time.

          “Funny part is, if the Argos had averaged 35,000 per game over the last 20 years, the NFL would already be here. Toronto is so blind they can’t see it.”

          IF, lets start again IF. It would show the NFL that Toronto loves the sport. The NFL would believe the leagues could co exist in the same market.

          Instead, the NFL sees Toronto that doesn’t support football at ANY level. None at all. But somehow, the NFL would find this as an attractive market? Ahhh, why. What exactly has the NFL been waiting for, a rainy day? You guys are so funny and man, really don’t understand business. Do you think the NFL would notice that TFC has solid attendance but TV viewership is a joke. Do you think the NFL would notice that the flock to Jays games will be down by a million tickets this year?
          You think the NFL would notice that football games in London sell out in hours but in Toronto tens of thousands of tickets were given away. Naw, they wouldn’t care about those details.

          But just answer me this one question. What exactly has the NFL been waiting for. Toronto has had a big population and lots of money for decades now. So why now? This should be classic.

          Do you know why Rogers bought into the Jays. Because even they know the NFL team in Toronto is a bad joke. You guys are just embarrassing yourselves.

        • Joe, you are totally wrong. But you know what, “Canada’s Team” sucks. I am so sick of the infatuation broadcasters have placed on “Canada’s Team”, I’m getting to be an anti-Blue Jays fan. I could really care less about what the media thinks. In fact, the Maple Leafs rank below American teams on my list because of the media. Good gosh, some too many think Toronto is the centre of the universe. Well, Toronto can consider that, but I along with many others have no use for what the media says.

          • But the Riders can be Canadas team right greenrider? Take the rest of the afternoon off to unbunch your panties dumbass

          • Speaking of dumbass? Is this Dumb Dave? Deadmenton better learn how to put teams away. Looks pretty dumb on them.

            And if you insist, (Dumb) Dave, I don’t mind you bringing up Saskatchewan as Canada’s Team. Nice to be thought of that way.

    • JoeARGOS81Fan // July 9, 2018 at 11:03 am //

      John don’t you understand that Toronto has NHL, NBA and MLB. TV ratings for Argos games are 500K. The Argos are owned by MLSE. They won’t go bankrupt, it may be bad attendance now, but we will see in the future. Hamilton and Sask. have to draw well. What else is there to do in those places? They should draw fans. The Argos have won 17 Grey Cups most in the CFL. the NFL will never come to Canada. They would expand in the US only. AAARRRGGGOOSSSSS!!!

      • Don’t confuse them with facts. Multiple cities would get teams before Toronto, but don’t tell the “football experts” that will tell you otherwise.

  6. fannotacoach // July 7, 2018 at 9:38 pm //

    Edm was kinda like the Cats, lots of offense but not enough scoring. Sure getting interesting in the standings. Gotta love it!

  7. Tor does not want the NFL either. Locals have proved that. Just drop the NFL crap already.

    • Sure they do… they just want their own team.
      The Bills aren’t there team, so they don’t care.

      • You’re living in a dream world if you think people in Toronto would support an NFL team.

        This is a terrible sports city.

        • As is Calgary

        • I heard the same thing about the Raptors and the Jays… and here were are.

          Toronto has outgrown the CFL.

          Toronto isn’t the only problem market too. Montreal and BC are drawing flies and get little mindshare. Calgary’s attendance is even on a consistent decline.

          • Serious question – at this point, why would the NFL consider Toronto for a team? They have done NOTHING to make it look like their support football at ANY level.
            Before you impress me with the standard big population and people with lots of $ statistics, it has been that way for decades.
            London sells out games in hours while Toronto gave away tickets. London is a brand new market and you have cities in the US such as San Diego, St. Louis and soon to be Oakland without teams. That doesn’t take into consideration cities such as San Antonio that would like a franchise.
            But somehow, the NFL would come to Toronto. SNL has written anything that funny in years. Seriously, think it through.

