Michael O’Connor is the next great Canadian QB prospect

Michael O’Connor is the next Canadian quarterback who could rise to pro stardom.

O’Connor is front and centre at the 2018 USports East-West Bowl in Quebec City, the top showcase event in front of scouts from CFL and even NFL teams for the next draft class of Canadian university football players. He came back from the NCAA – Penn State University – to win a Vanier Cup with UBC in his first year back in Canada.

“O’Connor has size and once pro coaches get a hold of him he could really improve,” a scout said.

The Ottawa native has prototypical quarterback size: six-foot-five, 225 pounds. O’Connor threw 51 touchdown passes in Grade 10 at Ashbury College, attended Baylor School in Chattanooga, Tennessee and moved on to play at IMG Academy in Florida under the tutelage of Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Chris Weinke, leading them to an 8-2 record in 2013 throwing for 1,804 yards and 18 touchdowns in 10 games. He was the No. 6 ranked high school quarterback by ESPN and played in the Under Armour All-American Game, the only Canadian prospect to be invited that year.

Strong play wherever O’Connor suited up earned him a scholarship to Penn State. Bill O’Brien, who spent time as Tom Brady’s quarterback’s coach and offensive coordinator with the New England Patriots, recruited O’Connor and wanted him to play in his pro-style offence. But before O’Connor arrived on campus, O’Brien left the Nittany Lions to accept the Houston Texans head coaching job.

James Franklin took over as head coach and Christian Hackenberg was the starter until he was picked in the second round by the New York Jets in the 2016 NFL draft. Despite O’Connor going 11-for-16 for 81 yards in Penn State’s spring game, he redshirted in 2014 and then transferred to the University of British Columbia. Year one with the Thunderbirds saw O’Connor light up defences while leading the team to a National Championship in 2015.

“Good size, tough and stands in there, poised and calm, he can move around in the pocket and create with his feet. He could still improve his arm strength. Draftable quarterback prospect,” a football executive said.

“He’s just as good as some third-string quarterbacks in our league,” a CFL assistant general manager said.

2019 is O’Connor’s draft year on both sides of the border, so he has another season to develop at the university level. Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon believes O’Connor could play in the NFL. Jesse Palmer, an Ottawa native like O’Connor, remains the last Canadian quarterback to be drafted into the NFL and throw a pass in a regular season game.

With the draft process about to begin in earnest at the East-West this week, the scrutiny of being the next Canadian quarterback hope means all eyes will be on O’Connor. But it will ultimately be his on-field performance that will determine his football future.

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk

Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.
Justin Dunk
Justin Dunk
About Justin Dunk (906 Articles)
Justin Dunk was a five-year starter at quarterback for the University of Guelph. He covers the league for Sportsnet and 3DownNation.

60 Comments on Michael O’Connor is the next great Canadian QB prospect

  1. He is definitely a good prospect for the CFL.
    Great high school player in the US then Penn State.
    He took a risk to transfer to UBC, which probably ruined his NFL prospects. But no doubt he will get a look from CFL teams.

  2. It’s a good thing that you believe we he has a shot
    But I think his business degree says that might not be the case
    Great Usports QB but reality is Canadian QBs
    Don’t get the opportunity to play and get to hold clipboards and run short yardage

    • I don’t buy that Canadians “don’t get opportunity to play” – there are Canadian QBs every year that get the opportunity in CFL camps, the problem is that CIS QBs just aren’t good enough. You can’t keep QBs hanging around because they are Canadian and hope that they develop.
      The NCAA QBs play twice as many games, they train 12 months a year, the face bigger, faster, stronger, better coached defenses.
      Also the NCAA produces hundreds of QBs every year.

  3. Barry Soetoro // May 9, 2018 at 10:13 am //

    I know what the rule is. A Canadian QB doesn’t help in your ratio.
    Can someone explain the plus side of this rule. What were they thinking when this rule was passed? Why is such a stupid rule in there?

    • Because every team in the league would game the system and have some gimp from the CIS standing around holding a clipboard pretending to be the “3rd QB” in order to fill a NI roster spot.

      • Dennis Prouse // May 9, 2018 at 12:12 pm //

        Given how often the third string guy ends up having to play in this league, that would be a risky proposition for a team. If a QB is taking a spot on your roster learning your system, you had better hope that he can play.

