Riders Chris Jones on Duron: ‘He’s trying to figure out who he is as an individual’

Chris Jones is expecting big things from Duron Carter this year – on both sides of the football – but says his star player faces some important life decisions as well.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders general manager and head coach confirmed on Thursday’s CFL conference call that Carter will play both receiver and get a long look at the boundary corner spot when Riders’ training camp gets underway in just over one week’s time.

“I’m going to keep him very busy,” Jones said.

But Jones also addressed his personal relationship with Carter, which has likely seen its ups and downs through the various controversies – including two arrests for marijuana possession this off-season.

“I’m hoping that we make strides. Willie Jefferson was an outspoken guy just like Duron and as we got to know each other better, and he got to know me better, our working relationship got even stronger,” Jones said. “You can ask some of the guys we coached in the past, we’re not bad guys, we’re there for the players. So hopefully Duron, like I said, we want him to make plays for us, help us win football games but we want to bring him along in other ways as well.”

Jones met with Carter in Florida last January, before he signed a contract extension with the club and seems to understand the uniqueness of his player’s colourful personality.

“I’ve had a lot of guys during my career that are very outspoken, they don’t necessarily fit the mould that everybody would like them to be in. So really that’s going to be Duron’s decision as to how he wants to develop,” Jones said.

“All I can do is offer my experience and be a support for him as he’s trying to figure out who he is as an individual.”

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
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Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

88 Comments on Riders Chris Jones on Duron: ‘He’s trying to figure out who he is as an individual’

  1. Because being “outspoken” and being arrested TWO (2) times in the off season for possession of drugs is the same thing?

  2. Still Groggy // May 10, 2018 at 7:19 pm //

    I read that to mean Chris Jones is pretty PO’d and disappointed in Carter this off season. He was expecting more. As many have said on here, this is unlikely to end well.

    • Jones used the word “outspoken” twice. Let’s call it like it is and just refer to Carter as being a drug addict.

      • I wouldn’t go as far as calling him a drug addict, I’d call him very immature, and not focused where he needs to be focused. You could tolerate it if he was showing progress as a person, but he’s simply not.

        • Bleeding Green // May 10, 2018 at 10:46 pm //

          I agree… and if there is more BS from DC this season, I hope the Riders part ways with him. There comes a point where the headache outweighs the production.

          • What headaches have there even been? Obviously you don’t bleed green if you are spouting all the bullshit these outsiders say about him. Who cares about pot the whole league smokes it. He has done far more positive things for the team and province than negative.

        • Green Apples // May 10, 2018 at 11:00 pm //

          It’s nice to see the Riders stand behind their young guys. Stamps kick their struggling young players to the curb. It’s pretty sad.

          • Bleeding Green // May 10, 2018 at 11:30 pm //

            If you’re referring to Finch… to be fair, There probably isn’t alot the Stamps could do there. His legal situation is a bit tougher. assaulting and evading he could be facing a tougher penalty.

          • Evil Empire // May 11, 2018 at 4:43 am //


            At what age is a person no longer a “ young guy “ ?

            I’m pretty sure that as one approaches the age of 30 they should have their poop in a group.

            Don’t justify ppl that break the laws simply because they’re a Rider. That team has always been sketchy at best. And has been an organization of ppl that thumb their noses at every aspect of the rules of the game, and of life altogether, for well over a decade now.

            For Jones to say JACK to anybody is the real issue here. Don’t live the life of a lying, cheating DB. And then try to take the moral high ground as a HC/MGR.

            Easily the most embarrassing club in the CFL.

      • Greenland // May 10, 2018 at 8:25 pm //

        What a stupid comment. Calling someone a drug addict because they smoke pot is like calling someone who drinks beer an alcoholic. He may be immature but hardly an addict.

        • You mean the ones who sit on their dilapidated front porch guzzling beer all day arent alcoholics? I suppose pisstank is a better description.

          • Bleeding Green // May 10, 2018 at 11:33 pm //

            You cant possibly equate DC to a beer guzzling alcoholic. I am the LAST Rider fan to defend Duron and his antics, but that was a Bullsh*t analogy.

