Darian Durant quit on the Riders in 2016: report

Buried at the bottom of Jeff Hamilton’s excellent read in the Winnipeg Free Press on the decision by quarterback Darian Durant to retire is this little bombshell: Durant allegedly refused to play in the final game of the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ 2016 season – despite being healthy enough to do so.

The game was the final one of Durant’s career as a Rider and came at the end of a disappointing campaign for Saskatchewan. Going into that final contest, they were 5-12 and already out of playoff contention.

But the game had playoff seeding implications for both the B.C. Lions and Winnipeg Blue Bombers. B.C. was 11-6 and second in the West Divsion going into the final week of the regular season, while the Bombers were in third at 10-7. A loss by B.C. and a victory by Winnipeg would have given the teams identical records; the Bombers held the tie-breaker, so they would have leapfrogged the Leos into second place — and hosted the West Semi-Final.

Durant played the week before in the final game at old Mosaic Stadium, splitting time with Jake Waters in a 24-6 loss to B.C.

Hamilton’s story says Saskatchewan head coach Chris Jones wanted Durant – who was set to become a free agent after the season – in the finale but the player said he couldn’t go.

According to multiple accounts from people close to the Roughriders organization, this isn’t the first time Durant has quit on a team. A source, with first-hand knowledge of the situation, said Durant refused to play in the final game of his final season with the Roughriders in 2016.

With the Riders officially eliminated from the playoffs, and despite being cleared by the medical staff and with head coach Chris Jones adamant that he wanted him to play against a B.C. Lions team still fighting for playoff position, Durant refused.

According to sources, he said he was too hurt to play, but the overwhelming feeling was Durant chose himself over the team. The Riders cut ties with him, and months later he signed with Montreal. With the Alouettes, he finished the 2017 season with more interceptions (16) than touchdowns (15).

Without Durant in the lineup, Saskatchewan used Brandon Bridge, Mitch Gale and G.J. Kinne at quarterback and the Lions won 41-18, securing second in the West. They would go on to beat the Bombers 32-31 in the West Semi-Final at B.C. Place.

Durant’s final season with the Riders was a tumultuous one with discussion about his future dominating the conversation in Rider Nation. Jones referred to him as a “moderately successful” quarterback and while Durant said he wanted to stay, relationships were clearly strained. Jones ultimately traded Durant’s rights to the Montreal Alouettes, who signed him to a three-year contract before releasing him this winter.


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  1. True green // May 12, 2018 at 2:55 pm //

    Spin spin spin. More and more click bait.

    2016 was a terrible year. DD had a brutal line in front of him and it was his first full year back after two seasons of Major injury. He had previously talke a pay cut to stay and help the Riders, feeling like he owed it to them because of his injuries (which were not his fault) On top of that negotiations were obviously not going well. He had a coach/GM that didn’t support him and he probably had a sense by then of being let go. So if he felt his health wasn’t worth the risk too bad.

  2. Provemewrong // May 12, 2018 at 3:13 pm //

    Hmmmm…. And slider fans burned King Jones for calling him “moderately successful”. Too bad the Bombers did not have this information before acquiring Dud-rant.

    • They “did not have this information”?!? What rock has the Blue Bomber management been living under? This information (and attendant newsworthy quotes) has been public knowledge for almost a year and a half! If they wanted Durant on their team (to the point that they would pay him a $70,000. bonus to sign) so badly…they have nobody to blame but themselves.

  3. Rider Fan // May 12, 2018 at 3:21 pm //

    Yes this could be true. DD shows his professionalism when he played Saskatchewan in Montreal. Cheering when our kicker missed. What DD has done to the bombers is wrong. The Riders know what this is like. Mr Price did the same thing. I don’t feel he is a true team guy. Mike R in Edmonton is a good example of this.

  4. Just another example of a CLASSLESS act by Durant. Also remember when Durant threw his team mates under the bus and blamed his coach after he played several mediocre games and the Sliders failed to score a TD over several games when the Sliders were on one of their many losing skids several seasons ago. Durant has a history of CLASSLESS behaviour; yet Slider fans condone Durant’s taking of 70k from the Bombers despite not playing a down of football and choosing to retire AFTERtaking the money. Very sleazy and CLASSLESS indeed, yet the Slider fan base will regard Durant as a HERO. This also tells you that the Sliders can base as a whole, is also classless.

    • Posting this kind of arrogant rubbish just indicates that you obviously feel a certain kinship with classlessness and those who you deem to possess it; obviously you yourself are well-acquainted with the characteristic.

    • Lancaster/Reed // May 12, 2018 at 3:45 pm //

      Hey loinsfan, still waiting for a name for great B.C. grey cup winning QB that bc can claim as their own ( not a star before arriving like Dickinson, or Austin, or Allen etc.). Who’s left? Roy Dewalt?

      • Another uneducated Sliders fan…I know you wouldn’t know anything about the history of the BC Lions or any other team in the CFL except your CLASSLESS Sliders, and you’re clearly too stupid to know how to Google…otherwise you would know that Travis Lulay not only won the 99th Grey Cup, but also the Grey Cup MVP in 2011. Travis was developed by the BC Lions.

        • Lancaster/Reed // May 12, 2018 at 10:01 pm //

          by your own argument, kent austin doesnt qualify as a great qb, even though he won a grey cup and was the mvp. Austin has more career passing yards than lulay ever will, and he won a second grey cup with bc, something travis will never do. So even someone as extraordinarily stupid as you should be able to see that austin is a better qb than travis. Even durant, who you also say isnt a great qb, was able to lead his team to 3 grey cup appearances, again a monumental feat that travis will never duplicate. So if neither austin or durant can be considered great, then travis can also never be considered great. Joe kapp would be the closest thing to a great bc qb, but alas, he never won the cup, and he was a starter in calgary before bc traded for him. So again , poor bc cant produce a great qb. All the LOINS have ever done is buy great qbs to lead them. Joe kapp, kent austin, Matt dunnigan, damon allen, dave dickinson. And now with a salary management system , the loins can no longer outbid other teams for an all star qb. You can go cry in your beer now , you waste of skin.

