Zach Collaros to start for Riders as QB battle comes down to the wire

Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Chris Jones says quarterback Zach Collaros will start against the Calgary Stampeders in the team’s final pre-season game on Friday.

Collaros will play the first and third quarter while Canadian Brandon Bridge will take the second and fourth quarter.

Jones has said the two are battling it out for the starting job to begin the regular season.

“Every position’s a challenge and we’ve talked about it from day one and it’s no different. We’ve charted every throw they’ve made, whether it was an errant throw, whether it was a good throw, whether the guy could catch and run after the catch,” Jones said. “That’s the decision that we made and this is where we’re going and I’m looking forward to seeing both of them play.”

Jones says he has a laundry list of things he’s looking for from his pivots.

“We’ve got to get in and out of the huddle, we’ve got to manage our offence, we’ve got to move the football and ultimately we’ve got to score touchdowns – that’s what we get paid to do,” he said.’

Jones said both players have had a good training camp.

“They have both took turns playing good football, they both have been the two most consistent guys. Not that the other guys have played poorly, [David] Watford certainly had a day or two where maybe he was one of the best guys out there,” Jones said. “But Zach and Brandon have both been very consistent and they both bring different qualities to our football team.”


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  1. Although it’s still pre season, I’m looking forward to see how they and the other starters perform at their positions.

    Let’s get this weekend over with and on to regular season !!

  2. This is what I’ve been waiting for all off-season. I hope Collaros lights up that stump defense big time. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the starters do…Well listen to it Haha
    Cmon regular season!!

  3. Even if Bo lights it up, and he won’t, Stamps fans should pump their brakes this season, they are nowhere near what they used to be as a “team”…and I use that term lightly when talking Stamps.

  4. MR. Green // June 7, 2018 at 2:45 pm //

    With the comment above, almost sounds like Watford may be 3. Either way I hope they keep both Watford and Daniel’s for now.
    Looking forward to seeing how Zach and Brandon perform. It’s one preseason game, I assume Collaros will start week 1, even if Bridge has a slightly better game. Also looking forward to seeing the defence as most were left in Saskatoon for game 1.

  5. The fact that Manyhandles needs to even ask the above question says it all folks LOL.

  6. True Green // June 7, 2018 at 2:57 pm //

    Friday night is going to be interesting under the lights of spectacular Mosiac Stadium! It will be a real treat for the Stamps to get to play on a first class facility.

  7. Collaros is the undisputed starting QB in Regina this year.

    It’s cute that Chris Jones is going along with this little charade of a “competition” for the starters job though.

    • Collaros is making a lot more money. But is he the better QB at this point in time?

      • Yes, Collaros is infinitely better than Brando Bridge. Always has been, always will be.

        It’s amusing to hear the Bridge Apologists pump his tires and promise everyone how wonderful he’s going to be someday.

        The players know how laughably bad Bridge is. How often do you hear one player eviscerate another fellow player on camera for all to hear? That’s exactly what happened last year when Almondo Sewell trashed him during a halftime interview.

        “Brandon Bridge is not a thrower. He’s just going to scramble around and try to make up backyard plays down the field,” he told TSN. “Hopefully he throws one of those wild passes he’s throwing down the field, hopefully one of our DB’s pick it off and run it to the house. It’s going to happen before this game is over.”

        Sewell’s words, not mine.

        • Thanks for your usual positive insight areola51

          • I don’t agree often with Area51. But this topic I do. The chances of Bridge to be as great as many people think he is going to be, is slim to none. If he hasn’t figured out his footing and accuracy by now, he never will. Career backup will be in his cards. Fellow Rider fans, I know you are going to blast me for that. But I say the same thing about Masoli. Masoli and Bridge are in the exact same boat. I’m just calling it as I see it.

          • You won’t find anyone more positive about Zach Collaros than I am, my friend.

            But instead of focusing on the positive comments I made about Collaros – – that he’s a proven franchise QB – – you choose to obsess over how I pointed out the massive deficiencies with Brando Bridge.

            As always I just call it as I see it, my friend.

