Argos GM Popp truly believes Canadian QB Noah Picton deserves a shot

Toronto Argonauts general manager Jim Popp truly believes Canadian quarterback Noah Picton deserves a shot to play in the CFL.

Popp signed the University of Regina Rams pivot after Picton went unselected in the 2018 CFL draft and addressed the decision during Tuesday’s season preview conference call.

“He was on our draft board and he graded out well enough to be drafted. Sometimes you go through the draft and you could pick all the guys that are available and how they rank and take the best guy and sometimes you have to take need. So it wasn’t a necessary need at quarterback. He’s got things working against him as so-called Doug Flutie when you’re the height you are [Picton measured just over 5-foot-8 and 177 pounds at the CFL combine]. But he’s a tremendous athlete. He’s so cerebral. He plays the game the right way. I’m excited to see what he can do and actually get out there and compete at a pro level,” Popp said.

“This is a guy who wants to be a coach when he’s done playing. I called coach and I talked to the personnel staff and I said I really want to give this young man a chance. So I was glad he wanted to be in camp and come in and compete.”

Picton won the Hec Crighton Trophy in 2016 after setting a USports single-season record with 3,186 passing yards. He followed that up with a first-team All-Canadian selection in 2017. Picton is already the Canada West conference’s all-time leading passer (9,840).

Argos head coach Marc Trestman has not seen Picton play at all, but he’s had some communication with the Regina native.

“I’ve had some text conversations with him and I’ve been impressed with that alone. I hope to get to know him over the next few weeks. I’m very excited to get a chance to get to see him out a practice,” Trestman said.

“Jim speaks very, very highly of him. I’m really looking forward to meeting him, not only from a football standpoint but from a personal standpoint I can just tell by the minimal dialogue that we have had that he’s going to be a fun guy to coach.”


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  1. solara2000 // May 15, 2018 at 3:45 pm //

    Kudos to Jim Popp and Mark Trestman for giving this guy, whom I have never seen play but see his achievements and hear his desire and perseverance, a shot at proving himself. In so many ways, that is what what the CFL has done for past 100+ years.

  2. Jim Flopp also believed no-talent scrubs like Tanner Marsh…Al Brink…Troy Smith…Jon Crapton…Joke Neiswander…Chris Leak…Matt Shits…all “deserved a shot” too.

    Flopp hit the jackpot when he stumbled upon AC Calvillo – – and Trestman – – but other than that, he’s been a total failure at evaluating QBs.

    Picton is a cute little novelty act, but expecting him to play against grown men is laughable. He’ll be out of football within a month.

    • solara2000 // May 15, 2018 at 4:44 pm //

      Do a quick Google on Jim Propp’s tenure in the CFL beginning with his role as as G.M. and Director Player Personnel with the Baltimore Stallions in 1994. Rather remarkable. Yes, he has had a number of players, including QBs, who didn’t make the grade, but I don’t think too many teams would be unhappy with a similar batting average. Oh and by the way, check out the ‘supporting casts’ during AC’s splendid career.

    • Ridersrule // May 15, 2018 at 6:09 pm //

      Do you make these comments to just get a reaction out of people or do you acually believe them ? Popp and Trestman take a team that was going nowhere and in one season win the grey cup . As a fan and with you I use that term very loosely what more could you ask for. Argos could go 18 and 0 and win the grey cup and you would find fault .
      Wow I just realized something , you are the reason for poor attendance at Argo games . People just won’t go because they can’t stand you . The Argos even moved from the skydome to bmo field trying to avoid you but somehow you found the new stadium .

    • you’re a negative little poop disturber! good on you! here’s someone else reacting to your purposefully puerile comments. get what you wanted? good for you!
      i’m not going to talk football with you, it’d be a waste of time.

  3. 5 time Grey Cup winner and 11 appearances, Future HOF’er hardly qualifies as a ‘Flopp.” How is your resume today?

  4. We shall see how he does in camp but frankly with another 5 QBs in there he has a lot of work to do.
    Let’s face it Ray is the starter, Franklin backup, there are two big 6’4″ 220 lb NCAA prospects, Prokup looks pretty good and Jeff Mathews who has CFL experience is in the thick of it too.
    Picton will likely hang around camp but will be gone after pre-season.