          • You are truly a CLUELESS, ignorant Sliders fan…who was the quarterback that won the 1964 Grey Cup? Joe Kapp, that who. So much for your assertion that Kapp NEVER won a Grey Cup. Before you spew out your vitriol, do some basic research. Oh…I forgot; with your limited grade 4 education; you don’t know how to Google. Time to go back to your Kindergarten class…hopefully you might learn something.

          • Lancaster/Reed // May 13, 2018 at 12:49 am //

            Still with the grade 4 joke. Not even capable of looking up new material. My apologies about kapp. He did indeed win a cup. But he still was the full time starter for calgary before coming to bc. So its still true that bc hasnt developed a great qb. I also notice you didnt try to defend the lulay argument. So obviously you concede you were wrong there. Its a start. Hopefully you will be able to increase your mental capacity enough to come up with a 3rd zinger. Slider and 4th grade says more about your education level than anyone elses.

        • RiderPriderBCSux // May 13, 2018 at 1:09 am //

          Hey Loins for life…when you decide on a starting quarterback and a quarterbacks coach that hasn’t played merrygoround with any of the other CFL teams you can talk. Lulay saw his last game and why didn’t BC enter the Durant Durant sweepstakes? And you aren’t arrogant? SMH

          • The Lions didn’t enter the Dudrant sweepstakes because Buono knows that Dudrant quit on the Sliders; is a is classless football player; is a “me first” football player. As for Lulay he will be in a Lions uniform and likely playing again in 2018.

        • Well said Lionsfan4life well said

      • bigboypants // May 13, 2018 at 1:50 am //

        No better, tougher QB than Joe Kapp who is forever linked to BC. Who can forget Kapp & Mosca renewing acquaintances a couple of years on stage? Classic.

      • Mr Red. // May 13, 2018 at 12:01 pm //

        Ummmm……. Travis Lulay, Roy Dewalt, Joe Kapp
        lol Lancaster Reed, once again you look foolish. That’s more than the riders have had. Kent Austin and Durant are the only ones! lolololololololololololololol

        • Mr. Red, Lancaster/Reed must be forgiven for being foolish. He has an excuse unlike greeenvy. Both are foolish because they are uneducated, classless Sliders fan whose mothers won’t let them play with one another in Lancaster/Reed’s sandbox on Mothers Day.

          • What a complete stooge. Envy is about as much of a Rider supporter as you are intelligent.

        • Lancaster/Reed // May 13, 2018 at 2:19 pm //

          Reading comprehension still not up to adult level yet huh Mr Ed? If you followed the conversation in any way shape or form, I said by loinsfan own standards, Lulay is not a great QB. If Austin isnt a great QB , then neither is Lulay. Are you really that f*cking stupid not to understand that? And are really trying to say Roy Dewalt is potential hall of fame QB? I’m starting to think you really did have a brain embolism.

    • MR. Green // May 12, 2018 at 4:34 pm //

      This Lions fan is a joke. He has zero football knowledge. Every comment he is classless, a word he seems to use a lot, as well as sliders, he must love hamburgers.
      His next comment and one’s after that will all be the same. It makes sense he is a Lion’s fan. He repeats himself, like a copy machine. He’s a copycat.

      • Not at all he just knows that the sliders slid from first place to last place and makes total sense keep up the awesome work lionsfan4life

        • Lancaster/Reed // May 13, 2018 at 10:44 am //

          Oh look, just like mr red, loinsfan has a fanboy, except this one is braindead.

    • Hey Loins – here you are again trying to get your minimum 70 “slider” words in for the day. Have you been a Lionsfan 4 all 11 years of your “life” or do you just think “Lions” is a cool name for a team ? Just wondering…most fans might actually discuss matters pertaining to their team rather than rattling out the same mind numbingly LAME “sliders” remark on every Rider thread.

      Maybe ask your therapist if you could try another less than clever word next week. Then if you catch on really quick, maybe you can progress to using it in a full sentence.

      • This coming from the fan based with such creations as Stumps and Chokepeders,

        • C’mon manyhandles….this clown is starting to make you tolerable. At least you have a vocabulary of more than 2 words.

          • greenenvy? // May 13, 2018 at 1:56 am //

            And then there’s Grumbling. Where is he LATELY. Almost TIME for HIM to APPEAR. Wait, I hear FoOtSTEPs.

      • Actually Lions is an awesome name but roughriders keeps me thinking of that cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain.

        • Lancaster/Reed // May 13, 2018 at 10:46 am //

          Then maybe you should learn a little history that goes beyond your date of birth.

        • Joe don’t give greenenvy and lancanster?reed any ideas, because if you do, they might decide to SCREW themselves in a wheat field while chasing gophers because there are NO mountains in Saskabush.

          • Little late with your infantile “slider” comments today Loin chops. Father Phil Mcavity keep you behind after church today ?

        • Lancaster/Reed // May 13, 2018 at 3:12 pm //

          Why do you think of brokeback mountain when thinking roughrider? Thats kind of an odd connection. Do you often have random thoughts about brokeback mountain? Say,in the middle of a dream? Or seeing some guy eat a hotdog? Are you suppressing some deep emotions, perhaps?

        • Makes you reflect back on your days on the BBM set as a stunt double Joe ?

  5. grumblingaboutgreen // May 12, 2018 at 3:27 pm //

    of COURSE jones would want to stick durant back out on the field for a MEANINGLESS game like that! saskatchewan is still feigning SURPRISE that the so called COACH they hired is only in it for HIMSELF. looking at it from joness perspective its a WIN WIN to put durant out there. if he plays WELL then you get a win in your final GAME and get to go into the OFFSEASON spinning the story to say things were IMPROVING despite the MASSIVELY horrible performance through MOST of the season. if he plays BADLY or gets HURT or simply REFUSES then you can finally CAST him OFF instead! this second OPTION plays into joness narcissistic desire to REMAKE the team in his OWN image by cutting and trading EXISTING players and REPLACING them with men that only he can take CREDIT for hiring.
    the FLIP SIDE to this of course is that when his team PERENNIALLY finishes in the BOTTOM HALF of the division there is NO ONE ELSE on whom he can foist the BLAME. even firing ASSISTANTS and positional coaches and COORDINATORS still casts a long SHADOW over the poor JUDGEMENT that led to their hiring in the FIRST place. half of riderhole must have an entry on their RESUME by now from the time they were cast as joness SCAPEGOAT!