          • Well malaria51 – I hope you are right about Calaros (and I’ve noticed you have always supported him) My point is – Bridge hasn’t thrown a ball yet this year, and you already have him on the trash heap. I’m glad we have both QB’s to start the year, and IMO, are set up better than a lot of teams in that regard. Time will tell.

          • Dud you not see Brando Bridge throw any passes last year? What about when he was in Montreal?

            The cold hard reality is that accuracy is not something that suddenly develops at the pro level. By this point you either have it or you don’t have it.

            Bridge’s struggles with inaccurate throws are compounded by the fact that he can’t read coverage.

            Don’t just look at the stat sheet like casual fans do – – watch the games, my friend. You’ll see Bridge missing badly with his passes and throwing right into coverage.

            Sorry to say, the guy is not a competent pro level QB.

          • With Collaros, you have a proven elite CFL QB. If it wasn’t for Austin killing that team and Collaros’s confidence. He would be top 2 qb in the league those years. 1st being Reilly(That guy is just awesome. God the eskimos are so lucky to have him). You don’t just magically lose your skills, He’s been playing this game since he was little kid.

            I agree with you Yup, I’d say we have the best 1-2 in the league right now. I’d even go as far to say the Argos are at a close second. But Bridge is the clear number 2.

          • Ive indicated my questions above 51 – and one of the points was Bridges accuracy and pass selection (reading coverage)

            If Zack comes out dry (and I hope not) we are going to rely on Bridge. So rather than be negative – I choose to take the situation on a per game basis.

          • *above – below ¿….it’s somewhere for sure 🙂

          • CFLFIRST // June 7, 2018 at 8:48 pm //

            Area 51, there’s nothing in his play that suggest he can’t read coverage. If anything it’s the opposite. He gets rid of the ball very quickly and he sees the field really well.

            Brandon is tall and awkward looking. He has an awkward looking throwing motion, but he throws the ball on target. Bridge alters his arm angle and makes throws in all types of angles and body positions. He’s a gamer.

          • Were you watching the same games as me CFLFIRST? There were at least 4 or 5 times a game when Bridge threw the ball right at the defenders. There was even article where it showed he should have had at least another 10 interceptions last year. I’ll agree that he can be a gamer… Just coming off the bench. The eastern final didn’t instill a ton of confidence in me though. There was a lot left to be desired with him.

          • People are going to believe whatever they want to believe regardless of how badly misinformed and factually incorrect it may be.

            Proclaiming that Brando Bridge is an accurate passer and great at reading coverage is the equivalent of insisting that Travis Lulay is a durable player or that a Kevin Glenn thrives under the pressure of big games.

            It’s about as laughably incorrect as you can get, but if you really believe it to be true go right ahead and continue living in a dream world.

          • RobE I totally agree. I had this conversation w a buddy yesterday. Bridge is a career backup if you ask me. Nothing wrong with that, I think he is a really good backup. I think it will take him several more stops to realize that. He will obviously want to be a starter and will likely get a shot somewhere. But Collaros is just a better QB, and BB was never going to beat him for the starting job. That being said, as a Rider fan, BB does give a sense of security as a solid backup for this season.

          • Bleeding Green – I totally agree, I’m happy to have him a security blanket for sure. I get he wants to start, but he’s just not polished enough to be that guy. Like you said, it might take a couple of stops for him to realize that. Kevin Glenn has made a pretty good living being that career backup for the most part.

      • Tiger man // June 8, 2018 at 2:21 pm //

        When he was in Hamilton, Collaros had moments of greatness and was fun to watch…since his injury in 2015…not so much…

        I’m a fan of this player…not so sure that he has it in him to return to those highlight games…I will be most interested to see how he fares now….

        I wish him well…

    • True Green // June 7, 2018 at 8:51 pm //

      I hate agreeing with 51 but he’s right about this.

  8. Collaros just get out of bed for that shot??

  9. What is bizarre is how the Riders kept Collaros out of the first game when he hasn’t played well and lost his last 12 games. Collaros like Jennings in BC need to get their games back and that means they must play. Notice the Esks made sure their starter opened their first game and based on his play, they can safely sit him until the opener.

    If Collaros comes out like Masoli did in his first game this year, the Riders will be in trouble.

