Johnny Manziel spends Ticats off-day jetting to New York for Barstool podcast

While his Hamilton Tiger-Cats teammates finalized their living arrangements or recovered from a long and arduous training camp, quarterback Johnny Manziel used Monday’s off day to fly to New York City to record the first episode of his Comeback SZN podcast and appear on the Barstool Rundown webcast.

Manziel and his agent Erik Burkhardt shared the backstory of how the contract with the Ticats came together quickly on the podcast.

“Here’s the way the contract situation works with [Burkhardt]: ‘Alright, I think we got the deal done. You’re leaving at 10 p.m. tomorrow night.’ ‘Eric that’s in 12 hours, you’re telling me I’m moving to Hamilton, Ontario for the next six months of my life,'” Manziel said. “‘Pack your shit and be on a plane tomorrow.’ ‘Whatever you say, buddy.’ That’s pretty much how it went. There wasn’t a lot of fluid talks that were going on behind the scenes.”

Burkhardt offered his perspective on the contract negotiations.

“They stepped up. We didn’t think they’d step up to where I told them they needed to get to,” Burkhardt said.

After agreeing to join the Ticats in late May, Manziel took a redeye flight to Buffalo and spent time at the border getting a work permit – but that wasn’t the only delay.

“They held me up for having too much cash at the border,” Manziel said “It’s super casual to have $25,000 in your backpack.”

The Heisman Trophy winner did make it into Canada but Burkhardt divulged the Ticats wanted Manziel on the team sooner.

“Last year they really wanted to sign and made a push halfway through the season,” Burkhardt said.

“My big thing was ‘Johnny, if we’re going to do this I want you up there day one.’ That’s exactly what Johnny told me. We knew it was going to take some time, we knew he wasn’t going to be starting right away.”

Manziel has played two pre-season games and already been fined $50, likely for criticizing officials.

“Something like that. It’s a little bit different than the NFL. It’s not like the $5,000 that you would get,” Manziel said.

The 25-year-old does seem happy to be back playing football as opposed to what he had been doing.

“Sitting on your ass on the couch reading Barstool every day and playing Fortnight and watching Netflix as August, September roll around,” Manziel said, “It gets pretty boring.”


28 Comments on Johnny Manziel spends Ticats off-day jetting to New York for Barstool podcast

  1. Sun always shines at McMahon // June 12, 2018 at 5:45 pm //

    He may need to move the podpast set to Hamilton now. No time for trips to NYC.

  2. Why would someone try to carry $25k in cash across the border? Not only is it stupid, it makes you look shady AF

  3. canadianfootballfan // June 12, 2018 at 6:35 pm //

    What he does in his personal time is just that… personal. is turning into

  4. Paul Smith // June 12, 2018 at 6:47 pm //

    This guy will have personal time but it won’t be private time.

    The Spec monitors his every move.

  5. Paul Bomber // June 12, 2018 at 6:50 pm //

    I hope when all the smoke clears, doesn’t make the CFL look stupid… and I guess that’s worse case. Best case… he promotes the game and has some nice things to say about his time here… however long that may be.

  6. Well hes a hell of a lot more stable than their president.

  7. Tabernac! $25k ashkay? With that kinda “do-re-me” he could buy entire #CFL !

  8. Jim Bob // June 12, 2018 at 8:15 pm //

    Manziel should of opened a bank account and simply had the $$$ transferred to that account. 25K is a little more than most people keep in a wallet. His outside businesses are fine as long as they DO NOT take away from his obligations to the TiCats.

  9. jim bob.. Randy actually told CFL players to have an in season part time job..Remember?

  10. If any one failed to notice John Manziel was the most efficient and productive Ticats Qb in the pre-season. He moved the ball with no int,s and 4 scoring drives. Dane moved the ball too but had an int. Madoli,s 2 int,s were not good. I say treat Masoli like a starting baseball pitcher. If he struggles go to the bullpen but he makes next start.

  11. Woa woa woa. 88 yds passing against alouette wannabes is NOT setting any world on fire. Prediction: he gets bummed for no playing time in early august and goes on a bender then gets cut

  12. JFF will be starting by the 3rd or 4th game imo.

  13. Hollister // June 13, 2018 at 7:32 am //

    Andre.. And Masoli,s two very bad interception s against Argos 3rd stringers? Prediction.. Masoli will become distraught over 3 interception per game and take to smoking pot and stealing stuff like he did at UN. Oregon and will be arrested and cut by 4th game. Trump won’t get him released like he did the UCLA guys.

  14. It’s Fortnite, not Fortnight, you ignorant sod

  15. David Tress // June 13, 2018 at 1:38 pm //

    It wont be long before Johnny gets some regular season playing time. Calgary and Edmonton will take care of that.

  16. Tailgate YYC // June 13, 2018 at 3:31 pm //

    Masoli to Montreal by game 4.

  17. Phil Miller // June 14, 2018 at 11:15 pm //

    That’s how lame the CFL media is in Hamilton. Johnny has to bring in his own Podcaster. 😀 Just kidding fellas.

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