        • But 46k still flock to the Jays games on weekends and the TFC are still filling BMO on Saturdays the odd Wednesday.
          The older crowd would not support an NFL team but an NFL team in Toronto would attract fans from all over Southern Ontario.
          MLSE would love to bring an NFL team to Toronto

          • There has been talk of the NFL in Toronto for four decades. Just curious what the delay is with this outstanding football market (according to you). Toronto is a joke to the NFL. If you understood business, you would know that. It has NEVER been less likely.

      • “Sure they do… they just want their own team”. Hmmm, does the NFL have any say in that? What exactly has the NFL been waiting for with this “incredible” market? Did they just find google maps? Hilarious!!!

        “The Bills aren’t there team, so they don’t care”. London sells out games in London. Hmmm, the old double standard? Every time London sells out a game it just shows how embarrassing the Bills in Toronto fiasco was.

        Toronto will never get an NFL team. Who knew, I guess the strategy of not supporting High school football, University football, Arena football, CFL football and NFL games in Toronto wasn’t the way to go.

        Where do you guys come up with this idea that the NFL would have any interest in this city. Hilarious.

        • I enjoy your mentions, gmen. Totally agree, Toronto will never see an NFL franchise.

          • I gotta tell you greenrider, this NFL in Toronto topic makes my blood boil. I’m a guy that loves the sport on both sides of the border, but the ignorance of people that post here regarding the NFL is off the charts.
            Thanks for your comment.

          • I hear you. I’ve always felt the same. It makes me sick to think of how many young Canadians aspire to play pro football. And if the Argos ever folded, and worse, in the daydreaming world, became an NFL team, the CFL would be crushed. Lot’s of bloggers don’t consider the consequences of what Toronto would do to the CFL if that ever happened. Some just think Toronto is an NFL city. If you can’t support your CFL team, the NFL would never consider Toronto for a franchise. Furthermore, the aspirations of many Canadians would be dashed. The CFL is totally Canadian and implements several Canadians on each team’s roster. Let’s continue to keep a high Canadian standard and stop this NFL jargon. I also am a fan of football south of the border where the NFL belongs. And please don’t take offence to my comments of the Blue Jays. I just get tired of these NFL wannabes and throw jabs in spite.

          • Don’t worry about comments about the Jays with me greenrider. I’m not a baseball fan at all. The team could leave tomorrow and it wouldn’t bother me a bit. I’m a football guy first and a hockey guy second.

  8. Scottsask // July 7, 2018 at 9:39 pm //

    No they don’t, the Bills drew flies too. Toronto just hates football.

  9. Philski // July 7, 2018 at 9:48 pm //

    I dig the Yankees were also in town…but 12,196 fans on a beautiful July day? Even as a TC fan and Argo hater I find no solace in that…not good for the CFL for sure.

    • Who cares about the attendance. It was a busy day in Toronto with jays on as well. We probably will never draw that well in Toronto but why is everyone so concerned about it. There is more competition than any other cfl city including two sports that Dont exist anywhere else in Canada.

      • But last Saturday the Jays were drawing 46k at the RC in the afternoon and TFC were drawing 30k at BMO.
        So I don’t know what your point is?
        The Jays fans and Argo fan are two different groups.
        I don’t know any Argo fans that would go to a Jays game, it wouldn’t make one bit of a difference if the Jays were on the road or at home to an Argo game.

      • Really, Ben. I could care less about the Blue Jays.

  10. fannotacoach // July 7, 2018 at 9:48 pm //

    Looks like BC is getting tuned now! Winnipeg using two QB system. Where the heck have I seen that before!?

  11. KingKong // July 7, 2018 at 9:52 pm //

    Two QB system is the way of the future!

    • what i dont get is if it works so well why go away from it the rest of the game lol

  12. Understand that Milton – Mississauga would like a CFL team.

    • No, you misunderstood that. Misunderstood quite badly, my friend.

      WTF are people in Mississauga going to show up to watch the Argos play there if they won’t drive a half hour to BMO to see them?

      Maybe renaming the team as the Mississauga Milquetoast would appeal to all the vapid wannabes there.