    I’m saying this as I want all CFL teams to have top QBs as I’m an avid watcher of them all .

    • Collaros and Johnny Jennings are two completely different QBs. There’s no comparison at all.

      However, Johnny Jennings is very similar to Brando Bridge. Both are athletic and have strong arms, but horribly inaccurate and cannot read a defence.

      If he were a full time starter, Bridge would be just as brutal as Johnny Jennings was last year.

      • CFLFIRST // June 7, 2018 at 11:40 pm //

        Area 51, you talk about people being factually inaccurate. Are statistics not measuring stick with which to make objective opinions?

        Brandon Bridge has a career 67.5% completion percentage. Inaccurate Qbs, typically don’t have that high of a completion percentage. Brandon Bridge also has a higher than average yards gained per completion, which means he is pushing the ball down the field more often making more difficult throws. Strike 2 on the accuracy.

        Brandon Bridge typically came into games last year, when Kevin Glenn was failing so he played against the better defenses in the league for the most part. He often had success where Glenn did not, which you would find unlikely to happen if he couldn’t read defenses. Strike 3.

        Now Bridge’s body of work isn’t that large, so the margin for error in projecting him is large, but nothing in his play to this point supports your position.

        I will admit, Bridge does not have a pretty throwing motion, but he’s got a cannon and he delivers the ball where it needs to be.

        With all the talk about his ability to throw the ball, let’s not forget that he has the added dimension of being able to run the ball when plays break down.

        • That’s why you have to watch the games instead of just looking at the stat sheet, my friend.

          Pretty simple to put up some hollow stats when you come in after the game has already been decided and the defence is just sitting back in a lazy prevent to get the game over.

          Bridge went 6/6 with 2TDs against BC – – but he came in with less than 5mins to go and the Lions up 30-0.

          Bridge went 6/7 when he came on in the 4thQ against Calgary and put up a TD with less than 5mins to go when trailing by 13 points. Then with the game on the line he stood around in the pocket for an eternity looking dumbfounded at the coverage completely oblivious to any kind of pressure – – and took a strip sack that ended the game.

          Far too often Bridge either throws behind the receiver or wide of the receiver or high o WR the receiver’s head. Sometimes a circus catch bails him out, other times the throw falls harmlessly incomplete. But sooner or later those terrible throws are going to be picked.

        • Lol Bridge and accurate passer in the same sentence!? That’s laughable. He was 50% guy in college and the fact so many defenders drops his terribly thrown balls last year is living proof that he is hellishly inaccurate. Stats don’t tell the whole story. Any coach or gm will tell you that.

  10. Ridersrule // June 7, 2018 at 4:20 pm //

    I going to the game and even if it’s only preseason I’m looking forward to see how the QB”s play and a few of the rookies trying to make the roster . It’s going to be a beautiful night weather wise too.

  11. Best of Luck Zach…I wish you were still here in Hamilton!

  12. Where's Shultz? // June 7, 2018 at 5:39 pm //

    Hopefully (for the Riders) Collaros returns to his old form. I’d say it’s 50/50 if he does or not.

    He was never the same after he returned from his injury, remember when he returned in 2016 everyone thought the Cats would be fine after Masoli went 3-5. Well Zach only won one more game, going 4-7 (including the playoff game). Many favoured the Collaros led Cats going into the 2017 season, figuring with a full training camp he would be MOP-caliber again but we all know how that went (0-8).

    He became a bit more hesitant to throw, less willing to use his legs, and just wasn’t fearless anymore (which any great QB should be)

    He could come slingin with a fresh start and a better receiving core, but he also could not. If he loses his first 2 games then he gets the record for most consecutive losses for a starting QB.

    Collaros is the player I’m most interested in watching this season.

    • Schultz , Your RIGHT on the money with your Collaros comments IMO. From what I saw in Camp, re Zac that is exactly what happened, he ran less and less and less as camp went on ( other then called runs) and tried ot force the ball into tight coverage rather then take off and run ( is he to afraid of another injury IMO) , he often stood forced a 30/70 pic ball, or severely underthrew and ball ( worse bounce passes then DD last year ). hope its just a glitch and he will start to regain confidence beginning Friday. On the positive BB ran great, no hesitations to take off , only concerns remain from time to time BB took to long making his reads, and tended to still throw high or over throw when under big heat, but did make better scramble decisions then Zac consistently. That is just my opinion from what I saw.