        The CFL’s current roster rule on QBs is a dinosaur – time to dump it. If a team thinks that a Canadian QB prospect is worth having, let them have some ratio relief elsewhere. Canadian QBs raise the profile of the game and help sell tickets, and the ratio relief elsewhere simply raises the level of play overall.

        • How often do 3rd string clipboard holders take meaningful snaps in the CFL?

          As soon as a starter or back up got hurt, tans would instantly bring in a replacement off the scrap heap instead of moving the 3rd string CIS QB up the depth chart.

          • Green=Money // May 10, 2018 at 12:40 am //

            About as often as Dave Dickenson threw a meaningful pass in an NFL game.

          • Bernie Lyons // May 10, 2018 at 6:56 pm //

            He’s still in University for at least 1 season and should improve and get stronger, that’s how.

        • Flanker41 // May 9, 2018 at 3:02 pm //

          I couldn’t agree more. As well as the extra tix and raised profile, think about some of these Canadian QBs going back to coaching in the CIS [U Sports] and what a wealth of offensive knowledge and experience they would bring to our university game. CHANGE THE RULE!

    • The QB position is one position that should NEVER be included in the ratio, it’s too important of a position.
      If you are a Canadian QB like Bridge you know that you won that position on your ability and talent NOT because you are Canadian.

  4. Hopefully he will never see the light of day on reality TV as The Batchelor or something – that seemed to have been Jesse Palmer’s downfall – he was never taken seriously after that.

  5. Edward Leslie // May 9, 2018 at 11:13 am //

    They either weren’t thinking when they came up with that rule, or simply didn’t care.
    An absurd example that should make it obvious tgat the rule needs to be changed:
    Saskatchewan’s punter Josh Bartel was born and raised in Australia. His parents are Australian too. The first time he was in Canada was to come to the CFL. He IS counted as a “National” player.
    Brandon Bridge and Andrew Buckley were born and raised in Canada and played high school football in Canada. Buckley played University football in Canada as well (University of Calgary).
    They are NOT considered Nationals.
    Go ahead, Randy Ambrosie… try and explain that.

    • Bridge and Buckley would both be considered nationals if they played another position – there is no nationality attached to quarterbacks. I cannot explain Josh Bartel – they should replace the national status with “Non-American”.

      • Bernie Lyons // May 10, 2018 at 7:14 pm //

        By the way, Blake Nill recruited Buckley and O’Conner. Plus every Dino selected in this year’s CFL draft, with the exception of the last lineman taken. Next year a bunch of his UBC recruits will be ready for the draft. I don’t think that Calgary will beat UBC again in the next 3 years.

    • It’s BS that Bartel is counted as a national

    • According to the CFL, Bartel is considered a National because he received his football training in Canada.
      I can see them changing the rules if the QB is a starter, if Bridge is the starter then you can play an American an additional American at another spot.
      But let’s not count them if they are the number 2 or 3.
      I think the QB position is too valuable to be considered under the ratio – it should always be the best player for the job.
      If Bridge wins the job and is the starter great, if it’s Collaros then he starts, it’s has to be based on MERIT not nationality

  6. All the best to Michael O’Connor and his continuing development. Above all, hope he enjoys his season this year.

  7. Why did he leave Penn St after only ONE (1) season – – as a redshirt? And when he did, why didn’t he transfer to another D1 program?

    Even going to a D2 school if he wanted to avoid another redshirt year would have offered much better competition and much better coaching than the CIS.

    • He left because the coach that told him he would be a starter, left Penn State. He was told by the new coach that he would be a backup.
      He went to UBC so he could be a starter

    • Bernie Lyons // May 10, 2018 at 7:08 pm //

      When he arrived for his recruiting visit in Vancouver it was a ridiculously beautiful January weekend. It was about 20 degrees, sunny, and snow-covered mountains circled the city. Blake Nill has produced a ton of pro players and Michael’s OC in year 1-2 was Steve Baratto, who has a Grey Cup ring and is no slouch. The program has support from the business community and UBC is Internationally ranked as a top 25 (public) University (in the top 50 overall). It was a good move!