      • Lol. You equate smoking weed with actual drug addicts eh? Yikes. Give your a head a shake laddy buck. Haven’t been out to East Vancouver or east Toronto much eh? But coming from your dumba$$ doesn’t surprise me.

        • Maybe “down-and-outs” is the better term to describe them. Glazed over eyes, mouth agape and speech slurred.

          Pretty soon marijuana will be legal – – just like gasoline is legal. Where do the gas sniffs fall on your ranking of addicts?

          • Your always angry and on your computer, therefore you are addicted to bondage porn, dirty old man.

      • Duececoupe // May 11, 2018 at 12:02 am //

        He smokes pot so he is a drug addict? Give it a rest and get into the real world . I’ll bet over 80% of the players in the CFL and pro sports in general smoke pot and soon it will be legal so I guess anyone in Canada that smokes pot will be a legal drug addict . Troll along little boy troll along home

  3. White Horse // May 10, 2018 at 7:42 pm //

    Physical talent minus intellectual talent equals: Zero

  4. BleedzGreen // May 10, 2018 at 8:11 pm //

    7 points were raised during that conference call with Jones. Figures 3DN would run with this one.

  5. Little Area51 lost as usual.

  6. Take this // May 10, 2018 at 9:10 pm //

    There have been outspoken players on the Rider roster before. Mike McCullough is outspoken. Carm Carterri is outspoken. Scott Schultz often said what he thought. They would give their opinions of how the league handled Canadians. Or how a season went bad. Or how a certain player could be nasty on some plays. They never proclaimed themself the best in the league. They didn’t shamelessly taunt other teams and other players. They didn’t taunt fans by calling them hilarious middle aged men, as he did in a recent post on social media. They didnt wish a happy day on some special marijuana holiday. They didn’t warn media, like Duron did with TSN, that they better be on the top 10 list. They didn’t constantly take penalties on field for yipping and taunting, or need other team mates to gather around them on field to get them to the sideline before they took
    a big penalty. They didn’t assume they knew what intro music should play. In short, they were honest and outspoken without being a fool. I much admired and respected McCullough and Carterri and Schultz and their opinions were worth listening to, whether you agreed or not. Duron is not an asset to the Riders or the CFL. An immature fool is seldom an asset to anything. I would expect more common sense from a 12 year old.

    • Very well said.

      Aside from his off field problems, Carter is good receiver but he’s not close to being a great receiver. Way too inconsistent and drops far too many easy catches.

      • Bleeding Green // May 10, 2018 at 10:48 pm //

        If DC was putting up eye pooping #s like 1800 yards receiving and 19 TDs Id understand all the babysitting but I feel like this is his last chance. I hope so anyway. Im sick of the DC sideshow in Riderville.

    • bigboypants // May 10, 2018 at 9:58 pm //

      “I’m going to keep him very busy”. Translation – If I keep him occupied, maybe he won’t need as much babysitting. “I’m hoping we make strides”. Translation – still doen’t get it. “That’s Duron’s decision how he’s going to develop”. Translation – Again, Duron has some growing up to do. “All I can do is offer my experience and be a support for him as he’s trying to figure out who he is as an individual”. Fourth reference to Jones in a “fathering” type role. For his sake hopefully he “figures it out” sooner than later. That act has gotten old, except in Saskatch where he’s smart & funny & loveable. Every team he’s been on from college to the NFL to the CFL has decided he’s not worth the pain. Carter can’t afford another team having enough. Coaching is hard enough without having to coddle high maintenance guys. It’s not like he’s been a 1500 yard guy, even 1100 yard guy. There’s lots of receivers who can put up 1000 yards.

  7. Scottsask // May 10, 2018 at 9:15 pm //

    Hey, Red. I completely agree. That’s twice today. You owe me lunch, how about Denny’s?

    • You don’t think you’re worth more than Denny’s??