      • No, he understands quite well, my friend. Mississauga is a large Canadian city without professional sports franchises. I’ve also thought that was a better solution for the Argos.
        Just think of all the cities that wouldn’t support NFL games in Toronto. Vaughn, Mississauga, Markham, Oshawa etc. The BIG NFL and people didn’t show up.

        • Mississauga? it’s a suburb of Toronto. It’s an easy drive on a highway to BMO, especially on a weekend and even weeknight games you are going against traffic and tons of parking at the Ex grounds, Ontario Place and Liberty Village.
          Enough of the traffic/parking nonsense, we drive from up north 200km to Argo games.

  13. KingKong // July 7, 2018 at 10:12 pm //

    It’s no wonder teams hate travelling in the east especially when you play in Montreal and Toronto with crowds like that.

    • Why would teams hate the small crowds? If you are a visiting team you don’t have to worry about crowd noise when you are on offense. Visiting teams would want to play in front of a small quiet crowd.
      The Argos tried to pump in sound yesterday.

      Attendance was 12,196, I thought it was smaller, but wait until the next game against the Bombers, I doubt they will hit 10k.
      The only positive for the Argos is that they have two home games against the Ticats, Hamilton fans will drive up the numbers at BMO

  14. This is what happens when you have a competent QB like Jim Franklin as the back up, compared to an incompetent hack like Brando Bridge or Dave Watford as the back up.

    • Thor the Asgard // July 7, 2018 at 11:48 pm //

      Never mind back up QBs, just lose with your starter like the sadass EE just did to a winless team. The Schmos love to live between the 20 yard lines. Keep playing there Reilly. The Elks look like a bottom feeder

      • Thor you gotta be on some funny substance that or be a sliders fan which is basically the same thing

      • Can’t figure out the Esks, they were supposed to be the team to beat this year, on paper.
        I don’t know why they put in Behar yesterday, Reilly went to him twice in that final drive and he dropped both, he also cost the Esks earlier when he pushed off the defender and was penalized which took them out of FG range.
        Reilly should’ve been looking for his dependable receivers not a Canadian that had zero catches last season.

    • This story isn’t on the Riders. Wake up!!!

  15. Strange time for a game – 5.30pm. The sun would be blinding on the east side of the field as the evening progressed. The time is not an aid to attendance, I would think.
    As for the game, I thought for a while that Reilly would make every throw he made all night. A similar sensation against Calgary, and Ottawa in pre-season. Is it the DBs? the scheme, or the pass rush?

    • Why would that effect attendance? plenty of seats available on the West side and they were unsold for weeks.
      It’s no different than fans sitting facing the sun in Hamilton on the east side or the Jays fans with the roof open or TFC fans sitting in that same East side for their games.
      Are you saying that Argo fans are that sensitive and they make decision not to attend a football game because of sun in their face? it was not a hot day either.

  16. Another catastrophically bad crowd in Toronto.

    As I’ve explained numerous times, moving to this dinkified little BMO bandbox in the middle of nowhere was a horrifically misguided decision.

    BMO is fine for minor league soccer but not for professional football. Never EVER had such embarrassing “crowds” at the Dome.

    MLSE needs to recognize the disaster and move the Argos back to the Dome.

    • You must be pooped from annoying the country with your horn tonight 51. Even spelled your name wrong

    • Ridersrule // July 8, 2018 at 12:02 am //

      Crazy how you can’t see you are the reason Argo fans don’t show up

    • But it’s not in the middle of nowhere. It’s got it’s own train station, there is a TTC street car to Liberty Village, there is a bus stop at the Princes Gates.
      There is a huge parking lot at BMO and at the Convention Centre and at Ontario Place.
      It’s easier to get in and out of than the Rogers Centre

      Can’t imagine Rogers allowing the Argos back to the dome, it’s bad enough having 12k fans at BMO, but 12k at the RC ?

