Harris throws three TDs as Redblacks cruise to 28-18 win over Alouettes

The Ottawa Redblacks were quite convincing in their bid to rebound from a tough defeat.

Trevor Harris put the game out of reach with touchdown passes to J.C. Beaulieu, Brad Sinopoli and Noel Thomas in the first half and the Redblacks held on for a 28-18 victory over the offensively challenged Montreal Alouettes on Friday night.

The Redblacks (2-1) were coming off a loss last week against Calgary in which their offence struggled against the tough Stampeder defence.

“You’ve got to rebound whether you win or lose – you’ve got to keep moving forward,” said coach Rick Campbell. “This was a big win.

“There’s lots to learn and lots to get better at, but it’s a big thing to win on the road against your own division.”

Lewis Ward added a pair of field goals for the Redblacks, who dominated the statistics and controlled the ball even if they managed only three second-half points.

Harris completed 28 of 42 passes for 342 yards, consistently hitting targets on second downs to maintain possession. Wiliams Powell started slow, but eventually the running game took over as he gained 138 yards on 23 carries. Brad Sinopoli caught 11 passes for 148 yards.

“Particularly, those runs can be demoralizing for the defence,” said Campbell. “If you can get some big chunks on run plays in the CFL, it’s a huge thing.”

Tyrell Sutton scored the first rushing TD of the season and rookie Chris Harper caught his first career TD pass for the Alouettes (1-3), who beat Saskatchewan last week but have not won consecutive games since 2016. It marked the first time in four games the Alouettes scored more than one TD.

Jeff Mathews, making his first start for Montreal in place of the injured Drew Willy, completed 18 of 30 throws for 280 yards, including six to B.J. Cunningham for 68 yards.

“Considering the situation he was in, having (missed) pre-season and the first part of the season without a ton of reps, I thought (Mathews) handled himself admirably,” said coach Mike Sherman. “He made some nice throws.

“I was fairly pleased with him.”

Harris led a six-play drive from the opening kickoff capped by a 46-yard TD catch by Beaulieu, who the Alouettes traded to Ottawa in the off-season for fullback Patrick Lavoie. It was Beaulieu’s first receiving TD since June 25, 2015.

The Alouettes answered with a five-play drive that finished with a two-yard TD plunge by Sutton.

Montreal led 8-6 when Ottawa took over with a short field goal from Ward at 12:51 of the first quarter, a 37-yard TD pass to Sinopoli at 9:59 of the second and a nine-yard scoring pass to Thomas with six seconds left in the half.

Ottawa added a 31-yard Ward field goal to open the second half.

On the opening drive of the fourth quarter, Mathews found Eugene Lewis for 65 yards and then hit Harper in the end zone with a 14-yard toss at 2:22. Boris Bede added a 43-yard field goal at 5:55.

The Alouettes had hoped to even their record going into a bye week, but Sherman said much work needs to be done on a largely rebuilt squad that went 3-15 last season.

“We didn’t do that so we don’t have that advantage so when we come back from the bye we’ve got to address the issues and move in a positive direction,” said Sherman. “There were some good things.

“The offensive line performed at a better level than we have in the past. We spent the week talking about eliminating penalties and we cut that in half. You fix one thing and something else goes astray.”

It didn’t help that the Alouettes lost their top receiver Chris Williams to a hamstring strain in the first quarter. In the dying minutes, kick returner Stefan Logan also went down with a sprained ankle.

Announced attendance was 16,718.

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  1. Green Apples // July 6, 2018 at 10:59 pm //

    Not bad attendance, looked like a good atmosphere. I’m thinking the Stampeder organization wished they could get that many fans and better overall engagement.

    • Lol you’re just asking for it….

    • Stampeding // July 6, 2018 at 11:52 pm //

      Did anyone notice how the losing QB tonight, who joined the Alouettes after training camp; throw for 130 more yards completed 4 more passes and throw double the TDs as both veteran Bridge and Watford did last night COMBINED?????

    • Stampeding // July 6, 2018 at 11:59 pm //

      Green apples…. I just gave you some true QB stats
      You just spouted something that’s just factually and categorically wrong.
      Calgary last game 23,454
      Montreal tonight 16,718
      I give facts, you give BS. You have no credibility.