  13. Damn I wish this game was televised. Many aspects of our game that I wanted to watch prior to regular season.

    QB – Has Bridge improved accuracy and pass selection. How will Collaros perform, will he regain what he once had.

    O Line – Have we squared away issues that hindered us last year. Will Vaughan perform at blindside. For our offense to succeed, the line is the catalyst.

    RB – Who’s gonna carry the rock. Is Messam going to show that he still has some in the tank. Like Thigpens run style, who will shine among the others.

    Linebackers – Monrcrief, Eguavoen and the rookies have what we need. Can Francis (Not dressed) and Judge step up ?

    DB – Can Gainey and Company hold down the fort, and will Marshall keep playing well.

    Recievers – Who’s going to stay and who going to go. Like to see how Picton and Williams Lambert do.

    Finally – Who’s going to get the first QB – Willie or Charleston ?

    • Kent Austin ruined that team. And the same went with Collaros’s confidence. He will be back to form with the Riders. The difference in teams in night and day. You will see man from 2015. Mark my words. You don’t forget how to play football.

      • That reply was for Schultz hahaha

      • Where's Shultz? // June 7, 2018 at 7:23 pm //

        Austin ruined the team, but he also created the team. Austin’s also the only Coach to get the Cats above .500 in a long time.

        Only time will tell.

    • I think Big Willie and C Hughes will have fewer sacks than a player who steps up this year for Canada’s Team.

    • Hughes stressed that he doesn’t have any hard feelings against the team that sent him packing — and then he grinned.
      “I treat them like an ex-girlfriend,” he said. “Although we don’t communicate anymore, I’ve established that, ‘You go your way and I’ll go my way. In the end, if I was to see you anywhere, I will say hi.’ ”
      And does that include an on-field greeting for Stampeders quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell?
      “I’ll say hi to him in my own certain way,” Hughes said. “I’m pretty sure he’ll see me from time to time.” There is your answer Yup, lol re Willie vs Hughes. Little Bo Peep is going to loose a ‘flocking’ lot o

    • True Green // June 7, 2018 at 8:56 pm //


  14. PS: glad to see Red get banned. Good job boys!

    • Lancaster/Reed // June 8, 2018 at 1:56 am //

      Looks like drew might be serious about this ban. He deleted a bunch of Red’s posts today.

  15. I sense a lot of apprehension in Riderville this season. Year 3 for Chris Jones, is he the man or not. Starting quarterback issues. Is Zach Colloros the man or not. There is reason for doubt on both issues. When you really stop to think about it, if Chris Jones is the football expert Rider fan’s portray him to be why, why are Rider fans so nervous?

    • Sorry dude your SOOOO wrong, its a very positive feel around the Riders, anytime I went to camp in s’toon folks were buzzing in the stands about how great the year could be if Zac has a good year and Chris’s D is more agressive. SO that apprehension your speculating on and trying to sell us must be coming from your sad sack team. All the is coming from Riderville is Nervous Excitement that we might have the team to host a west Division playoff game and possibly more!!!! # what team has 8 turnovers in a exhibition game and is hoping a SCUM bag ( not Masoli ) of a human will be their starting QB, thats right your TEAM !!!!

      • How did I get to be a Cats fan? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just curious.

        • Speaking of the Cats, my favorite jersey, and I have hundreds, is a CFL retro Cat’s jersey no. 68. That would be as good question for younger CFL fans. Who wore 68 for the Cats!

          • Haha…great memories of him – and I’m a Rider fan. I won’t spoil it….

          • I think that’s one thing about this league is it’s history. Made a trip to Ivor Wynne Stadium in it’s last year. Same with Taylor Field. Just wanted to be there one time before they were both gone. You could sense the history, there was something about being there. Both were special places.