    • TheLastArgoFan // May 12, 2018 at 4:41 pm //

      Typing when you have Tourette’s syndrome must be tough.
      Is there not medication for that?

    • This is what happens when you mix your arthritis medication with viagra. Cleary diverts blood flow to your fingers making it hard to type.

      • greenenvy? // May 13, 2018 at 2:00 am //

        Why would you need viagra for your fingers? Oooohhh……never mind, Yup.

  6. True green // May 12, 2018 at 3:38 pm //

    “A source with first hand knowledge”. Well that settles it.

  7. Where was this Bomber Apologist and his story when Durant signed in Winnipeg?

    Nothing weaker than the hypocritical baglicks who suddenly change their take on a player as soon as he departs from/arrives with their favourite team.

  8. Edward Leslie // May 12, 2018 at 3:40 pm //

    I don’t agree with Durant sticking it to Winnipeg by keeping the $70,000 signing bonus. Its like he’s punishing Winnipeg, who still had faith in him after both Saskatchewan and Montreal kicked hin to the curb, with Montreal denying his signing bonus there.

    I don’t get this “new information” though. A banged up veteran quarterback opting out of a meaningless season finale? Big deal. It seems like a good time to finally give the other quarterbacks on the roster some reps anyway. Why did Jones want Durant to play so bad in a nothing game? Strange.

    • Lancaster/Reed // May 12, 2018 at 3:55 pm //

      Not so strange. Jones obviously still had questions regarding Durant’s abilities , and probably his desire as well. I can’t picture Reilly refusing to play in the same situation.

    • greenenvy? // May 13, 2018 at 2:10 am //

      It may also be a matter of doing it for the coach who saw Durant as healthy. Coach wants you to play & you say no. What happens if a manager asks you to do your job & you refuse? You aren’t seen as a company man & you don’t last long with that company. Who knows DD’s reasoning? Durant’s proud & stubborn. He may have been making some point but it doesn’t play well if you want a coaching position in the CFL – it’s a small circle.

  9. It was all due to the fact that Durant hated Jones.
    Nonetheless it was wrong and selfish on DD to do that because he let down
    his teammates.

  10. Blackhawk89 // May 12, 2018 at 4:15 pm //

    Jeff Hamilton got journalism degree from a box of cereal

  11. MR. Green // May 12, 2018 at 4:23 pm //

    Wow 3down, that is a stupid and outright lie. Who are your sources because I too have sources. Jones asked Durant if he didn’t mind not playing the whole game because he wanted to look at the other guys. Durant was feeling effects from his ankle, so they agreed to just sit out as in was a meaningless game. This guy has never quit on the Riders. He carried them to the 13 grey cup. Played well enough to win two more. Had us dominating and in first in 2014 until his injury. That injury is why they never won it all in 14. Another team was able to fall to the Grey Cup in 14 and win by a phantom penalty.
    Sources say Drew and Justin are a couple of hacks who cheat, lie and are clueless quite often so they make up stories. This is a reliable source. Even though this source can only bark, he is smarter and can smell a fraud from a mile away. He also always seems to wanna head toward Calgary too. Who’s from there?

    • TigersCoach // May 12, 2018 at 4:58 pm //

      Who are the sources? Did you even read the article? The article is literally about another news article. They quote the article and name the reporter. What more are you asking about? Your blind hatred of 3DN is sad, bordering on pathetic. You hate them, but can’t wait for their next article to come. SMH…

      • TigersCoach, Mr. Green is just another uneducated Sliders fan with a Grade 4 education (who did not progress to Grade 5 because he cannot read; or if he can read, he cannot understand plain English). Feel empathy for the poor man (after all he is a Slider fan) and be thankful that you are NOT like him.

      • True green // May 12, 2018 at 11:49 pm //

        There is no named source. Read the article above and follow the link. Just a “source with insider information”.

    • lol you think no Durant injury in 2014 automatically means they would have won the cup in 2014?? This is pure speculation. Championship teams find ways to win even with injuries.

      • Duececoupe // May 12, 2018 at 11:33 pm //

        well I guess you can’t include your mighty stamps in that bold statement . They find ways to lose

      • True green // May 12, 2018 at 11:50 pm //

        Not when it’s your QB. God forbid Bo goes down, Stamps are done.

  12. This is blown way out of proportion, healthy enough to play and healthy are not the same thing.. every team that misses the playoffs has banged up veterans sit meaningless games

  13. I love all the 3down haters in the comments lol.. if your unhappy with their coverage why do you give them what they want by clicking the article and then commenting.. It’s like buying tix to a team you hate..

  14. I can’t believe that 3Down has sank so low as to engage in the bitter gossip that surrounds Darian Durant’s departure from Saskatchewan. There are forums that are infested with attestations from fans “in the know” with the latest “accurate information” about what happened between Durant and Jones. Unfortunately all of it is from the perspective of Jones supporters / employees that have no vested interest in crossing a vindictive GM. None have provided “accurate information” from Durant’s perspective. The truth is that the relationship between Durant and Jones deteriorated that was likely fanned by Jones treatment of other players on the team. What happened between Jones and Durant is their business only.
    Very disappointed that 3Down has sunk to such a level to reporting on vicious gossip and rumour. Keep your standards higher than this. There are plenty of rider forums out there to engage in this sort of 12yr old schoolgirl behavior (no offence to 12 yr old schoolgirls).

  15. Doug Mc Clintock // May 12, 2018 at 5:05 pm //

    3DownNation has become a sports tabloid, like the National Inquirer or such ! It is almost out of control at times and we never know what is true or not. I always thought sport people were better then that but I guess I was wrong. i SURE HOPE THINGS GET BETTER !

  16. Oh ,oh…….this is all fake. There is no way any negative story involving the riders could possibly be real.
    Rider fans will use examples such as Jones and Durant shaking hands in the final game as proof.

    We are back in reality.
    This is such a dysfunctional organization it’s not funny. Hopefully rider fans can grasp this someday.

    Fanfest is over, I have my tickets, new fridge magnet schedule is up. Huff said everything is great.