  8. Sixbeamers // May 9, 2018 at 12:24 pm //

    Hec Crighton trophy winner Billy Greene, the last great UBC quarterback before O’Connor, went undrafted and was projected as a fullback by CFL teams, the only avenue in which he could make as a pro, by their estimation.
    O’Connor has one eye fixed on a football career but the other on a future in commercial real estate, one of the reasons he moved West to join the Thunderbirds.
    As any Canadian collegiate quarterback knows, it’s prudent to have a second option after graduation, given the preponderance of American coaches and GMs in the CFL and the general reluctance to give homebrew QBs a meaningful chance to develop.

  9. This “stupid” rule came in when Jamie Bone successfully sued the CFl for discrimination against Canadian QBs. There was a DI(designated import ) rule before that . The answer from the CFL was to exempt QBs from the ratio to avoid that problem.
    My suggestion is this : we allow 45 players on a roster, 27 of whom would be ‘Canadian’ regardless of position. this will avoid the type of discussion we are having now about QBs and would automatically guarantee a certain number od Canadians who are starters

    • Having a ratio is stupid. Players should compete one on one for every position. If Canadians are good enough they will make the team. If you are a CIS player and you go up against a NCAA guy then it’s the best player.
      If Canadians are better they could fill 30 or 40 positions.
      The problem with having 27 Canadians on the roster is that they would sign them and have them all as backups and special teams.
      The ideal solution is to reduce the Canadian content to FOUR starters. Right now there are 7 and it’s causing too many ratio problems, guys that shouldn’t be playing are out there.
      For fans that love Canadian players, you would still have starters but only 4 but you still have the backups.
      With fewer high schools playing football and fewer prospects going to the CIS the CFL must reduce the ratio

  10. Why ? Area51 To win a National championship and to say he would get better coaching is a joke he may have wanted to learn the Canadian Game to Better him for the Canadian league
    My only issue is why the DNP in National showcase combine then to get such high praise ?

    • Appendix // May 9, 2018 at 1:39 pm //

      He had his appendix removed only a few weeks ago, he is not supposed to be doing much physical activity besides dropping back and throwing.

    • Read the story about him. He left because he was promised to be a starter at Penn State but was going to be a four year backup with zero playing time.

  11. Edward Leslie // May 9, 2018 at 1:18 pm //

    ETG: Good suggestion by you and thoughtful comments by Dennis, Sixbeamers and Roland as well. A good counterpoint to Area 51’s predictable
    disrespect towards Canadian iniversity football.
    By the way, Area 51, considering O’Connor had many NCAA offers before settling on Penn State, it must really puzzle you seeing O’Connor head back to the great white north.
    Maybe he missed Canada or just wanted to play, instead of waiting behind of a platoon of guys with more seniority.

    The Jamie Bone controversy should’ve changed things in Canada, but that’s actually where things started going bad. Bone couldn’t get any reps with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, yet the powerhouse Dallas Cowboys gave him a legitimate training camp shot. A really strange situation that made the CFL look bad.

    • Area51 // May 9, 2018 at 1:50 pm //

      If Jim Bone was a legit pro level QB why didn’t any other NFL teams bring him in to be their starter? Or even as a back up?

      Your assertion that getting a sniff from the NFL would automatically translate into CFL success is comically misguided.

      Cleo Lemon started games in the NFL – – as did Akili Smith, Ken Dorsey and Cody Pickett. All we’re horrifically bad QBs with absolutely ZERO business playing at the pro level.

    • Edward Leslie – he left Penn State because his coach that recruited him left. He was told he would be a backup.
      Jamie Bone may have had a legitimate training camp shot with the Cowboys but he didn’t make it. The Tiger Cats didn’t need him or any other CFL team. He simply wasn’t good enough.
      Every player could bring up the same argument, they weren’t given a legitimate shot at making a team.
      The simple fact is that NCAA QBs starters are superior to CIS QBs, it’s a full time job down there. The NCAA QB has to play against NCAA defenses, that are faster, bigger stronger, better coached, better conditioned.
      The CIS QB plays against CIS defenses and has never been hit, tackled, run down by a NCAA or ex-NFL player.