    • Bleeding Green // May 10, 2018 at 11:28 pm //

      OK. Can someone please tell me wtf happened at Dennys?? Lol

      • True green // May 11, 2018 at 1:03 am //

        Search “Kelly Pocha Denny’s”. Kelly Pocha is Mrs Red or Area 51. Possibly both. They’re both messed up enough to be this psycho

  8. Take this // May 10, 2018 at 9:47 pm //

    I really don’t believe Duron will ever grow up. As long as he is convinced that no one is in his class talent wise and Chris Jones keeps blowing up his tires, he has no incentive to face the hard truth and actually work at being the best. As any athlete knows, getting to the top takes a lot of hard work but staying on top takes more hard work and commitment and dedication. Duron does not have those attributes; he is convinced it is all natural with him. A natural talent gets you on a team but it takes hard work and commitment to keep you on that team and get you to be the best at your position. Taunting and arrogance will not make you the best.

    • I love taunting and arrogance provided you can back it up with performance.

      Done if the best players in sports history were legendary for their taunting and arrogance – – Michael Jordan…Larry Bird…Ray Lewis…Shannon Sharpe..Steve Smith.

      Problem with Carter is that he takes so many stupid penalties that are completely self centred. And has a terrible lack of focus which is why he drops so many routine passes.

      That lack of focus could be attributed to his drug use – – which is another major red flag on him.

      • True green // May 11, 2018 at 1:05 am //

        How do you back up your arrogance and taunting? Pretty safe to act that way here isn’t it little guy.

        • When I explain things such as Johnny Jennings is not a pro level QB because he cannot read coverage and has no accuracy on his throws, there’s neither “taunting” nor “arrogance” in my assessment.

          It’s simply the cold hard reality, my friend. Right there on film for everyone to see. Essentially, I’m just stating facts.

          Trust me, if I were taunting you for real you’d be in tears.

  9. Bleeding Green // May 10, 2018 at 10:52 pm //

    Does anyone really think that DC would still be on the Riders if CJ wasnt the HC? Im not saying CJ isnt a good HC, but how much longer is he going to put up with him? How much more energy goes into DC? Unless he has a career year with no distractions, let him go. We have other receivers that are BETTER than DC. Roosevelt is twice the receiver and class act than DC.

  10. Bomb Away // May 10, 2018 at 10:59 pm //

    ‘He’s trying to figure out who he is as an individual’

    Most people have that figured out by the time they’re out of high school.

    • No, actually quite a few people haven’t got that figured out by the time they’re out of highschool, sadly…But I really wouldn’t get on Duron’s case too much–he is at least a gainfully-employed 27-year-old, unlike many 20-somethings who, regrettably, aren’t…

  11. Whocares // May 11, 2018 at 12:01 am //

    What a terrible human being

  12. Question for all the “experts” on this: if DC has so many strikes against him, why would a no-nonsense GM/HC keep him around, and, in fact, increase his roll on the team?
    Do you think that, just maybe, he is an asset? This is the same all-all business honcho that let fan favs like Dressler, Chick, and Durant go. I will be the first to admit that DC has to grow up. But there have been many reclamation projects that have panned out. ie. Remember how nobody wanted a young Jerome Messam? Guys can grow up….hope DC does. The first step in that direction is dropping MJ…not withstanding whether it is legal or not… he needs to be more focused.

    • Yes this is true, but Carter isn’t that young anymore, and not improving. Carter is a spoiled rich kid who has never had to pay for his mistakes, therefore he has never had to grow-up and he never will.
      Come on. Who gets charged, and while waiting for a court date commits the exact act again?? If that doesn’t say “I just don’t understand this game called life” nothing will.

      • greenenvy // May 11, 2018 at 1:40 am //

        No nonsense HC? Jones takes on “projects” & imvests a lot of time in it. That’s part of HIS egoism. Vince Young – project, shortened by injury. Trent Richardson – project. A C Leonard – receiver turned DE, project. Basketball player he brought to camp in 2016 who looked like a DE to him – project. All come & gone. WR Francis tried at Safety – another failed project now looking at LB. Now Carter the problem child – WR cum DB. While Jones spends oodles of time seeing if he can fit square pegs in round holes, other managers just concentrate finding good players who can play their position. Why turn Derel Walker into a part time DB if he had the skill set to do so when he’s so good at what he’s done for years? Would there be a point turning an all-star WR into a DB? In Jones world yes so he can say he can. EGO. In Edmonton it wouldn’t have happened because Hervey wouldn’t stand for it. In Regina there’s no one to say NO to Jones. If the kid’s searching for an identity this is supposed to help? Is this about Carter or Jones? Did it help Francis when the coach came to him & said I’d like you to play Safety instead of WR, the position you’re used to? Now I want you to back up at LB because Safety didn’t pan out. Real confidence builder.

