3Down Pod: Make some money betting over/under win totals across the CFL

Drew Edwards and Justin Dunk preview the CFL season by making their selections on the over/under win totals for every team. Dunk – who tripled his money betting on CFL games last year – in convinced there’s value to be had in a number of spots (and that the Riders will get over 8.5 wins.)


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  1. Pennyrocker // June 13, 2018 at 3:31 pm //

    If Jones keep doing what he is doing the last few years the win column should be over 10 games not less. There lore the 8.5 is a decline from the previous year for the Riders.

  2. White Horse // June 13, 2018 at 4:10 pm //

    This article is about every team. Good God Dunk…do you have to make it another rider article? Sick of the riders and Ticats. I don’t listen to podcasts but I watched TSN over/under and it was interesting.
    This fascination with Jones and his no QB riders is beyond belief.

  3. White Horse // June 13, 2018 at 4:14 pm //

    The best relief we fans could get who read 3dwn, is for the riders to start the season 0-3! Maybe we would get articles to read about the other teams in the CFL.

  4. – I’m guessing that BJ Daniels has been a pro long enough that he knows to stay away from franchises that are a mess. I agree that Montreal should have, and may well have, reached out to Daniels, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he turned them down.
    – Just because the the Riders are thin at Canadian OL doesn’t mean they lack Canadian talent in general. But beyond that look at the injures we’ve had. Starting kicker Crapigna gone for the year. Key backup receiver Harty gone for the year. Potential starting OL JSJ six gamed. Two key backup LBs, one who may well have been in a starting rotation gone for 6 games. And yet we still have decent depth everywhere but the OL, where on top of the injuries we had an unexpected retirement, Zver, and unexpected failure to perform, Adusei. In spite of all this we still have 8 starters overall if you include Messam. And Jones is always bringing more guys in so after game one you’ll likely see some new bodies in town.
    – Don’t forget the value of having two very good QBs. Starting QBs are going to get injured this year and for most teams that will hurt their chances to win games, but for the Riders it may be a wash.

    • MR. Green // June 13, 2018 at 5:34 pm //

      I keep waiting to hear for a Canadian O-lineman to come in. I think after Friday it will happen. However like u said a few days ago, Dyakowski makes sense and the boys said he looks good. Now worries for Canadians everywhere else for depth.
      I was surprised Dunk took Ottawa as a lock to finish over 8.5 wins. Not saying they can’t, but as a lock, no.
      BC is a lock IMO over 7.5, because they also have consistently made the playoffs untill last year. Thier lines on both sides are better. Don’t see them in a 2-9 stretch again.
      Winnipeg under 11.5 for obvious reasons. 11 wins is still under.
      Montreal, under 5.5
      Riders over 8.5, we had line issues last year, average QB play and still had 10 after a 2-4 start.
      Gotta go Hamilton under 9.5, Eddie made a good point they have only had a 10 win season in a while. I hope they end up over. 9-9 is a reasonable pick.
      Toronto, tough one, I say over 9.5, reaching 10. Hopefully starting 0-1.
      I think Edmonton will finish 11-7. So under 11.5
      I hate Calgary! They are set at 12.5. that’s so tough, I go back and forth. I pick 12.5 then. 12-5-1.
      That’s my picks, tune in tomorrow when I pick the 2083 Grey cup winners. An why must great Grandson will win MVP that season.

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