  12. Edward Leslie // May 9, 2018 at 1:28 pm //

    I’m disappointed that Commissioner Randy Ambrosie STILL hasn’t instituted the suggestion to at least count Canadian quarterbacks as part of the seven player starting ratio, if they play.
    He quickly changed the challenges rule to limit teams to one. He brought in the rule about no padded practices too. But he seems to be dragging his feet on this rule change. The season is starting in just over a month. What’s the hold up?
    It’s time to end the discrimination towards Canadian quarterbacks in the CFL. They should have the same ratio rules as Canadian players at all other positions do.

    • Area51 // May 9, 2018 at 1:53 pm //

      Until multiple Canadian QBs show they have the talent to start in major D1 conferences, the idea of a Canadian QB starting at yhfbpro level is a laughable fairy tale.

      • The only thing laughable are your posts.

        You do know the limits the NCAA has on the amount of time a coach can spend with players and also that USports has no such limit.

        And we also know just because it is NCAA doesn’t mean that a school has a good football program. Canadian college volleyball teams often go down and clobber big NCAA schools for example.

        We know Carleton’s basketball team was competitive with the major US basketball programs and we also know the last time the NCAA played against a CIAU team (both teams all stars late 70s), the NCAA never scored an offensive touchdown and won something like 21-7. And that was when Canadian college teams were no where near as professional as today.

        And we also know Canadian junior teams are repeatedly beating US teams in the World Championships.

        • MJ Bandit // May 9, 2018 at 6:30 pm //

          Andrew Harris didn’t play Div I US college ball; neither did O-linemen like Brett Jones, Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff. Brendan LaBatte; or linebackers like Henoc Muamba or Adam Konar; nor Andy Fantuz or Brad Sinopoli at receiver; or Rob Maver & Jon Ryan at punter; or Zak Evans, David Onyemata or Justin Capiccotti at D-line. Etc. etc. etc.

          So – obviously these are more examples of football players who could never possibly play pro ball (CFL or NFL) simply because they didn’t get all-american super-hero football training? – that has to follow, right ? It’s just logical – to morons.

          Some of the absolute laughable & nonsensical garbage I gets to read here can be either good for a chuckle or just plain pathetic & depressing. The football fairy tale believers out there are loud & proud here. Good for all the wannabes – sadly & typically Canadian somehow. Go Patriots, go Bama !

          • I said this in another comment section. A couple of years ago there were five URegina guys in the NFL that ain’t half bad for a school not named Laval or Calgary.

          • Funny, I’m looking at a site that doesn’t list McGill or Regina, but does list Manitoba (Geoff Gray, David Onyemata)

        • Killa – the NCAA QBs are far superior.
          Any Canadian QB with talent is spotted early in high school and signed to the NCAA ie Bridge, O’Connor.
          The NCAA plays twice as many games as the CIS, it’s a full time job, their players are bigger faster stronger.
          Canadian junior teams?? we are talking about the NCAA/CIS and players come from the high school level. The junior football championship is meaningless, no comparison to college.
          Volleyball?? lol – next you will be saying our curling teams can clobber the Americans, all irrelevant to talk about Canadian QBs

      • Ever heard of Russ Jackson? Gerry Dattilio? Somehow they made it without multiple Canadian QBs in major D1 conferences.

        And I am sure you would be dismissive of all the USports Canadians getting NFL looks these days. Unheard of in my youth, but they’re just cannon fodder right?

        • Russ Jackson? -that is long before most people were born!!
          He was the last CIS player to win the MVP, which is not a good advertisement for the CIS or Canadian football. ONE CIS player in the past 50 years has won the top player in our league !!

  13. Edward Leslie // May 9, 2018 at 7:01 pm //

    Area 51 is too obsessed by the NCAA and the U.S. in general. There are 37 million people here in Canada, I’m sure we can find a few that can chuck a ball. It’s not rocket science!
    Canada is still the best at hockey. If Area 51 was living in Denmark or Switzerland or Slovakia, he’d be slamming them for not having all Canadian players and daring to play some players from their own country.

    • Naah, he just like to troll, he did it at the CFL site. It’s just a shame that a guy who has some knowledge like him chooses to not add something positive to the discussion. I don’t know what’s wrong with the guys who feel the need to troll, they have some sort of need to be noticed, I guess. A real shame they can’t help to build something instead of trying to tear it down.