          • Mosca ??? great legendary player btw, that cat alone cost our riders a grey cup or three, lol man , those cat teams were a hurdle gang green couldn’t get the best of , other then ’89 of course!!!. But he Cats teams were something hey !!!! ahh just having bad memories of Graney Henley , with those coke bottle Clark Kent glasses and how he would play 2 ways and burn the Riders at least once per cup game on what ever side of the ball he was on.

          • 1989 Riders 34. Perhaps the greatest football ever played. A classic. Have the tape and still watch it from time to time.

        • Lancaster/Reed // June 7, 2018 at 9:29 pm //

          I dont think its possible to switch cfl allegiance that easily, but i suppose a good start to liking the cats is if they have a particular player you really like. I will never be a Eskimo fan, but because of my respect for Reilly, and how he plays the game, i can occasionally cheer for the Esks, at certain times.

          • Do you remember Ed MuQuarters?

          • Holy cap Tbolt…do I ever. Damn I’m old 🙂

          • I met him. Kind of guy who had muscles on his muscles. But yet such a kind man. Promoting the league, doing his job. This gentle soul scared the hellout of offensive lineman for 10 yrs or so. No 61 as I recall.

          • Yessir

          • MC Quarters and a ex ticat the riders picked up were the early /mid 70s guys I remembered on the dline for the riders as a kid. The other guy was a fellow by the name of George Wells, man that cat was good Ed at dtackle and Wells on the rush end , man , never understood why the ticats dumped wells but glad they did .

    • Where's Shultz? // June 7, 2018 at 7:31 pm //

      Chris Jones is a good football coach, but that doesn’t mean he’s a Mastermind either. The Riders success (or lack of) is all on Collaros this year. If he plays as good as he can, and the O-line plays well too, the Riders will be a very dangerous team. On par with Edmonton, slightly better than Calgary.

    • Huff's Neighbor // June 8, 2018 at 3:21 pm //

      Wrong. Try again please.

  16. No idea why Rider Fan is skeptical about Collaros. I can assure you that he’ll perform at a franchise QB level this year in Regina.

    Collaros just needed to get out of that dumpster fire in Hamilton – – that’s why I was advocating for the Rider braintrust to acquire him last year.

    • I don’t get it either Area51. There is absolutely nothing to be worried about. Zach’s got this. Even Reilly couldn’t have pulled those Ticats from the fire which Austin started. You can see Zach is confident in his interviews, and I’ve watched some film of him from training camp. His throws are confident, I don’t feel like my heart to going to skip a beat when he throws the ball(god last year was bad.. lol). The guy is elite

      • Terrible OLine, non existent run game, slowfooted receivers, embarrassing CIS level play calling – – and people are scratching their heads wondering why Collaros struggled in Hamilton.

        • If you are referring to Ptaszek, Mr. Nostrodamus, yes he was O coach last year, and yes he was a former McMaster coach…but Austin still called the plays. And no one is “scratching their heads”. You have an unproven, injury prone QB who has won NOTHING at the professional level – sounds pretty simple to me.

          • Please remind everyone what John Manziel and Jer Masoli have won at the pro level.

            Can’t wait to hear you spin that one, Hamilton Fan.

          • Did you watch the Stumps vs Riders game tonite, Mr. Nostrodamus? THAT was vintage Collaros. THAT is what us Hamilton “village people” have witnessed for the most part re Sir Collaros. I guess we’ll blame the Saskatchewan O Line,…or perhaps McAdoo’s play calling…or maybe not enough speed at the receiver position, right? LOL!

      • Where's Shultz? // June 7, 2018 at 10:16 pm //

        You’re talking about practice, non-contact practice. Zach looked great at ticats camp last year too.

      • The only thing Zach’s “got” is a whole bunch of dinaro that suckers like your team keep paying for an unproven QB. I predict (OMG – I’m beginning to sound like Mr. Nostrodamus over there) that he’ll be riding off into the prairie sunset within a couple of years with his big, fat satchel of $. “Elite”? LOL!