      • Looks to me like your bringing up BS (as ususl) on a thread about the Ottawa/Montreal game.


        • Who started it ???????

          • ARSE 51 and ManyHandles MUST be BANNED // July 7, 2018 at 12:32 pm //

            They started it because they are making fun of your extremely low level of social skills, and the fact that you always stick your nose where it is clueless about the topic at hand, and of course you bit lol.

      • Green Apples // July 7, 2018 at 1:09 am //

        Looks like someone’s getting owned again. Your full of bs and you know it. Lol

      • Ridersrule // July 7, 2018 at 1:05 pm //

        You of all people should not be talking about credbility

    • Not bad attendance? if you think that 16k is not bad

      • 16k? Isn’t that how many watch a TFC game on TV? Oh sorry, I forgot about those “streaming” numbers.

    • Oskee Wee Wee // July 7, 2018 at 9:12 am //

      Looked like a good atmosphere but the attendance was 16,718. For the Argos Home Opener against the Stamps the attendance was 16,450. Not very good for Montreal as they are just over an Argos attendance. It especially isn’t good for Montreal as the visiting team (Ottawa) is just down the road and you would expect more buts in seats.

  2. Missed the game unfortunately, but I really hope TH stays healthy all season. If he does, look for him to take him MOP possibly.

  3. RedBags cash their free spot on the bingo card this week – – and Montreal gets started on their next double digit losing streak.

    Inconceivable that Regina lost to this CIS-level gong show last week.

    • Well Areola – let’s aee how your 0-2 Argo Nots perform in front of the 8,000 Toronto faithful tonight.

      I’m sure you will give us your usual gripping in depth analysis.

      • When was the attendance 8000? I’m a season ticket holder and have never seen attendance that low.

      • ARSE 51 and ManyHandles MUST be BANNED // July 7, 2018 at 12:34 pm //

        Carful Yup, we don’t know how faithful they really are lol. They are just there.

  4. Announced attendance of only 16,700 should be a major warning sign for the CFL braintrust.

    Will be interesting to see which outfit draws fewer fans this year – – Montreal or Toronto.

  5. Not sure what the CFL can do about the declining attendance in Toronto and Montreal. Both cities have cut ticket prices, beer prices and done a lot of marketing.
    The problem is not the price of tickets, in Toronto sports fans spend a lot of money on tickets for the Jays/TFC/Leafs/Raptors – fans will pay the money to watch sports.

    • 500,000 fewer tickets sold for Blue Jay games this season. Couldn’t be the band wagon effect, could it? Jays will end up the season selling a million fewer tickets in 2018, wow. But, but, they love baseball.
      “fans will pay the money to watch sports”. That is where you are wrong. Toronto will pay money to be at the “place to be seen”. That is what Toronto is all about. It is an event, not a sport. The Jays attendance is way down, because it isn’t as cool anymore. The only team in Toronto that receives true support is the Leafs.

    • “Not sure what the CFL can do about the declining attendance in Montreal”

      They could force Hamilton to stop hoarding quarterbacks. Manziel having even the slightest of success in Montreal could draw some big nimbers, and turn this franchise around.

      Since you asked.

    • The difference between fans in Toronto and Montreal, since you’re lumping us together, is that WE in Montreal will support a winning team, and not a losing one. Even the Habs fanbase is starting to show cracks.

      The Argos won the Cup last season. Where are the fans?
      The Alouettes have all kinds of promotions and nods to a history only old fans like me can even begin to appreciate. But unless they ressurrect Sam Etcheverry or Sonny Wade, in their primes, it’s not going to do a thing.

      This franchise has consistently ignored fan opinion, and implemented its own agenda regardless. If they had any football sense, that would be fine. But after canning a young prospect like Cato, destroyed the best defence in the league to pay for Durant’s salary, then when that went bust, tried to sell us nonsense like “Drew Willy is a GREAT football player”, it’s obvious they think Montreal fans are ignorant rubes who haven’t a clue.

      It’s taken a while. But after last night’s fiasco, attendance will continue to tank in this city.
      Jeebus. Matthews got a standing ovation on a first drive TD, and was booed off the field at halftime. WE’VE HAD ENOUGH!!!