    The Calgary Stampeders, winning soon is a stadium near you.

    • Wears Red but really he bleeds Green // May 12, 2018 at 5:27 pm //

      Red what does it feel like? You know, living in that tiny wee little pea brain! Man it has to suck to be you. A despicable little man with a we little pea brain and a mobsterous jealousy of relevant the Saskatchewan Roughriders are. Compared to the incredible irrelevant Stamps. It just eats you up; dosent it!

    • Lancaster/Reed // May 12, 2018 at 6:42 pm //

      But sadly, not in commonwealth in november.

    • Rider fans were talking about this during and after the BC. This is old news just hashed back up. Some people just can’t let the past die.

    • Mr. Red…great post and well said. The truth hurts, but Slider fans will not believe the truth or see the truth for what it is.

      • Lancaster/Reed // May 12, 2018 at 10:06 pm //

        You guys ARE twins. How cute. So that means loins4life is also a sociapath with no real freinds. YOU TWO ARE JUST SO SPECIAL.

      • Says Lions fan? Dude how is your organization and fans doing? Bah hahahahaha. Take a seat son. Go cheer for a real team with fans like the WhiteCaps

    • Lancaster/Reed // May 13, 2018 at 2:15 am //

      Wow, the stamps are really breaking the bank. New fridge magnet schedule!!!!! how could the team afford 3 dozen of those for their fans?

  17. Cuzzinator // May 12, 2018 at 5:10 pm //

    Ahhh yes. The always reliable ‘unnamed sources” . So no way to verify the truthfulness of the story.

  18. Quit on the Rider nation… the revered and exalted Rider nation? Will Durant quit on his child?

    • Provemewrong // May 12, 2018 at 5:46 pm //

      OK… Even for your history of inane comments, this is just cruel to comment on his child. You are not an honorable man.

      • Give me a break. It’s not my comment and you know it

        • Provemewrong // May 12, 2018 at 7:07 pm //

          Then you should complain to 3DN that some one is using your handle. I was pretty sure that they do not allow identical user names????

        • BS Red. When my name has been used, I bring it to Drews attention. The comments are deleted and it’s quiet for a few days. Your “phantom post” is still up and apparently happens DAILY!!. I think it’s just your multiple personalities shining through.

        • Lancaster/Reed // May 12, 2018 at 10:38 pm //

          Mr ed. Maybe stamps finally was able to pick the locks that keep him chained in your basement, and instead of just being your fanboy, he decided to help you step up your trolling to new heights by posting under your name.

    • Ridersrule // May 12, 2018 at 6:14 pm //

      Just when I thought lionsfan4life and area51 surpassed you as 3down nation resident troll you made this comment and totally redeemed yourself .

    • look a$$hole…dump on players, if you really must…they pay the price for being in the public eye…BUT NEVER, EVER bring their families into it…didn’t think it was possible for you to get any lower…but you continue to outdo yourself! You are, quite possibly, the most disgusting, vicious, vindictive, troll on the planet. That family comment defines everything that you are! GET HELP!

    • Again you bring children into this? You are disgusting. I have zero shame stating that I hope your kids abandoned you if you have any. You are mental.

      • Why would I make the comment then deny making it? If I want to make a terrible statement and not own up, why wouldn’t I simply create another handle?
        If it’s a problem complain to Drew yourself! You won’t because he will erase the IP of the culprit and expose them 🙂

  19. Outwest // May 12, 2018 at 5:49 pm //

    I just lost a whole lot of respect for Durant, a whole lot. I take back all I said about him deserving the 70g he kept from the Bombers. Me thinks he had that planned from the start, very classless.

    • not at all planned…he spent 3 weeks on his own dime..OK, he took some of it from the 70K, to pay for training in Atlanta (his home remains in Regina) to prepare for the upcoming season. So, it isn’t possible that he would spend on that if he had no plans to play.

    • It’s about time everyone in Sask. woke up to this phoney Durant .,He’s been using the fans for years….6666

  20. Kyle Walters gets stiffed by Durant and all of a sudden this story comes out. Walters is known as one of the biggest back biters around the CFL. He’s nothing but a knee cap artist. I hope his Bombers suck this year because this is how he goes about things.

  21. Take this // May 12, 2018 at 7:02 pm //

    Read the story again. “Durant allegedly refused to play” . In other words, someone speculated that he refused to play. “A source close to the situation”… that could be anyone from Murphy (who would say anything that Sir Chris wanted him to say), to Gainer’s cousin to the guy that cleans the locker room. “The overwhelming feeling” … yes, someone knew better then Durant how his ankle felt. This is not news; it is not a story. It is pure speculation. He said, she said. This speculation had wings right after that game. It isn’t even new speculation. You are recycling old rumours that had no proof then and none now. If you actually wanted to make this into a story, why did you not contact Durant and ask him for his side of the story? Don’t just rely on unnamed sources that probably get a paycheck signed by Jones.
    I would not blame Durant even if he chose not to play. The O line that year was absolutely brutal. None of us, not even unnamed sources, have any idea what had gone down previously between Durant and Jones. It was obvious by then that Jones had no use for anyone that he had not brought in and could take credit for and Durant was obviously not one of “my guys”. Why would Durant want to play to get beat up behind an O line that couldn’t stop my grandmother when his ankle was less then 100%, he was leading a team that needed introductions before every game (103 players suited up that year over 18 games) for a coach that hated him? Why? Durant had taken a pay cut for this?
    As for Durant doing a victory dance and gesturing to the Rider bench after beating the Riders, I can’t criticize him for that because I did the same dance and the same gesture, dancing across my living room.
    If all this criticism happened on the grid iron, there would be a penalty called. It would be piling on.
    You don’t know what Mike Reilly would do. I respect and admire Mike Reilly, a class guy. But he never played under those circumstances. When Chris Jones was in Edmonton, he was just a coach. He had a GM that kept him under control. I think that is why Jones understands Duron Carter because Jones also would be better if someone had a talk with every day to keep him under control. Speaking of which, if you want to criticize someone for quitting on a team, look to Chris Jones. Just a few days after winning a Grey Cup in Edmonton, he quit on his team to take a new job. He quit on Calgary to take a job in Toronto. In fact, the Argos were fined for that move. That is a day that will make me happy; when Jones quits on the Riders and he will. Past history is a good indicator of future behaviour. And as we all know very well, there is no fury like a Rider fan scorned.