        • Bingo.

          I’ve been explaining this about Jones for several years. He wasn’t a to look like a genius for bring no-name scrubs off the scrap heap – – like Makana Henry and David Lee – – or bringing in underachieving problems like Carter and Odell Willis.

          It’s also the reason he tries to get rid of as many big name players as he can – – Jon Chick, Dresser – – upon arriving at a new team. Reason being is that Jones does not want to have another coach’s find have success under his watch because that player’s success would be attributed to the previous coach who found him – – not to Jones.

          Had Carter been in Regina with the previous regime when Jones arrived, he’d have most assuredly been one of the first cuts.

        • Take this // May 11, 2018 at 5:35 am //

          Very well said. I don’t know if either Jones or Carter will be happy until Duron has played several positions on the field. Just to say that he can. If the Riders had the depth that fans claim they have, why take on these projects to convert so many players to different positions? Because Jones likes the power he has to do so and in Duron’s case, it reinforces his claim that he is the greatest ever, at any position, at least in his own mind. Most people that try to do multiple things become a jack of all trades but a master of none. The same is true of positions on a football team. Who knows, if Collaros doesn’t turn out and Bridge fails, maybe we will see Duron as a quarterback. Nothing would surprise me on a team run by Chris Jones and with Duron on the roster.

    • Messam also wasn’t getting arrested multiple times for drug possession.

      His biggest transgressions were breaking Paris Jackson’s jaw in a locker room “disagreement” and having sex with a girl during traing camp – – which Buono’s little group of veteran snitches promptly went running to tattle about.

  13. Take this // May 11, 2018 at 12:34 am //

    Because Jones is usually fairly loyal to those players that he calls “my guys”. Jones also likes projects. Remember he tried to bring in a few unsavoury characters, one being Khaliff Mitchell. He doesn’t care about fan favorites and shouldn’t but he should care about strength of character and hard working team guys who put the team first, not what he wants from the team. Duron wants to shape the team to his liking, he wants to influence the plays so that he gets most of the targets, even wants to come out of the tunnel to his choice of music. He demands to be the center of attention and Jones has given in to those demands for some reason. Much like dealing with a petulant child.

  14. Riders34 // May 11, 2018 at 12:55 am //

    I could make a ton of comments , but all I will suggest is that people take a look at current Brain development based research and its affect on the development of the frontal lobe of the brain ( a very instrumental part of the brain regarding behavioral maturity and full adult functioning in the world ). This is especially pectinate to millennials ( which Carter is ) . By the way a multitude of brain based research does in fact known factual point , that frontal lobe mature development is slowed by the use of weed. ( not prevented it just takes more years to get to mature functioning of the frontal lobe) Ergo Jones statement is true , Carter is just trying to figure OUT who he is , and that is supported by sound medical research . don’t believe it open your mind and actually read something intellectual.

    • what the heck does this mean, rider 34…” By the way a multitude of brain based research does in fact known factual point” Who has frontal lobe deficiency? However, medical science does agree that prolonged MJ use does affect the frontal lobe. I just don’t know what you were trying to say. BTW, try replacing “pectinate” with the proper word in that usage.

  15. I can’t believe what a group of losers 90 per cent of you a-holes have no clue. Duran said earlier this week that he may join this site I hope not ,and 3down nation should shut this crap down ,like TSN did because of you prix…17

    • Take this // May 11, 2018 at 1:14 am //

      I would suggest that the most likely reason for the comment section to be closed down would be the constant name calling and ridicule that some of you insist on using. Not the varying opinions voiced by some.