  17. no surprise deadmonton has been over hyped and overrated so far this year, its good to see them lose to a mediocre team 🙂

  18. Shame on T.O. with their attendance. Are fans afraid of getting shot at the game, it is Toronto after all

    • Maybe Argo fans are afraid but have you checked out the crowds for the TFC soccer team? they are packing BMO and the Jays are still bringing out the crowds to the RC.
      Summer concerts at the Air Canada Centre and Ontario Place are bringing out crowds too.
      Just a lack of CFL fans. Even with the cheap tickets, pre-game concert with cheap beer

      • Jays will sell a million fewer tickets this year. A million fewer. But they sure love their baseball. Hilarious.

  19. ARSE 51 and ManyHandles MUST be BANNED // July 7, 2018 at 11:59 pm //

    Well, time for Scrub Ray to hang em up. His Great Grand children aren’t getting any younger. Neither he. His cartoonishly weak arm does not allow the Argosnots to go vertical anymore. The only way that scrub can throw for a FIRST (1st) down now is if he completes a ONE (1) yard pass and the receiver run for NINE (9) more. A long bomb would be his TWO (2) yard attempt and he’d probably skip it in front of the receiver. Just calling as I see it, my friend.

    • FYI, Ricky Ray didn’t play today. Jim Franklin was the winning Argos QB today.

      Were you confused because they both have a first name for a surname?

      That’s why you have to watch the games, my friend.

      • ARSE 51 and ManyHandles MUST be BANNED // July 8, 2018 at 3:33 am //

        Once again proving my point that giving you credit for 51 brain cells is being too kind. Where did I say Wick Way Was playing tonight? I just said he needs to hang em up BECAUSE JIM FRANKLIN CAN WIN, AND DID WIN BECAUSE FOR ONE (1) THING, HE CAN STRETCH THE D.

    • Unbelievable to dish on RR. The guy just won a grey cup and I seem to remember a 100 yard TD in that game. The guy is a true winner – probably the best pure passer this league has ever seen. Sure it is time to hang them up but show a little respect for one of the greatest

  20. I had a feeling Franklin would do well. You also knew the attendance would be down from the home opener. Happens all the time. Just because the home opener didn’t draw a lot of people doesn’t mean the next game would draw more.

    • His name is James Franklin.

      • ARSE 51 and ManyHandles MUST be BANNED // July 8, 2018 at 3:37 am //

        ARSE FIFTY ONE (51) has trouble with names, especially after all those times his mother dropped him on his head. It’s why she wouldn’t let little Wicky play in BC so Flip Flop signed on Toronto. Oh, and he has no integrity and does not know how to keep his word. Must run in the family.

        Hay Arse, and relation to Lindros family? Assuming close relationship, same lack of integrity.

    • Wait until the next home game against the Bombers, the crowd will be even smaller. The next excuse will be that the Indy is in town and there is no place to park, then it will be that the CNE is on and no place to park

  21. Elaine Ottoson // July 8, 2018 at 1:24 am //

    Commissioner Ambrosie, 12,196 Fans, boy does that look unprofessional.
    YOur always pumping the league, but the results are not there. Toronto is making the league look very bad. They even have a decent team, and cannot get the people to come out. They had more fans at the Rogers Centre. Such a shame.

    • Can’t blame Ambrosie he can’t do anything about it, but you are right, it does make the league look very bad.

  22. It defies logic that the Argo braintrust can’t manage to get at least 20,000 asses in seats.

    I thought the bumbling moron Chris Rudge was a disaster but this new assclown they brought in from the soccer team is even worse.

    Inexcusable to only manage 12,700 today.

    • Actually it was 12,196 – what more can the Argo brain trust do? they already have marketed the team to death, won the Grey Cup, reduced ticket prices significantly, set up pre-game concerts with cheap beer etc
      You can only blame the people of Toronto, they are NOT interested in the Argos no matter what they do

    • Let’s face it. Football is to barbaric for the millenial crowd in the big city that is Toronto.

      Beer and burgers have been replaced with kelp shakes and avocado toast. And watching people flail around on a soccer pitch as if wounded by a sniper, is more appealing than good old smash mouth football.