    • How far up Durant’s butt are you???? Jones moved onto a better job in Sask, he didn’t quit on Edmonton. He improved his position, his present salary and his future. Most people would of did what he did. Durant threw his teammates under the bus a lot during his tenure in Regina. He was good at getting to the big game but could never win it. It took Sheets running for 200 yards for the Riders to win in 13. You have Durant beer goggles on.

      • Take this // May 12, 2018 at 7:43 pm //

        And who got the Riders to that Grey Cup game? In three games, Durant was 60 of 77 for a 77.9% completion rate. 795 yards passing, 8 TDs, no interceptions, 17 carries for 141 yards. I am not up Durant’s butts or any one else’s. Just a fan of good football. But I assume you are a Jones fan. Keep those green goggles on and keep drinking that green koolaid. You will need it.
        By the way, Durant’s quarterback rating in playoffs was 116.

      • Take this // May 12, 2018 at 8:31 pm //

        Yes and Chris Jones has never thrown anyone under the bus, huh? You didn’t give Jones an excuse for cutting out on Calgary to go to Toronto where he went for the same position? That’s why Toronto was fined. Jones was still under contract to Calgary. It turned out to be a lucky day for Calgary though. Keep defending Jones though…while you can.

      • “would have did what he did”…are you another uneducated Slider fan with a grade 4 education? Your sentence should read: Most people would have DONE what he did. Hopefully you will learn something new today. However, since you are a Sliders fan I do not hold out much hope of that!!!!

        • Wideout // May 12, 2018 at 9:25 pm //

          Should have been a comma after the “since you are a sliders fan” in your last sentence.
          What an egg roll loving piece of s hit you are. Go get your umbrella and go for a walk, pathetic boy.

        • We learned that you are in grade 4 and like tiny burgers. Tiny burgers, to go with your tiny thought process, and your tiny tool….you tool.

          Now go give mom a hand baking cookies for snack time on Monday. And remember to be mindful of your classmates with allergies.

        • Lancaster/Reed // May 12, 2018 at 10:11 pm //

          Just how lame are you that you cant come up with anything more than “ sliders” and “ grade 4 education” as an insult. You have used it in most of your posts today. It just confirms that you are so monumentally stupid that your tiny little brain cant come up with even an iota of an original joke. Good thing for you that it isn’t necessary to look up the meaning of the word monumental, you can just ask Siri , assuming you are able to pronounce it. Good luck with that.

  22. “The Riders cut ties with him, and months later he signed with Montreal.”

    IIRC, the Riders traded the rights to Durant to the Als and he signed a new contract with the Als a week later.

    HEY TURD DOWN………Get your facts straight.

  23. This all speaks to the culture going on in Sask. Jones creates a self centered locker room with the “type” of players he brings in. Carter wouldn’t play against Calgary Oct 20th unless it was defense. He knew Calgary’s secondary had his number so he wasn’t going to play receiver again. That is what lead to the fight in practice that rider fans don’t like to talk about

    • Lancaster/Reed // May 12, 2018 at 8:23 pm //

      Just blatantly making up bullshit now. And you wonder why you dont get the benefit of the doubt when your double says outrageous things. You really have a serious mental problem . No joke. Get off social media and seek professional counseling.

      • Say what you will. Buy it makes sense. And you are the ones avoiding conversations of what happened that day at practice

        • Lancaster/Reed // May 12, 2018 at 10:17 pm //

          It also makes sense that the only reason bo would give calgary a deal on his salary, is because he is being payed under the table to keep the stamps under the cap. See how this works? Someone like you who is easily proven to be classless, should just stfu.

          • Wrong. Bo likes it here and is willing to take less so others can be resigned. That’s what good teammates do. That’s what champions do.

  24. Mr. Red 2 // May 12, 2018 at 8:44 pm //

    This is old news. Similar reports went out in 2016. Not sure what the big deal is.

  25. RU4Real // May 12, 2018 at 9:05 pm //

    This thread clearly makes one wonder who is the worse troll Lionsfan4life or Mr. Red. Neither of you know your azz from a hole in the ground.

  26. you wouldn’t recognize truth if it jumped up and kicked you in the face. Truth is DD was getting rocked all year long. The last several games he played hurt. Jones had already dissed him, and he had no reason to trust Jones who had already cut Dressler and Chick. Jones also beat him out of bonus money…do some research, and you will find out how he did that, instead of spending your time trolling. And quit being a king size jerk for bringing a man’s family into your vitriol.

    • So Jones is the jerk is what you’re saying. I agree. What’s Darian D’s excuse not to play when injured? Bo did it last year and the second he brought it up you called him an excuse maker.

      • Take this // May 12, 2018 at 11:05 pm //

        Huge difference between playing hurt when the game means something and you are heading into the playoffs, and playing hurt when the game means nothing and you have last place all wrapped up. Add to that a dismal O line that multiplies your chances of getting injured again and a head coach that has thrown you under the bus before and you have no respect for. Where would be the incentive to play that last game? There were 103 players that suited up for the Riders that season. There were very few players that Durant would have felt any real loyalty to on that team. Probably didn’t even know some of their names. It was very obvious by that point that Jones would never refer to Durant as “one of my guys”.

        • grnrider // May 14, 2018 at 3:00 pm //

          Add to DD’s injury, bad O line & meaningless game the fact that negotiations were NOT going well at all between the Riders (Jones) & DD. Darian had already lowered what he was willing to re-sign for to the point that it was a ridiculously low amount. So why would DD want to play in that game when he could get hurt even worse when there was a very good chance that he could end up a free agent. Any QB with a brain wouldn’t have played in that game.
          And to all the 3 down nation bashers – the story was NOT written by 3 down nation – it was written by Jeff Hamilton from Winnipeg Free Press. So go after him instead of Drew & Justin. 3 down is only reporting what is all over twitter. And of course Jeff is on the Bomber’s side – he has to be to keep a good working relationship with them!
          The DD haters are out in full force – they never went away. It’s ridiculous how much crap is on social media. What DD did is no different than what MANY other players in all sports leagues have done over the years. As training camp gets closer & the player is training to get into shape they realize that they no longer have the will to play. So they retire. No big deal. Except when it’s a former Rider player & 1 that a few vocal minority hate. Add in the Bomber whiners and its a big deal. I never knew how bad the Bomber fans are until now. I thought when they cheered DD’s injury in Wpg is was just a vocal few – I realize now that I was wrong. Although there are the odd Lions & Stamps fans raising cain, the majority of the fans from other teams are supporting DD and understand that it was JUST A FOOTBALL LIFE DECISION!
          People need to grow up & get a life!