  5. Edward Leslie // May 15, 2018 at 3:54 pm //

    Even though there STILL isn’t any ratio incentive to sign a Canadian quarterback, it’s good to see that Jim Popp continues to want to give them an opportunity.

    Picton is facing three bigger and more experienced NCAA grads as competitors for the third string spot behind Ricky Ray and James Franklin:
    Jeff Mathews (Cornell), Dakota Prukop (Montana State/ Oregon) and Mcleod Bethel Thompson (UCLA/ Sacramento State).
    Mathews has been a disappointment for the Argos. Bethel-Thompson and Prukop have seen next to no action under centre.

    I think it’s possible that Picton could win the #3 spot, or at least a Practice Roster spot, but I predict he’ll return for his final year of eligibility with Regina and try and crack the roster next year after Ricky Ray most likely retires.

    • greenenvy? // May 15, 2018 at 4:55 pm //

      Deserves a chance but not getting it in Toronto. It’s telling that in the “disrespectful to Ray” article Trestman was very blunt in mentioning Franklin was competing with 2 other QB’s, none of whom were named Picton. Let’s not kid ourselves here.

      • For sure, there won’t be a serious chance when the coach says he hasn’t seen any film on him.

        But I’m not looking for him to make the team this year, I’m looking at next year and to duplicate the model that Buckley created.

  6. Edward Leslie // May 15, 2018 at 4:05 pm //

    Area 51: He also brought in Brandon Bridge, who’s very good; Kyle Quinlan who would’ve been if he had stuck around and Rakeem Cato, who should still be in the CFL.

    I think Crompton was pretty darn good. He was like the Tim Tebow of the CFL, lots of critics but he found a way to win.

    Troy Smith did good his first season with the Als, despite very little time to learn the playbook or the league itself.
    He won a Heisman trophy and played in the NFL too, so if Popp was wrong about his talent, he wasn’t the only one.

    • Talent isn’t the reason why Cato isn’t still in the CFL….

    • Bridge is good and will be great. Quinlan was not issued an invite to an Als quarterback camp in florida and took it as a snub — rightly — and retired. who knows what he could have done as a pro; that vanier cup performance was pure gold. i wonder whose oversight that was?
      crompton merely had a winning record as a starter. lots of guys — glenn, collaros, jennings — don’t.

      • You’re living in a dream world if you think
        Brando Bridge is going to be a “great QB”, my friend.

        Bridge is a poor man’s Mike Bishop. Strong arm but terrible accuracy and no clue of how to read coverage.

        It’s why Montreal dumped him onto the scrap heap. It’s also why Regina had to go out and finally get a legit franchise QB in Collaros.

        • way more upside with bridge. he’s coachable, bishop wasn’t. bishop was the definition of million-dollar arm, 10-cent brain. but good analogy: both those qbs have cannons.

        • Duececoupe // May 16, 2018 at 8:09 pm //

          Well my friend Brandon bridges QB rating last year was 107 with an average of 9 yards a throw . A 107 QB is pretty high . I just call as I see it .

  7. Winning the Heisman has absolutely ZERO correlation with being a successful QB at the pro level.

  8. Edward Leslie // May 15, 2018 at 5:38 pm //

    Hugh: Cato had issues off the field with Duron Carter and Kenny Stafford, but those guys are still in the CFL.
    If I was a club with little depth at quarterback (Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Montreal), I would extend Rakeem Cato a training camp invitation.
    He is one of three players not in the CFL right now that should be. The other two are Ricky Foley and Kirby Fabian.

    • wewert3 // May 15, 2018 at 9:07 pm //

      Cato had issues with an indoor football team almost 2 months ago. They publically called him disruptive and cut him after playing just a single game.

  9. Jack Upshall // May 15, 2018 at 7:48 pm //

    Pro football is a business. Poop knows this and he has decided to invest. There is Football IQ for sure and a future contributor of some kind d may be in the offing. RAM Mark Mueller is a good example having a stella career coaching with the Stamps.

  10. Wideout // May 15, 2018 at 9:44 pm //

    He should have tried Calgary. That would of been his best bet to be #2 Or #3. They have nothing behind the Boston strangler.