    • Get real man. Collaros has won nothing. Whines like a little kid when things don’t go his way and blames everyone except himself. Can’t improvise (LIKE MANZIEL). Has average arm strength (UNLIKE MANZIEL). Makes piss poor decisions when the game is on the line (ah…ah…ah choke!). Shows “leadership” by inciting a dust up on some high school field in Alberta with encroaching wildfires – gets a good player booted off the team because of it. Nice. Oh, did I mention he is one loss away from tying a CFL QB futility record (Lucky #13!). You were “advocating” the Rider braintrust to sign him? LOL! Yeah? Well I was “advocating” the Patriot braintrust to coax Gronk out of retirement. Either you are continuously on the sauce or delusional (or both). Or maybe it’s just plain time for a nap?

      • Where's Shultz? // June 8, 2018 at 7:45 am //

        To be fair, Zach was one special teams penalty away from winning the Grey Cup.

        • But he didn’t…fair enough though I know what you’re getting at. I was actually there at BC Place (hey Mr. RobE, did you hear that, I actually “watched” a game) when the debacle unfolded. The Stump fans around me were just as shocked as the TC fans when the call was made. I think the imprints left behind of Banks pounding the turf are still there.

      • LMAO!!! Philski, I can tell you obviously don’t watch the games. You are just a bitter little man. Kent Austin ruined that team, but lets just blame the QB. What a joke. Good luck with Masoli this year. You guys are going to need it. Lol

        • Not bitter at all. And I have been watching games for a very long time. So when I see an over rated, over paid player I’ll call him out. Did you watch the Great Collaros in the Stump game this evening? Enough said.

      • Philski what Manziel sampling are you using for this Manziel vs Collaros comparison? The 12 passes he threw in pre-season? His stellar NFL career? That unbelievable Spring league that blew everybody’s socks off? Or his college days 4-5 years ago? I’m all for Manziel getting another shot, but I’ll believe all these amazing things about Manziel’s arm strength etc when I see them… The fact is, Manziel was at his peak with the Aggies what is it 4 years ago now? He has never found that success at the Pro level. Maybe he finds it up here, maybe he doesn’t.

        • Pretty hard for Manziel to find success when he’s only played in 14 Pro games. Collaros has played in 59. Manziel has still won more games for the Browns than any QB who has since succeeded him there.

      • Suggesting John Manziel has anything more than mediocre arm strength is ridiculous and leave you with ZERO credibility.

        Manziel’s weak arm was one of the biggest concerns about him – – other than his drug and alcohol addictions and mental health issues.

        Watch a strong armed QB like Brett Favre or Hank Burris. It’s effortless how they can zip deep throws on a rope using just their arm alone without even stepping into the pass.

        Compare that to Manziel who has to give it everything he’s got and launch his entire body into a deep throw.

        If you’re going to fabricate nonsensical stories about Manziel having a strong arm, you might as well proclaim that he’s never had any legal issues or problems with drugs and alcohol too.

        That’s how laughable and misinformed your comment was.

        • So says you? Like, you’re the 3D Nation hall monitor, or…? Last time I looked usually one won’t comment on another’s comments if they hold them in low regard…it’s a waste of their time. But you seem to be following me all over the place. If you don’t like my comments then don’t reply to them…or better still don’t read them. Okay, time for your nap now…or some more sauce.

  17. Edward Leslie // June 8, 2018 at 9:15 am //

    Area 51: I like Zach Collaros too, but if he’s so great WHY is he approaching an all-time losing streak record??
    Maybe it was due to the lack of talent he had to work with? Uh, Luke Tasker, Brandon Banks, CJ Gable (before he got dealt to Edmonton), Terrence Toliver, Andy Fantuz and Jalen Saunders. Actually those are very good players, so that can’t be it.

    I’m hoping that Collaros can bounce back and be better than he has the last two years. However, Brandon Bridge is the future in Saskatchewan.
    The question is, will he be the present too (2018).

    • God you people need to watch football games!!! You are literally blaming Kent Austin’s terrible gameplan and team on Collaros. You don’t just magically lose your skills. His team around him was that bad! They didn’t even use speedy B as a receiver while he was qbing(lets not forget there was no good receiver on that field during that time), plus the terrible play by the O-line.
      Let me break this down for you. No Speedy B playing receiver, CJ gable was never used(what 5 rushes a game if that), Andy fantuz didn’t even play last year(was a coach), Toliver went down with injury beginning of the year, Jalen who? that leaves you with Tasker who got double or triple covered. Your logic makes absolutely no sense.
      Collaros will be fine. The Riders O-line is much improved and have the best receiving core in the league. Plus we actually have a run game with different types of backs.