      • no, jerk, i said no such thing…you have me confused with someone else. But, yes, Jones handled that like a jerk. Maybe, he learned from that. Darian didn’t deserve to be thrown under a bus. Jones was too wrapped up in his own importance. I am a Rider fan, but I can be objective. You, however, think anything Red can do no wrong. Why should Doubles play when injured? If Jones was using his head, instead of trying to pad his miserable stats, he would have been trying to see what the back-ups could do. Why would doubles risk more injury to support a guy who just dealt a terrible blow to his career? not to mention screwing him out of bonus money. for what?
        Incidentally, you just unwittingly answered the reason that he decided not to play for WPG…he couldn’t give his best, when conflicted with family interests. Darian, like many elite athletes, took pride in being the very best that he could be…anything less was unthinkable. And that is why he didn’t want to put in a half-hearted effort in the peg.

  27. And, BTW, during the altercation, which DC did not start, he flippantly said that playing D was easy…this after his defender was trash-talking him. Jones was short on D, so after talking to DC about playing D, DC went in and had Bo Mitchell eating huge helpings of crow.

    • uh huh,, than why the fight and Carter almost getting cut?

      • why are you always so ill-informed/..there was NO CHANCE, NONE WHATEVER, of DC getting cut. If anybody said that, it was conjecture on the part of stupid media types who didn’t do their research.

  28. Darian Durant is the personification of class. He never tried to snow reporters, always told the truth, to a fault…and was never deceptive in his answers.

    • Take this // May 12, 2018 at 10:51 pm //

      Agreed. All his former team mates liked playing with Darian. Several of them remain close friends with him.

    • Durant is a liar..constantly pointing fingers at his teammates The first mention of Durant, or Shivers, or barrett being named for the Plaza I’m gone !!!

  29. Now Chris Jones is taking his shot…. These little CFL MOB bosses are like the Casa Nostra.

  30. My my , where is Guido and his fiddle ?

  31. Stamps fan fest was a huge disappointment. Major waste of time. Poor attendance as well.

  32. GreenGreenBlood // May 12, 2018 at 10:58 pm //

    Saskatchewan Roughriders 2013 Grey Cup win courtesy game MVP Kory Sheets, not Darian Durant.
    Darian is a quitter as this 3DownNation headline correctly quoted. More stories to follow on this selfish man. They’ll leave you stunned.

    • Take this // May 12, 2018 at 11:29 pm //

      I think you have already been stunned. Durant in the three game playoff run went 60 for 77, a 77.9% completion rate. 795 yards passing, 8 passing touchdowns, no interceptions, 17 carries for 141 yards. Yes, Sheets played very well. But if you actually check out the stats, Durant had an incredible three games. It isn’t mutually exclusive that if one played well, the other one couldn’t have. If you really had green, green blood, why can you not admit that Durant was the starting quarterback for the best years the Riders have had in recent memory, appearing in the Grey Cup three times in five years. You Rider fans have an annoying vindictive streak that really turns on past Rider heros. I suppose your father was one of the fans that booed Ron Lancaster.
      As for the story, that is the point, they didn’t “correctly quote ” anyone. Who did they quote? Where are their names? The selfish people are you Rider fans who, for some reason, are unable to allow Durant to have the respect he deserves but are so eager to hear more innuendo and unsubstantiated rumours. Pathetic.

  33. Mr Red, where are you getting your information from? Who said Carter was almost cut after the fight? Someone “close to the situation”?

    If I remember correctly, it was this website that made that up. I beleive they also said he was sent away on the very next flight. You may want to find a better source for your information.

    • He texted out after the incident. “well it was nice while it lasted”

      • that was the funniest part…he was yanking chains…i guess it worked, cuz it yanked yours…he admitted that later.

    • You are absolutely right Haplo, they said he was already booked on the next flight out of town.

  34. Another meaningless article in my opinion. Durant is RETIRED quit trying to drag him thru the mud. He and Jones did not get along from day 1. The GM/HC won out because he is the final say. Bombers gave him a bonus and have ALSO cut players as ALL CFL teams do to avoid paying a BONUS. What goes around comes around eventually with CONTRACT OBLIGATIONS no matter the situation as the Bombers just found out. Best of luck to Darian and the Bombers on a great 2018 year and season.

  35. Guys , when a reporter won’t name sources, it’s often because the source doesn’t want to be identified. It doesn’t mean they are making it up.
    Could be there are moles inside riderville or local reporters who don’t want to be known as saying this.

  36. FYI some stats from Huff today
    In the last decade the Stampeders have won 71 regular season home games. That’s 16 more then the next closest. The have hosted 9 playoff games and won 7 of those.

  37. Red…let’s get something straight. I was a sports scribe, briefly, back in the day. Controversy sells paper…at least, back when people actually read newspapers. And, on a slow day, you couldn’t just have blank sports pages. We needed to create enough copy to support the ads on the pages. And, you just couldn’t dig up, or borrow, some story because plagiarism was a “no excuses” cause for immediate dismissal. So, we sometimes made up stuff…and waited for the firestorm…oh, what fun! And fools like you would eat that stuff up, hook, line, and sinker. Sometimes we would get angry, threatening, calls to the sports department. We would always be careful not to defame anyone, but stuff like a pending phantom trade, was fair game. It sold papers, got a lot people engaged, and was a lot of fun. But, I am still steamed that you brought DD’s family into the discussion. That was, and is, an absolute NO-NO. NOBODY SHOULD EVER STOOP THAT LOW. That is the definition of scum of the earth.

    • If you did that you were a pretty poor, untalented journalist. Not surprising you didn’t go far.