  11. As always, I just call it as I see it.

    Other than stumbling upon AC Calvillo, Jim Flopp has been a disaster at evaluating QB. An absolute failure. Flopp’ inability to accurately assess QBs is a big reason as to why the Alouettes are such a hopeless debacle.

    Up until Calgary’s historic choke job last year, Flopp never won anything when he had to follow the same roster requirements of ratio and salary cap that everyone else did.

    He won a Grey Cup as GM in Baltimore – – after losing the year prior – – when he was allowed to play by a different set of rules and ave an entire team of Imports without a single NI.

    Paying AC Calvillo a “personal services” side contract with Wetenhall allowed Montreal to circumvent the salary cap thanks to the under the table shenanigans. Huge reason for winning those three rings in Montreal.

    The cold hard fact still remains – – Flopp is a terrible QB evaluator.

  12. So how is life like since you were banned from the CFL site for trolling? Glad you found a new home. Any news on getting into those low self esteem classes?

    • Not the first site I’ve been permanently banned from, my friend. Likely won’t be the last, either.

      I never sugar coat my comments. I also do not launch personal attacks on other posters and I do not resort to profanity. My analysis and assessments are always strongly worded and opinionated.

      That’s never going to change, despite the fact that some people aren’t able to handle it.

      • You’re no problem when you tell the truth and are not trolling for reaction, which isn’t much of the time. It’s just a shame you have to be so insecure about it. If you were as smart as you think you are, my friend, you wouldn’t have to resort to trolling for reaction and attention, but you’re not that smart, and you don’t realize it.

        I have no problem attacking those you attack the game I love because they want to bring it down. Be they pathetic American wannabes or soccer trolls who somehow think they are fooling people, I’ll go after them all day long.

        I just have a question for you, if this game is so bad and doesn’t give you any pleasure why do you come here and shit on other people’s parade. IS YOUR LIFE THAT SAD? Apparently it is!

  13. QB up bringing is everything. // May 16, 2018 at 3:36 pm //

    Poop just wants the Regina boy as hostage. So he can get possibly swap one day for his real treasure. That being Ontario boy Brandon Bridge.
    Picton is all right but no where near the quality of Brandon Bridge. All of which comes about from where they played their junior ball. Picton playing for a Canadian Univetsity with a much lower grade of coaching and QB training.

    • wewert3 // May 16, 2018 at 5:45 pm //

      Popp thinks so highly of Bridge that he once released him when the later refused a paycut as well as being demoted to the practice roster.

  14. Edward Leslie // May 16, 2018 at 7:49 pm //

    QB up bringing is everything:
    I’m calling shenanigans on your comments.
    Do you even know the names of any of the coaches at either of Brandon Bridge’s alma maters: Alcorn State and Southern Alabama?
    Can you even say where those two universities sre located?? I doubt it.
    Yet you have no difficulty in automatically proclaiming them as better programs than anything in Canada. Talk about an inferiority complex!!
    It’s not like it was Alabama or Georgia or Notre Dame or UCLA or Ohio State, you know.
    You just buy the hype and accept any anti-Canadian and pro-American bias. Sad.

    • Hammer, nail, head. I always get a kick out of these guys proclaiming any team under any sort of NCAA banner is better than a Canadian program, they are absolutely clueless.

      Do they know anything about the amount of time an NCAA coach can, by rule, spend with a player and that a USports coach doesn’t have that problem.

      Carleton’s basketball coach Dave Smart explained that to an unknowing PTS host Bob McCown. This was a few years ago when Carleton lost in overtime to the number one ranked NCAA team (Syracuse) and beat Final Four finalist Wisconsin.

      But our “NCAA is the almighty” troll friends will never tell you that.

      • solara2000 // May 17, 2018 at 10:54 am //

        Yes! Smaller doesn’t mean inferior.
        But hey Killa, you can’t argue with ignorance, stupidity and/or prejudice.

        • Sure you can argue with that stuff, it`s fun 🙂 Seriously, the reason why I go after these guys is that someone might be a new fan visiting for the first time. They`ll tend to believe anything they read because they are not knowledgeable.

          If you give the Troll51 and Jeffs of the world free rein, there`ll be no fans left to grow the game. I`d rather post real news but if those guys want to play the game, pas probleme.

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