    • Bleeding Green // May 11, 2018 at 1:28 am //

      I just don’t want more fights at practice etc initiated by Duron. I don’t super care about the pot as it will be legal. But don’t try and bring it across the border?Don’t do shit that will get you arrested. Twice. If he can man up and be a great asset to the Riders, then awesome!! If not, We have other (better right now) receivers.

      • If Carter was a gas sniff would you not care about that either?

        Gasoline is legal, and there’s nothing illegal about sniffing it to get high.

        • Lmao! A gas sniff!? Area51 What era are you from? The 60’s or 70’s? The next thing you are going to say is he’s huffing grass. Lol Time to ease up a bit there old timer. Obviously you are so far out of touch of the modern world.

      • uh…check your facts…Duron did not INITIATE the fight.

  16. Take this // May 11, 2018 at 1:11 am //

    The use of marijuana before the age of 25 will increase your odds of developing physcotic illnesses several fold, one of those illnesses being schizophrenia. Those facts support the theory that Duron Carter may never mature. They can be subject to hallucinations and illusions of grandeur. Duron may be unable to grow up and be focused.

    • Riders34 // May 11, 2018 at 2:01 am //

      while it is great that you did some reading regarding intellectual research into the effects of marijuana use PLEASE be ACCURATE in WHAT you report. There is virtualy NO actual research supporting a causal effect manifesting in Mental illness for an individual using pot. So its still a great debate if a CAUSAL effect is verifiable . What is known regarding you CLAIM POT CAUSES mental illness is the Pot can enhance/expand /elongate pre-existing mental health conditions such as depression/schizophrenia episodes( thought evidence is growing regarding a causal effect recently ) and other psychotic disorders. Again no concreate evidentiary proof is established that the use of “pot ” causes anything mental health wise , it only delays full development of the frontal lobe to later years ( please look up WHAT duties/function the frontal lobe is responsible for if your interested). again what is know is the impact ‘pot’ has on pre-existing conditions that can be genetic or trauma based in origin. Myths and wives tails lead to misinformation which again has negative results for members of society.

      • Riders34 He’s just trolling. We are know he doesn’t actually read anything. Just another chump.

  17. Riders34 // May 11, 2018 at 2:16 am //

    Sorry last point on the brain development issue I brought in. IF the age 25 years for a male is being advanced in a research paper regarding this subject , that information is QUITE out of DATE cira 5-10 years ago. Hence again the posters above misinformation that ‘pot ‘ undisputedly causes hallucinations and delusions/delusional thinking. Current research suggest that due to all the influences in todays society have impacted full frontal lobe development to the age of 32 for a male /29 for a female , lol yeap boys the gals ARE more mature then us, lol . cant fight medical fact !!! but it all even out after 32 unless conditions exist. Again fro all information , 30-40 years ago , full frontal lobe development occurred by 16 for females and 18-19 for males ( lol again sorry guys !!!). So putting that into perspective that my friends is the true generation GAP !!! ( and yep I is a old fart) where we as 40-80 year olds make the comments AHH Hell these young pups should just grow up , act mature / stop this tom foolishness and in some cases GET a REAL job !! again if ya don’t believe me , do the intellectual reading , it might SHOCK ya !!!

  18. Carter’s pot addiction will no doubt lead to harder drugs. Can you picture 89 running a post route wacked out on bath salts?

    • Heather // May 11, 2018 at 8:51 am //

      I can if it includes a pick from Bo!!!!You guys spend way to much time focused on the Riders, and kudos to 3DN for knowing which stories to post to get people talking. Everyone loves Canada’s Team!!!!

    • Riders34 // May 11, 2018 at 12:21 pm //

      obviously in Red’s case we are still waiting for the FULL DEVELOPEMNT of his frontal lobe but in reality any development of higher or lower brain function at all other then the ability to eat , poop , breath and run his mouth disrespectfully.

  19. Evil Empire // May 11, 2018 at 4:58 am //

    @ bleeding green.

    A51 is a lifelong troll. But he does actually make sense a fair amount of the time. No… smoking weed, or drinking a brew on your front stoop does not make one an alcoholic/drug addict.

    But how does this equate to being arrested twice for possession ? Once you leave your own house with weed in your pocket. You are breaking the law in Canada, and about 40 states ( last time I checked weed laws ).