      • Great response Edward you should frame this.

      • Um, no. He never had the skills to begin with…other than a small blimp in the summer of 2015. He has shown nothing since. He has won nothing. He continues to get support from people who, I have concluded, must be friends or relatives otherwise they would not get so bent out of shape over negative comments on someone 0-12…and counting. Oh, and Jalen Who had 1170 yards receiving last year.

      • And if you watched the Stumps vs Riders game tonite you would know what Mr. Edward Leslie above is alluding too.

  18. Had a good laugh at Hamilton Fan downplaying Collaros’ CFL accomplishments and then pumping the tires on Manziel and Masoli.

    As if those two no-talent hacks have accomplished anything at the pro level.

    I’m looking forward to dishing out toadaso’s later this year when Collaros is lighting up the league while Masoli has fallen flat on his face and Manziel has fallen off the wagon.

    • Hey 51 – who’s going to take #2 with your Argos ?

      • Has to be Jim Franklin.

        It’d be too embarrassing for Jim Flopp if his big off season splash is relegated to being a third string clipboard holder. And we know how GMs and coaches will do virtually anything to save face.

        Bethel Thompson needed to outplay Franklin by a huge margin to win the back up job and that didn’t happen.

        But let’s be honest, the titles of “back up” and “third string” are pretty much irrelevant – – what matters is who becomes the starter if and when Ricky Ray gets hurt.

        It’s like when Calgary referred to Andy Buckley as the “back up” last year. Had Mitchell gone down with injury, there’s not a chance in hell the Stamps would have started the Little Gimp. They’d have started Stanzi or brought in someone off the scrap heap.

      • Don’t need a #2 man…100 year old Ricky is going the full monty…will play all 18 games this season sans injury and lead the Argos to another GC…NOT!

    • And just what would those CFL accomplishments be, besides choking when the game is on the line and getting injured? Those 2 “hacks” you refer to haven’t played enough games to make a fair appraisal of their own accomplishments – Manziel has played 14 Pro level games and Masoli has played 27. Collaros has played 59. I would suggest before you open the pie hole and spout off more nonsense that you do your homework first. Oh, and how did the Great Collaros fare in lighting up the Stumps this evening? LOL!

  19. I thought Thompson played far better than Franklin in game 1. Not sure how Franklin played last night ?

    • Much of Bethel Thompson’s yardage cane from defensive breakdowns leading to big YAC gains.

      And in the game against Hamilton he was gifted with great field position on pretty much every drive thanks to the TiCats bumbling offence turning the ball over.

      Could make an argument that he’s been the better of the two QBs but definitely hasn’t outplayed Franklin by any significant margin.

  20. Pennyrocker // June 8, 2018 at 7:16 pm //

    The highlights of the game is watching Bo Peep get sacked by Hughes and Jefferson. Collarus might be all hype and it depends on Bridge to man up.

  21. Red&White Forever // June 9, 2018 at 12:21 am //

    I really hope he didn’t sober up, because there’s 2:44 left in the 4th and Saskatchewan’s starting QB next week (based on tonight’s performance) is…. David Watford!?!?!?!?!?

    • You work all day to get back on here ?

      Wonder how many times we’ve gotta flush to get rid of you!!

      • Red&White Forever // June 9, 2018 at 1:55 pm //

        Good one. Except, I’m not Manyhandles the Troll. You can tell because I know how to spell, use punctuation properly, have a history on this site with this handle, and am not a total ass. Also, yup, if you remember, you and I have had good “football” discussions in the past. I’ll admit the above comment was a bit “troll-y” and I apologize for that, but there IS truth there. Of the perfomnces shown on the field by the Riders QB’s last night, David Watford was the best.

    • Ha! That’s good right there…zing…!

  22. Garcia98 // June 14, 2018 at 11:47 am //


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