    • But this is NOT the Olympics, it’s not about cheering for Canadians. You are obsessed with this Canadian patriotism thing or just being anti-American.
      Isn’t it funny that out of the Jays, Raptors, TFC and Argos that the worst attendance is for the ARgos.
      Sports fans couldn’t care less about how many Canadians are on their teams. It’s about entertainment, winning and getting the best players on your team.

      Hockey?? seriously? why bring that up, we are talking about football. I don’t know why you have to bring up other sports and population, how does a small country like Spain win the World Cup? or Portugal? or Italy?
      Stick to football talk !!

  14. Anybody who gets a scholarship to Penn State is a 4 star caliber player. If O’Connor plays lights out in 2018 he might be the FIRST CANADIAN QB to get drafted in round 1 and most likely will get a shot down south also. Best of luck to him either way and on a successful 2018 season.

    • MJ Bandit // May 9, 2018 at 9:45 pm //

      Ha – zero chance of O’Connor getting drafted 1st round in the CFL – with the current clique of CFL deep thinkers in charge.

      And he has looked very good at times for UBC and won a Vanier; other CIS QBs have looked good too and won Vaniers (like Hugo Richard – totally over-looked/zero respect this CFL draft talk; or Chris Merchant last year with Western). Dan Fereday – way back – was a top notch CIS QB and got drafted in the NFL by the Bengals – didn’t make it there, but got zero real CFL shot afterwards anyhow. Chris Flynn got zero CFL shot to play QB either; ditto for a bunch of more recent top passing stat, play-off winning or Hec winning QBs as well.

      Nothing is going to change there with CFL “thinking” (unless a bunch of the current GMs, coaches and personnel guys get the boot and replaced by some very different football people)

      The CFL is just NOT interested in Canadian QBs – get used to it.

      • But that’s not true. The fact is that there are hundreds of NCAA QBs that graduate every year and have great stats and better skill, talent.
        You don’t give a guy a position because he’s Canadian, especially the most important position on a team. You want the best player to win that job.
        The fact that Bridge and Buckley made the starting rosters of CFL teams shoots down your argument.
        We have had Canadian GMs and coaches for years so it’s not like they are biased

        • Ron Lancaster was interviewed and stated one of the primary reasons why Canadians aren’t given a chance. Most QBs (Canadian or American) aren’t ready to start and need development when they turn pro.

          Contrary to wanting a shitty all American League like a few non fans here have posted, the reason coaches don’t want them around is because fans and media will clamour for them to play. And like any non starting QB that would be before they are ready to play.

          The coaches are under pressure to win every game and they don’t want to be put in that position. That’s straight from the Little General.

  15. Barry Soetoro // May 9, 2018 at 11:43 pm //

    @MJ Bandit said, ‘The CFL is just NOT interested in Canadian QBs – get used to it.” That’s the whole point of my original post. Change the friggin rule so if a Canadian QB is actually playing then you only need 6 more Canadians to be legal and some of you wandered over to 27 Canadians or holding a clipboard, that has nothing to do with it. It’s about the SEVEN Canadians required.

    • But Bridge and Buckely were Canadians which proves you are wrong!! Canadians that are good enough make CFL rosters. Do not change the QB position, Bridge and Buckley are proof that Canadians can make rosters

  16. Edward Leslie // May 10, 2018 at 3:29 am //

    MJ Bandit:
    Well Saskatchewan did give Brandon Bridge a chance. Calgary gave Buckley a chance.
    Montreal was going to give Kyle Quinlan a chance, but he gave up and retired. Ironically, I believe Bridge and Quinlan were two quarterbacks that had the talent to one day fill the void left by Calvillo with the Als.

    Years ago there was a really good prospect from Queen’s university named Tommy Denison. Matt Dunigan had him in Calgary briefly, but didn’t let him play, even though the Stamps sucked then.
    Dunigan played a guy named Tommy Jones, who
    wasn’t exactly a hall of famer… even at his high school.
    Thats the thing that always makes me mad. Guys who clearly aren’t very good, but ARE American, so they get lots of chances. We can all name lots of them: Steven Jyles, Ryan Dinwiddie, Dalton Bell, Josh Nieswander, John Beck, Justin Goltz, Alex Brink, Adrian Mcpherson, etc, etc.
    I’m sure most fans would rather see Canadians given the chance, rather than these guys that perpetually get recycled simply because they’re from Texas or Alabama or California or Louisiana.