    I have zero problems with the weed laws. But from what I’ve read. Canada is decriminalizing possession sometime this summer. I’m an ex-pat living just outside of Washington DC, now. And have always made myself aware of the weed laws. Because, down here the law varies not only from state to state. But from town to town.

  20. Take this // May 11, 2018 at 5:09 am //

    I heard a representative of the Canadian Schizophrenia Society who said these facts are science based. I did not pull this out of thin air. Regular pot use does increase your odds several fold of developing physcotic illnesses. It can cause hallucinations and illusions of grandeur. Not that it definitely will but it can. I heard this discussion only a few months ago when the man was stating that the Canadian government did not check out the science on marijuana before they made the decision to legalize it. He claimed the age of 25 is important because the brain is not fully developed until that age so regular pot use before that can be more detrimental. I am sure a lot of us have encountered pot smokers who after long term use seem perfectly normal but, on the other hand, have known some that are permanently spaced out and have “random thoughts of nothingness” all the time. Thus the term “Pot head “. If a person is at risk of developing physcotic illnesses, marijuana will increase those odds by several times. That is science.

  21. Outwest // May 11, 2018 at 7:48 am //

    Very true Take this.
    An abuser of any kind is just that an abuser. Doesn’t matter if it’s alcohol, pot, cocaine it’s an abuse and your abusing your body. People have to look at the bigger question and that’s what’s missing in your life that you have to fill it with substance abuse, why do you need a substance to cope or to have fun. DC is far from a kid, 27 years old is a man, if he doesn’t have it together by now he never will. This man is destined to be a down and out abuser for the rest of his life. Just wait until he loses the discipline that he has to have or that is forced on him by his profession. This guy is destined to be a crack head on the streets soon after his tenure as a pro athelete is over, mark my words.

  22. AHAHAHAHAHAHA you guys are hilarious! Obviously you have never actually researched anything on this topic. “I heard a representative of the Canadian Schizophrenia Society” Basically saying I listened for about a minute and there was no evidence presented. It like all of the old geezers out there saying “Pot is the devil! I’m going home to drink this 40 and beat my wife and kids, then drive to the store and pick up smokes”
    By the way Liquor is way more harmful than marijuana will ever be. Both on the developing mind and body. Plus society. Get your facts straight people. The only reason you are making a stink is because Duron Carter is in the article. Simple as that. Nubs

    • Take this // May 11, 2018 at 11:12 am //

      The man talked for about an hour. I listened. You should try it sometime. I never compared it to alcohol. They are different with different effects.

      • Most people are born with these illnesses/disorders. Anything could cause them to tick, a certain word or phrase can do it.. should we blame speech for this? Singling out Marijuana is just irresponsible and uneducated. Marijuana has helped more people than you could even fathom. Just another hate filled rant on your end.

        • Take this // May 11, 2018 at 11:46 am //

          That is the point. You are uneducated. Marijuana takes your risk factors that you are born with and multiplies the odds of these illnesses developing by several times. So marijuana increases your chances of displaying psychotic tendencies.

          • ANYTHING can cause it to tick. Did you not read my statement? Its not just marijuana. Most of these people don’t even know they have the illnesses and it will come out with or without use of marijuana. Get off your high horse already.

          • Take this // May 11, 2018 at 12:33 pm //

            I read your statement as well as you read mine. Yes anything can make it tick but marijuana increases the odds of it doing so. I acknowledge that marijuana has improved some people’s lives. I have seen it. I have also seen it destroy some people’s life. Do you not believe that science has done research and has some irrefutable facts?

          • I firmly believe that it has done waaaaay more good than bad. But why bring it up in the first place? This article is about Chris Jones trying to help Duron figure out his life. Not giving up on the guy. Not about Marijuana and its effects on the mentally ill.

          • Take this // May 11, 2018 at 2:33 pm //

            It is possibly about the effects that marijuana has had on Duron Carter. Pot may be why he is so immature. It is not the effects of pot on the mentally ill; it is that marijuana increases your chances of having psychotic illnesses.