  23. Rather nice victory by the Argos. Funny that some of the Eskimo bloggers who love to comment on Rider stories don’t have too much to say about this game. Interesting that the Riders beat both Hamilton and Toronto, yet, the Eskimos lost both their games to the same eastern teams. I won’t pull any low blows like some but maybe the Eskimos aren’t as good as some think. Congrats Argos for a great game. Really enjoyed it.

    • Ya but only the dliders can lose to lowly montreal which makes the sliders even worse your sliders were owned by montreal and if not for a lucky run on one play your sliders would be 1-3 . Good thing about your sliders if your a fan is that you cant lose again next weekend , sliders will br fighting for bc for the basemrnt again this year, you shouldnt be able to comment until you get a real team

      • Really hard to accept a loss, eh, Steve. This story is about your team, the lowly Eskimos. I’d rather be a proud and loud Rider fan, than a fairweather fan from Deadmenton, any day, Steve. So you can try and make it whatever you want, buddy. Fact is your lowly Eskimos lost to two eastern foes that the Roughriders defeated. So what does that make your team? Worse, obviously. I’d be embarrassed if I were you, Steve, to even run my team down. I guess it hurts too much, though.

        • 89 – No sense talking football with a kid who has used “sliders” no less than six times. And one was spelled wrong because mom was loading him into his car seat at the time.

          • Agree, Yup. Can hardly wait when the training wheels arrive for Steve’s bike. It’s a gradual progression.

          • shouldn’t you two bum buddies be waiting outside of Mosaic waiting for the next Sliders game, seeing there doesn’t seem to be anything else to do Regina. lmao.

          • I guess you could go on a crime spree like everyone else

          • And there’s the other half of the bubblegum twins. Chew me, and blow me. Which one are you “dave”

          • Stampeding // July 8, 2018 at 6:34 pm //

            Will you say that to you rider fans friends who use “stumps”

          • Yup, that’s Dumb Dave from the city of Deadmenton that has the best fairweather fans in football. Hey, Dave, why don’t you come down to a real stadium with real fans?

          • Funny that you should mention fair weather fans after the Rider fans reaction after your loss a week and a half ago, no thanks to the invite to your Walmart quality stadium. So geyrider why don’t you go and find yup and see what it takes to get him to say “nope”, bet you he never does, lol.

          • Funny that you should mention weird things, Dumber Dave. I’m really starting to wonder about you.

          • Maybe it’s more like Ben Dover and Phil McAvity ? “dave” Did you learn to keep your mouth wide open from jail ?

          • Is that where you got your nickname “Yup”, from jail? Another Regina ite caught with his hands in someone elses cookie jar, crime ridden Regina

          • You are a pathetic little man that’s for sure “dave” Tip for you – not all Rider fans live in Regina. But when you’re as bright as as 2 watt bulb, you wouldn’t understand. Carry on junior, I’m sure mom has big plans for you today

          • Tell your mom to keep her hands to herself

          • You’re a sick boy, Dave. Time to grow up and stop embarrassing yourself with comments like that.

          • Yup, we’re talking to a headcase here. Even the Stamps fan carries a lot more intelligence than this one.

  24. Jim Bob // July 8, 2018 at 11:53 am //

    Embarrassing beyond anything to date on the attendance at Toronto for the Argos. I thought the football fans there would see what a great team and value in going to the games but I guess they just realize or understand what a pro franchise stands for in a major city.

    • But football fans there did see what a great team and value it is, too bad there are only 12,196 of them.

  25. Thor the Asgard // July 8, 2018 at 12:18 pm //

    The game was boring as hell. There was a little bit of excitement when TO was driving for the go ahead score.
    The fun part was watching the EE fall to Toronto who suffered a beat down from Calgary and were man handled by the Riders.
    The Eskimos soon to be the Elks rely so much on low percentage 30-40 yard pass plays. I hope they keep that up all year. Reilly starting out at his own 20 or 30 yard line can not drive the field without at least one super explosion play on a drive.

    • Exactly, Thor. The usual ones that love to blog their spite on Rider fans are hiding away.

      • You should be the last one to talk

        • Why should I be the last one, Dave? Please inform.