      • Lancaster/Reed // May 13, 2018 at 1:12 am //

        I notice you arent denying bringing durants kid into your vitriol. Just more proof that you have the integrity of a low-life scumbag. Not that i needed more info to prove your complete lack of integrity.

    • greenenvy? // May 13, 2018 at 2:29 am //

      Look where that’s gotten us. The media today is fake news to a large extent & that’s a huge problem. The media should be where people can go to for factual information in order to make informed decisions. Instead politicians etc will tell bald faced lies & expect not to be called on it. The media has abdicated their responsibility to the public. Oh, what fun.

      • Say it ain’t so Envy….politicians lie, and the news media embellishes things ??

        Thank God for social media 🙂

  38. NO…actually my sports editor was really disappointed when I quit…tried to talk me into staying. I loved being a scribe, but the hours were really bad, most of my peers had been divorced, some were alcoholics, mostly due to the hospitality rooms, and all were very poorly paid. It didn’t take me long to figure out that a different career would be preferable. I didn’t want to go down any of those roads.
    I did much better…English became my pursuit…and teaching…even teaching public speaking. And now, semi-retired, I still write speeches, write jingles/poems for special occasion, prepare and proofread documents, including legal documents, all for hire. So, red, as long as people still pay me to write, even though I have had various successful businesses, wouldn’t that attest to my talent as a writer? Never mind, how could you get your agitated, vindictive, mind around any of the above.

    • A journalist who makes stories up isn’t a journalist,they are a fiction writer.

  39. OK..I didn’t proofread my post…should read special occasions

    • greenenvy? // May 13, 2018 at 2:41 am //

      That’s great but how does anyone know your latest posting is not just made up? You’ve just posted an ad for yourself, your qualifications as a freelance &, as you state so well, are you just “creating copy” to support the ad? I’m being facetious, DAKAZ, but I’m not sure why half truths woild bother you in light of your past experience. Oh, what fun, right???

      • Well, greenway, at that time I was getting PAID to create copy. So, I couldn’t just “turn in” a blank page. Besides, our editor, sort of encouraged it to sell newspapers. I don’t have to sell anything here.

  40. Rider4life // May 13, 2018 at 2:16 am //

    Hey Red it was a heated scuffle that lasted a whole 2 mins lmao. All teams have scuffles during practice. As that evening they were all out bowling together having drinks. What went on during scuffle was blown out by reporters that weren’t even there. If you would have read jovon Johnson or Chris jones interviews it’s the same as what I just said as reporters reported if Grant and Carter getting pit on plane and never to play in CFL again. Lol as 2 or 3 reporters reporting shit when they were in the states or eastern Canada and having no clue what went on. It’s the same guys you idol red the boys from 3down that print shit when then didn’t have a clue and start rumors. Get your facts straight before you open your twat MR RED.

      All scuffles only last a few minutes. Have you ever seen a scuffle that lasts longer?
      Don’t you find it a little contrite, the bowling trip and then the tweet of the the picture of them looking all buddy buddy? If that was a just a regular practice incident, why Carters tweet and why was the other player cut?????????
      Based on your response above I must ask; who are you trying to convince, me or yourself???

      • Roll over ans say Happy Mothers Day to your sister

        • Mr Red. // May 13, 2018 at 10:32 am //

          and I’m the disgusting troll? Why do I get called out when comments like this go unmentioned??

          • Yes….you are the disgusting troll. Let’s add ignorant,vile and unethical to the mix too.

          • Green&Gold // May 13, 2018 at 11:06 am //

            What I see Mr Red, is that people often respond to your comments which violate the rules listed out in the “About Us” section on this site. Although I don’t find those replies to you appropriate, it would not happen if you didn’t initiate it. When that’s the case, you kinda get what’s coming to you. Stay on topic and this site is awesome.

        • Mr Red. // May 13, 2018 at 11:01 am //

          Happy Mother’s Day Rouge

        • Provemewrong // May 13, 2018 at 7:32 pm //

          Rouge. I don’t think Mr Red is from Saskatchewan. Are you just having a family memory flashback?

      • Once again, you answer your own stupid question. The “other guy” was, indeed, cut. So, why do you think a talent like DC would be cut just to appease a guy who couldn’t make the team…or even think that thre was the slightest chance he would be cut.

  41. Take this // May 13, 2018 at 7:51 am //

    I am totally disgusted at how Rider fans are so eager to believe anything that puts Durant in a bad light. Durant who was always classy, honest and hard working during his time with the Riders. His play on the field made him the best quarterback to play in green for many years. He took pay cuts to stay and was nothing but loyal to the team until the team was no longer loyal to him. While they are ready to demonize Durant, they are eager to idolize Duron Carter, the big mouthed, bragging, arrogant, dope smoking, classless, demanding, spoiled brat with legal issues. The only reason Duron likes it there is because he has pulled the wool over so many Rider fan’s eyes. He can break laws, criticize everything about the Riders, including their music, insult any player from an opposing team, take more penalties on field then any other player, be a constant threat to implode, and require special care and time from the coach to keep him focused. He has bought a few movie tickets for fans and given a few football’s away so they claim that he has done community service. They say he is polarizing; I say he is embarrassing. In his time here, Durant had no legal issues, embraced everything about the Riders, made friends among the players, even players with other teams, and left his heart and soul out on the field. Yet there is a group of Rider fans who will defend Carter no matter what his latest issues are and are more then ready to believe any innuendo, rumour or scandal that anyone chooses to circulate about Durant, even though it is unsubstantiated. It is beyond logic, reason or common sense.

    • Yikes – 7;51 on a beautiful Mothers Day Sunday morning, and you wake up this cranky ? Think you need a Snickers bar!