          • There is a certain psychotic character that’s on this site that has claimed to have never touched the stuff. He’s 45 and still more immature than Duron. My point proven that it comes out all on its own, without the effect of marijuana.

  23. Chris Jones just missed his calling. He should of been a social worker and coached in a penal league.

  24. outwest, and take this, both make valid points. The naysayers will point to inconclusive, or incomplete evidence, which is a crock of crap. Fifty years ago, or so, many people sneered at those who did not smoke tobacco, saying things like: grow up, and be a man, start smoking! And the naysayers would point to some old fart, who smoked all his life, and lived to 90, or something. Now, there is no question. One of my good friends from school days smoked 2 packs a day…he died a horrible death from lung cancer at only 34 years of age. A few others lasted only marginally longer. Prolonged pot use is not a question mark in the medical community. So, here is a question: is it not possible to enjoy life without any kind of substance abuse?

    • Okay here is a real life question. Whats your substance of choice? Keep in mind there are more out there than you probably realize.

      • greenenvy? // May 11, 2018 at 12:52 pm //

        Well, everyone, I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. Other than that, have at it.

      • Outwest // May 11, 2018 at 12:53 pm //

        Mine personely is the great outdoors camping, hunting fishing with my family and friends and viewing life through a 100% clear mind and body 100% of the time,, you should try it some time it’s amazing.
        And yes I’ve tried life’s pollutants I prefer a clear mind.

  25. BTW, I don’t agree AT ALL with Jones for wanting DC to play both ways. However, I don’t get paid 3/4 million a year to field a winning team. Jones is much, much, closer to the situation than we are. Do you think that, just maybe, he has a better handle on how to manage a guy like DC? And, there are lots of examples of athletes who transition, not only to different positions, but even to different sports. Top rated draft pick, Shepley, was one of them. Lots of wannabe QBs transition to receiver, or DB, and have a career, which wouldn’t have happened if they had insisted on playing QB. Does it always work? Of course not…and some guys just can’t switch, nevertheless, the experiments is ALWAYS a bonus, as the player gains greater perspective on the game, and often prepares him to be a coach somewhere down the line.

  26. As and example of playing different positions, when I was in junior B hockey, I played D. But, I was often move to forward in certain situations. (which I didn’t like as much). Anyway, one time our goalie got sick, and the back-up got injured, and coach begged me, and others, to put on the pads. I relented, and we won 4-1. I think most of it was dumb luck, because I didn’t know the angles, but I tried to catch everything…and the crossbar helped me out, as did the shaft of my stick once. Anyway, my coach was a former goaltender, and he said with some coaching I might have a career between the pipes. I turned him down, but I was penciled in for emergency duty. The emergency only happened once more, ever, but it was a good experience, and it allowed roster flexibility.
    With the small CFL rosters, the bottom line is that if a guy can play more than one position, it adds to job security, and longevity. So, guys, it is in the best interests of players to try different positions.

  27. Riders34 // May 11, 2018 at 1:10 pm //

    Ahhh!!! just amazing how again ( sorry as I am part of this group ) the folks born in the 1940’s- 1970’s, love to find a philosophical point of view ( supported by limited research that is very dated ), that support their bias nd then argue till the cows come home that this point of view is the only point of view even if their point of view is challenged//defeated by solid evidence based research . ( to simplify evidence research is a statistically significant amount of studies/investigations supported by data collection over a significant period of time0. So my point is any bias individual can present for an hour on a topic and find limited research to support a point of view( aka some Mental Health presenters — in fact the D.A.R.E. program have now been found to actually be more damaging then helpful presentations to students in school and thus are not longer being approved by several provincial school divisions across the country. Point being DARE had a research base that was over time debunked.) Again , posters of especially the older generations like to stick to their comfort zone, not be challenged by new points of view and again argue till the cows come home they we learned stick to your guns socialization. PROVEN Brain research exists supported by massive longitudinal studies and that information puts the maturation process as ending at 30ish years of age; yes individual differences exist etc, and yes drug use effects that process ( delays ) so some folks behavioral choices etc can be questionable at time, but research also states that mentorship is the KEY factor in assisting those with immature brain development make better choices etc. Gee that seems to be EXACTLY WHAT coach Jones is doing with Duron , mentoring , sounds like Coach Jones is a pretty smart fellow to me , has an informed and open point of view on how to deal with millennial athletes is concerned about their development as adults outside of the football turf. But the crusty old fart haters will just stick their heads in the sand — not expand their knowledge base and be open to New ideas because ” that is what Dear old dad back in 1900-1950 taught them when life was far less complex. I personally do not use ‘pot’ , I do not advocate it’s use, however I also do not demonize those that choose to use or advocate ‘pot’ use. WE live in a free country and folks can do pretty much as they please, I will let folks much smarter then me determine whether a certain drug use is harmful or beneficial over time. I will look open minded at the studies coming out giving suggestions for how no matter what the person’s choice regarding rec drug use is how best that person can be guided to being a productive /positive /member of society—— I would hope all the rest of my fellow OLD Fart hater fogies start doing the same!!! Simply put ” It’s better to be accurately well informed then to be an angry hateful bias person—just wanting to be told their point of view is correct.