          • You bring up spite and yet, you are full of it, that’s why

          • And just who are you with all the spite and strong-worded comments you have towards Regina and the Roughriders? And who jumps over to the Rider stories and throws barbs at every opportunity? You’re no innocent angel. For your knowledge, we trek 4 hours one way as season ticket holders when the Riders play football and have been doing so for nearly 20 years. So when you talk Roughrider fans and Regina only, you don’t have a clue the support the Riders get from the province. Pretty shallow, indeed.

          • And here you are on a commenting on the Eskimos on a thread that’s based upon the Eskimos last game, all that you have to do is scroll up to see how toxic your comments are, kettle calling pot black if you happen to ask me. And all that I can say about your travels is man you went a long way to watch some bad football over the years, you also mention that Im from Edmonton, last time I checked I live and work in Coquitlam, but I do travel to Edmonton to watch the Eskimos as much as I can, once an Eskimo fan always an Eskimo fan, that’s the Alberta Advantage.

          • I didn’t ask, and really don’t care where you’re from, Dumb Dave. Please read my comments “again” before jumping to conclusions. Secondly, you must be one real dxxx son-of-a-gun to travel to Edmonton to a half-empty stadium every game. As I state, best fair-weather fans in Canada. And I have enjoyed my share of championships, even witnessing one in Old Mosaic and also the greatest Grey Cup played in the SkyDome. And if you really compare Rider fans to your fans, there is absolutely no comparison. Loud and Proud is what Rider fans stand for, and when it comes to fans like yourself, Dave — ARROGANCE is the only word that comes to mind.

            Lastly, TOXIC??? You’re mentioning toxic comments by me. Just go back to the Rider stories, little one, then talk about toxic. As they say, “Ignorance is bliss.”

          • Just scroll up to comment that you made that I was from Edmonton, Just look at our history of winning compared to the Sliders, you don’t have a ghost of a chance, 4 cups in 110 years, come on. Slider fans will bring up everything but the telethon, now compare that to the 5 championships in a row , you are just too effen dumb to get that aren’t you. Go get a job loser, Its no wonder Red continues to post and 3down just loves those clicks from Slider fans falling for it hook, line and sinker. pathetic.

          • No, Dave, I don’t need to get a job since I already have one. My real job is for admitting people like you. Furthermore, if you think 4 Grey Cups in 110 years is to hurt me, I could care less. I wasn’t there 110 years ago to witness those seasons. So please don’t think your rude comments are causing hurt. I have very fond memories, Dave, of the Grey Cups we’ve won. And personally, if the Riders don’t win a Grey Cup for another 100 years it won’t bother me one bit. And if you need a bed without much else, I’m sure we can accommodate you. But before you apply, David, please get Grammarly for your own good. A two-year-old can actually write better than you.

          • You are beyond help, the fact that you settle for mediocrity is proof. Just like I thought there is no Rider reply for the 5 championships in a row, there is no reply for the broken Rider telethon, I could care less for the weird, perverted comments though, I hear that theres a place in Weyburn that might be able to help you. What you don’t get is the history of a team is what you build pride upon, their successes are the fans memories, you just don’t stand up and yell “look at how many Roughrider diapers we have sold”, merchandise sales are fine but there nothing like a championship ring.

          • And Dumber Dave, you still haven’t grown out of your diapers, yet. Obviously, you’re not worth the time to talk too. You talk about football fans wandering over to the Eskimo stories and providing derogatory comments. Yet it’s fine for you and a few others to chide the Roughrider stories at every opportunity. You’re a shameful and extremely arrogant person that simply hates the Riders and needs to grow up (I’m not kidding when I say a two-year-old can probably write better than you). And sadly, your hatred towards other teams like the Riders is a real maturity issue. No, I don’t work in the field that you suggest. It’s another field. But you take it as it is little boy. Because you really do need some help. Weyburn probably has room for another person such as yourself.

  26. Jays will sell a million fewer tickets this year. A million fewer. But they sure love their baseball. Hilarious.

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