      With any luck, the team can retrace its steps a bit and Adams Jr. will bring a different dynamic to this team. Not holding my breath.

  6. Als Fan // July 7, 2018 at 7:18 am //

    A comment about the TSN broadcast of last night’s Ottawa Montreal game. I’ve just about had enough of Rod Black. I know TSN has got to promote the CFL, but Mr. Black takes it to a new level. With less than 90 seconds left in the game, he was going on about how the Als needed to “take it to the house” now, recover on onside kick and “take it to the house” once more. Enough already. His constant over the top commentary is too much. Also the “live mic” experiment, well I guess it’s not an experiment anymore, is frankly, irritating, especially when the announcers are talking over the QBs calling the plays. The audio mix was horrendous. QB is in the huddle, announcers shutup…simple or just lower the level if they have something important to say, which isn’t likely!!

    • Best CFL Fan // July 7, 2018 at 7:55 am //

      How about the comment that Sutton (41 yards gained, 179 yards in 4 games, 4.4 avg), who runs right at tacklers and Powell (138 yards gained, 355yds in 3 games,avg 6.6)) who makes people miss are exactly the same style runners.

      • Sutton may be my favourite running back. Led the league a few years ago. He can make tacklers miss, as well as knock them over.

        • Best CFL Fan // July 7, 2018 at 2:12 pm //

          Look, you gotta love Sutton, he works so hard. And Stef Logan etc. But be realistic, Alouettes offence WITH SUTTON last year was the worst in football and one of the worst ever. [only game with any offence was the last play loss to Winnipeg – and btw Rutley dressed for that one] And KR did not make any significant changes on offence. For it to perk up radical changes are needed, which could include new, younger RBs, better Canadians, smarter coaching, faster receivers.

          Anyway are you really agreeing that Powell and Sutton are similar style runners? If so why not same successes?

          And Nostre, love your posts.

          For some hope watch the highlight reel of Chris Harper. But team needs a fast breakaway runner.

    • It’s not for nothing that Rod Black has inspired a drinking game across Canada, when every boneheaded comment and ludicrous mistake has you downing a shot or a beer. He’s done more damage to the country’s liver-health than any single announcer in league history.

    • MR. Green // July 7, 2018 at 5:30 pm //

      I thought the same thing. They are playing the mic and your listening and the commentators are talking too. It’s irritating. That first !I’ve mic game at least they were quiet and let us listen in. This game, was annoying. Can’t listen to two people at the same time, especially all game.

  7. Mathews wasn’t too bad, although he missed a few crucial passes in the last five minutes. Shook off a hand injury later, Sherman will like that. Some progress I think. But I still hope that Adams Jr. gets a shot.

  8. Listen. Until an Alouettes quarterback actually BREAKS the 1 TD thrown barrier in a game, let’s not go crazy about asserting he’s “not too bad”.

    We lost. Our QB threw 1 TD. Ottawa’s threw 3 TD’s.
    One TD thrown in a CFL that’s slanted towards production through the air is pathetic. Too bad to win.

  9. Didn’t watch the last few minutes – did Sherman get his headset off OK this week ?

  10. Bring back our Als // July 7, 2018 at 3:06 pm //

    Until the Als play calling becomes professional No QB will look good. On second and 16 they predictably ran the ball or 3 to 5 yard passes on almost every play, easy night for Noel Thorpe. Let’s hope Sherman looks at play calling as the major problem

  11. I travelled to see the Redblacks in Montreal last year and last night. Both times I enjoyed myself and the almost here is great. Beer for 7 bucks is sweet too. The biggest problem is the stadium. The seats or benches are friggin uncomfortable and you literally climb a mountain to get to the game. Lol.
    If Montreal had a stadium like Ottawa’s I think they would draw better attendance.

    • Stampeding // July 7, 2018 at 4:41 pm //

      If Montreal had a QB like AC they’d draw better attendance.
      In fact they’d sell out every game and draw 55,000 for the eastern final at the Big O.

  12. Tom calder // July 7, 2018 at 9:57 pm //

    The als are better this year but still not good enough. They’re not good enough to endure 2 white bread quarterbacks who are Ok, but not difference makers. I agree that Adams would add a different dynamic to the offense, with his feet. Als fans at least need to see that this team is moving in the right direction

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