  42. Come together as 1. Watch the power and live transcend! // May 13, 2018 at 9:39 am //

    I can’t believe that 3 Down Nation isn’t big enough all in their own to find and write stories that are credible and make sense. Truthfully why try and move on with this GOTCHA style of writing. You have 1 writer from Winnipeg who’s choked at Durant and wants to further discredit his name. That’s just sour grapes.
    Every SK fan that truly follows CFL football. Not the part timer or the loud uneducated fan all know the situation of that last game.
    If Darian had truly given up on his team. Jones would have had a tiny little resonance of that in his pregame talk to the media.
    Jones said unequivocal that he wanted to start Brandon Bridge to see what he has learned throughout the year. Plus jones had other questions at QB. I know for a fact Darian was not asked to start that game. If Jones has plans of using Darian for a Qtr of football. It was never mentioned.
    PLUS….. It made zero sense for a starting QB who had just played his first season back after missing 1.5 seasons. To play in a game that meant zero to SK. Who gives a shit if it had playoff components for BC and Winnipeg. If it was reversed do you think Winnipeg or BC would give a shit about SK. Of course they wouldn’t.
    So this whole article is exactly the same as what I saw at my Susters farm earlier in the week. A 4’ tall over piled mound of pure horse shit. Mixed with straw to help the compositing to start and the aroma to take on a sweet horse smelling breakdown instead of foul liquid cow patties attracting the flies.
    Sadly I would say this story isn’t even good enough for the sweet smelling horse dung. It stinks like cow patties after sitting a day in the sun.
    If your going to try and discredit a guy. You best be writing a story with real denial and traitorous ways. Not this 2 bit end of the season meaningless game.
    This story didn’t have Rider fans turn in Darian. It had Rider fans once again see who desperate the Bombers are trying to be relevant. They can’t stand that the Riders are by far the most relevant team in the league. In every aspect. It’s all been created through the need of the competing fan wanting to know exactly what’s happening in the magic land of green.
    Green is the color of everything we all love. Money, new growth, healthy world, funny thing is the green team lives all of you too. Even if you say horrible things and have foresaken the franchise. The green machine will always open its arms and accept those who eventually give in and follow their love. Yes, it’s never too late to come and sit and visit. Talk over a pale of ale and how much we all love this game. How the love of the SK roughriders will always wait for you. No one will ever be left behind.
    By all means, Love your team first. Then open your heart to the health and the live green offers you. No other CFL team will do that. You can forsake the Riders as much as you need in order to get the haters out of your system. But once the green has answered all your questions and forgives your egotistical hate towards all that is not your color. As soon as you accept green in your heart you will be welcomed into the largest group of CFL fans.
    Remember don’t hate the game, don’t hate what is willing to love you. Try and come to football in 2018 as a new person willing to accept the love you’ve never had before from an organization ready to accept you, your love and then surround you in green love like never before.
    We understand that the commenters called the Hatefull Eight will never get on board. They were raised in the depth of a cold and damp basement and have never felt the live. They too can surrender to Rider Pride and Love. The top 2 of the Hatefull Eight are Red and lionsfan4life. Both of which are scarred beyond recognition. But not to late. Just reach out and ask for help. I guarantee you that the love of the green light will hear you. Just call out!
    When love, acceptance and forgiveness prevail, the Green Love becomes what all Rider fans in the world accept: a center of love, designed for the healing of broken people, and a force of unity that once joined make you more happy and football strong than ever before in your life.
    The world is going green. Shouldn’t you?
    Just remember… I love you, you love me, together we can be one happily green family. With a great big winning hug and celibatory kisses from me and you. So won’t you reach out and live us too.

  43. Why not Celebrate CFL players and the game ?
    Instead of name calling and making innapropriate childish comments. Discuss CFL football. Celebrate the game and the players accomplishments !

  44. Huff's Neighbor // May 13, 2018 at 10:55 am //

    CLICK BAIT ALERT. CLICK BAIT ALERT. CLICK BATE ALERT. 3D is looking like its lowly foolish self again. No Rider news, there is no news.

  45. Colour me green // May 13, 2018 at 12:21 pm //

    Well it looks like the enjoyment to heard about and discuss cfl topics is not on this site. Will have to look for another venue. The article is sad and really all comments mostly are too. Would be interested in a football site that talks about football and not name calling all the time. It really is a rider news/rumour mill site

  46. The poster “live together as 1” made my day, sort of. While his tongue may have been firmly planted in cheek, as he stroked the keys, he made a number of good points, the love or live, or life, or whatever he was trying to say, was so overblown mushy, but still MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, BETTER than all the hating troll stuff. Methinks, perhaps, he was eating some of Dad’s cookies, perhaps, pinching them for the border security stash…or, maybe he just awoke from a drug-induced coma, since circa 1960’s. And, while the flowers in his hair have long since faded, and turned to dust, his message is well-meaning, not mean-spirited like Red. Sorry, guy, but “Green football” isn’t capable of changing the world, however, it was SO GOOD to see something positive emanate from the normal cesspool of hate that thrives herein.

  47. Who cares…why cry about a “hearsay story” all this time later. The Riders were crap, Durant was a free agent and so on. Typical..the Riders had little for back up qb with no experience, so why play him in a meaningless game and not give the others the reigns to see if they had the tools for the future….media hacks..lol

  48. GreenGoggles // May 13, 2018 at 5:12 pm //

    new Flash yes Durant was Selfish in his final year
    As a Rider … his injury was no worst for the last game then it was 3-4 games prior to him refusing to play in that last game of the season ! Only Reason he played was for his own selfish reason and greed
    As if he didn’t he would not have made 30k in bonuses by sitting and letting the Rookies run the season out like they should have ! No Doubt he Refused by that also and it became a issue with the coaches also… Also selfish and showed his character by not even making the trip to help out
    Either showed no matter what he was already gone
    Even before he played the fans and media for his poor I been done run stick ! again he was Good
    He was not Great not Elite ! Sevicable Yes effective and lucky to have had Some pretty great performances by Teams and Team mates !

    He Helped But was not the Reason we won
    The Cups !!! The truth is out there !!!
    Connect the Dots …

  49. Take this // May 13, 2018 at 9:05 pm //

    The truth is Durant had a quarterback rating around the 140 mark in the 2013 playoffs.
    If I remember correctly, Durant had every intention of going to that last game to help the rookies but the Riders refused to buy him a plane ticket. Now Chris Jones decision is used against Durant. Figures.

  50. Tiger man // May 17, 2018 at 8:14 am //

    This story broke within a couple of days after that game.

    Surprised that it’s become knowledge now…

    Durant has always been about Durant and no one else….

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