Asking about Ricky Ray’s status as starting QB ‘disrespectful’ says Trestman

Marc Trestman is very particular about words.

The Toronto Argonauts head coach was asked on the team’s season preview conference call if there is a competition for the Argos starting quarterback job and he delivered a terse response that made it crystal clear that Ricky Ray is at the top of the depth chart.

The words don’t really do this exchange justice… Trestman was his typical monotone self but there was some bite to it.

Reporter: What does Mr. Franklin have to do or is it possible for him to win the starting job out of camp?

Trestman: James Franklin is vying in a competition with three other quarterbacks – none of who are Ricky Ray. James Franklin’s he’s got to beat out McLeod Bethel-Thomspon first because he has been here and knows the system and Dakota [Prukop] has been here as well. But he does have playing time, we hold him in very high regard. But Ricky Ray is the quarterback here and he’s going to play every down as long as we can play him. There is no other way of saying it. The question is almost disrespectful to Ricky to even say that or ask it, let me put it that way.

Reporter: Well I get paid to ask questions…

Trestman: You can ask whatever question you want. In my opinion to think that James Franklin is going to come in here and compete with Ricky Ray for the starting position is just disrespectful to Ricky Ray.

Reporter: Alright, fair enough.

Fair enough indeed.


18 Comments on Asking about Ricky Ray’s status as starting QB ‘disrespectful’ says Trestman

  1. solara2000 // May 15, 2018 at 3:40 pm //

    Sounds like a fair question, and deserving of a fair answer. I recognize MT is loyal, supportive and appreciative of RR’s talents, accomplishments and entitlement to the starting spot, but the question was not deserving of a ‘put-down’. At some point, while it may not be be about Franklin per se and his chances of displacing Ricky Ray (for whom I have a ton of respect), the question might be answered in the affirmative. Time waits fro no-one.

  2. Glenn Stevenson // May 15, 2018 at 3:41 pm //

    That’s why Trestman is held in such high regard: no miscommunication or chance for interpretation. #1 QB is Ricky Ray. All others to fight for #2 spot. Next question please…

  3. The Town Knucklehead // May 15, 2018 at 3:44 pm //

    Ray just won the Grey Cup (among many) and should be slotted at the #1 spot regardless of TC or preseason play by other QB’s.

    • Ray won’t play in pre-season, they won’t risk him.
      He has enough experience that he will practice every day with the first team offense and watch the other 5 QBs battle it out in pre-season.

  4. Sometimes an answer is a message. This message was meant for Ricky Ray.

  5. Coach Trestman is the class of the league. Got his point across without raising his voice or throwing this or that. He served polite notice to the reporters, RR is their starter and above reproach.

  6. Feeling Blue // May 15, 2018 at 3:55 pm //

    That’s why I like Marc Trestman. To the point, Quiet, calm, stable. Knows how to manage people. No game playing. Ricky just won the ultimate prize. Of course he is #1 and he deserves to be #1. Go Argos Go

  7. Edward Leslie // May 15, 2018 at 4:20 pm //

    It’s not like it’s a ridiculous question. Sometimes the starter is asked to transition into the role of a supportive backup.
    Sometimes it works: Travis Lulay behind Jonathan Jennings. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out:
    Henry Burris backing up Drew Tate in Calgary only lasted a few games before Burris took his talents to Steeltowm; Darian Durant couldn’t even make it to training camp to be Matt Nichols’ backup.

  8. Take this // May 15, 2018 at 4:22 pm //

    That is why I admire Trestman. He is very direct but very professional. He does not admonish the facts by throwing a player under the bus. I can certainly understand why his players would want to be loyal to him. They know he will never lash out at them through the media.

    • admonish the facts? if you didn’t pass grade 5 English, don’t use grade 7 words? How does one admonish the facts? What the H does that mean?

  9. I’ve seen many of his press conferences in Chicago and Marc would have never pushed back this way. Maybe he should have 🙂

    • I agree… he was so different in Chicago. Especially with Cutler – who was like a spoiled kid. I think he’s enjoying his time here. We’re fortunate to have have had personnel like Hufnagel, Trestman, Buono and maybe June Jones in our league.

      • Lennywasout // May 16, 2018 at 8:26 am //

        June’s been in this league for 10 games. He’s not proven anything yet to be considered in the same sentence as those three. Give him a few years here then decide.
        I have yet to drink the “Jones” coolaide.

  10. greenenvy? // May 15, 2018 at 4:46 pm //

    What would you rather have? A direct answer or the token “open competition” response wnen it”s pretty obvious it’s nothing of the sort.

  11. Bleeds Double Blue // May 15, 2018 at 5:33 pm //

    Absolutely right Amicus. That answer was directed towards his team rather than the reporter.

  12. This is what I want to see from a Head Coach. And this is what players want to see. Ricky Ray is in the CFL a star along with Bo Levy Mitchell and Mike Reilly. This is how these elite players should be viewed!

  13. Tiger man // May 17, 2018 at 8:55 am //

    In sports it’s what have you done for me lately.

    Considering Ray’s age, history of injuries and that he considered retiring before last season, I think it’s a very fair question.

    Trestman ..get over yourself.

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