  28. Outwest // May 11, 2018 at 4:38 pm //

    Blah, blah, blah the way you guys talk you would think everyone just crawled out from under a rock. There isn’t one of us born after 1960 myself 66 that hasn’t experienced pot and many other drugs either personally or have witnessed first hand it’s effects on people. I guarantee you every one of us have dealt with a pot head and have seen it’s effects on pot heads. I smoked the stuff by the bag full when I was young but thank goodness I got over it and was able to find real joy and fufulment in other ways, such as my wife and family. So don’t preach to me or many others like we don’t know the effects of pot. I have many friends or old past friends that still live in that world and honestly they are ALL still stuck in high school in more ways than none. It clouds thought, it’s slows thinking it miscues judgement, end of story. If it has no effect then why do it ?? It effects your brain it alters thought. Those that use it like heavy alcohol use are escaping something, deal with that don’t run from it. The difference between alcohol and pot, you can sit down and have a beer or two or a glass of wine and not be drunk with pot you either smoke it or you don’t your either high or your not you don’t smoke pot to not get high. When you are high you are inebriated end of story. No one is saying it turns you into a raging lunatic but prolonged use makes you dumb as an ox quit proving it by your comments.

    • Lmao!! Making excuses to have a drink as opposed to smoking. Why don’t you explain that the one or two beers theory to the cops nowadays when you’re caught driving.
      Having one or two drinks regardless will still activate neurotransmitter systems in the brain. If you don’t know what that is here is a lesson on Dopamine and alcohol. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. While drinking initially boosts a person’s dopamine levels, the brain adapts to the dopamine overload with continued alcohol use. It starts to produce less of the chemical, reduce the number of dopamine receptors in the body and increase dopamine transporters, which ferry away the excess dopamine in the spaces between brain cells.

      This is just one part of the effects alcohol has on the brain. I could go on a bit more on other transmitters, but I think you get the idea. One or two drinks is still effecting your brain in a big way. I can elaborate more if you need. Your buzz from having a couple of drinks is that relaxed, euphoric feeling.
      I’ve seen more lives ruined by drinking than what pot has done. I’m 30, so I’m not to far removed from my high school days. I still keep in touch with people from high school and I’d have to say it’s nowhere close to as bad as what you are saying. Most are living full productive lives, with great jobs(some own their own business) and a family. And our pot was a hell of lot stronger than past generations. 😉

      • Outwest // May 11, 2018 at 5:17 pm //

        Re read the last sentence in my post,, and thank you for confirming it.

        PS. Personally I haven’t had a drink of any kind in 10 years, not a drop like I said 100% clear 100% of the time,, try it it’s amazing.

        • Welcome to the .1% of the population. The rest have some sort of vice. Whether it be drinking, smoking, vaping, overeating(fast food), etc.

  29. OldBaldGuy // May 15, 2018 at 10:45 am //

    Yikes..talk about click bait! You clowns fell for 3DN’s trap like newbies. Must be slow news til camps start. Speaking of immature…only those with an undeveloped brain start anonymous fights and name calling like drunken kindergarteners (with all due respect to those little people).

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