    Still, that’s more Canadian quarterbacks getting a chance in the last five years than probably got a chance in the 20 years before that. That’s progress.
    It was truly disappointing to see Matt D

    • MJ Bandit // May 10, 2018 at 11:37 am //

      Bridge was a starter at 2 US Div I programns, plus is 6-5/ athletic/mobile and has a cannon for an arm; his birth certificate has nothing to do with him getting a CFL opportunity; if he was an American from Div II or III ball even he would have got a CFL call; OTOH – same QB tool-box and from CIS ball and he would have been totally written-off by the CFL.

      Buckley was a one-off anomaly from the Stamps backyard – you might see that every 20 CFL years. And Quinlan with the Als was a total joke and more of a PR stunt or Popp thinking the league might mandate Canadian QBs somewhere on the rosters as was being discussed some back then. Quinlan was “segregated” (his own words) from other QBs in Als TC and then they convieiently “forgot”to invite him to their mini-camp in the States. He was not getting a serious chance there – it was a stunt/joke.

      Dunigan went out and signed & dressed Denison when he had some say for the Stamps – he had been outspoken about Canadian QBs getting more CFL chances/respect and he put his money where his mouth was and did something about it; Denison might have made some progress there but Dunigan got fired and the Canadian QB was sent packing with him. That IMO is what most just don’t grasp on this subject – the major role of who is calling CFL shots; more guys like Dunigan or Canadian coaches who have respect for Canadian talent or know about Canadian QBs and a few more might get at least CFL TC try-outs – who knows how they would fare, but you need a real CFL try-out first. Same old clique of biased types that are in place now = next to no Canadian QBs will get a real CFL try-out. Sorry – no change on the horizon there.

      If this story here was serious about the “next great” Canadian CFL QB prospect, it would be better/smarter to look at that Nathan Rourke kid playing for Ohio Bobacts (2 more seasons there? – not sure) – tremendous running QB with a pretty decent passing arm who led them to a Bowl win this past season. He might rate a CFL look based on Div I resume, but I would not be at all surprised to see the CFL types find a way to write him off too; a lot of the CFL trained-seal myopics are deathly afraid of a Canadian QB on their roster – cause they don’t want local yokel fans or media types calling for the Canadian kid to get a shot if their team or starting QB is $hite.

    • No. Canadian couldn’t care less if Canadians are on their sports teams!!
      Would Jays fans love them if they had more Canadians?
      Would Raptors fans love them if they had m
      ore Canadians?
      Would TFC fans love them more if they had more Canadians?
      Stop this Canadian nationalistic nonsense “it’s not the Olympics” this is not our national team it’s pro-football and we want too see our team win and entertain.

      • Exactly – I want to see the best players available.
        We have to reduce the Canadian content.
        I wonder if any of these posters realize that it’s not the 60s/70s anymore, we don’t have thousands of kids playing football. Very few high schools in Canada still play the game.
        School boards can’t afford the insurance or the equipment.
        I wouldn’t mind seeing the Argos like the Jays or Raps or TFC recruit the best players. If a Canadian makes the team, great if not too bad, just want to see the best players available.
        The CFL ration dictates that it’s all about putting the fat 300 pound Canadians up front to protect your talented players. Or putting Canadians on special teams or putting a Canadian receiver out there who might get thrown to a few times in a game (exception Sinopoli). Or backups

        • Isn’t there a TFC game on TV somewhere, that you and no one else can watch?

      • Sorry pal, maybe you and a few TFC trolls want to see the CFL dead, I don’t. It is the CANADIAN Football League, started with and by Canadians and will continue to do so. Maybe you want to see Americans playing in a league that would have the cachet of the XFL, I and most everybody else doesn’t.

        I want to see an outlet for schools I am familiar with and a chance for people I might know and have known.

        All those teams you talk about are johnny come latelys compared to the CFL.

        If you are not entertained (to use your word) why are you here? Why would you follow something you don’t like, doesn’t pass the common sense test. One troll pops up, another is soon to follow.

        • patlynch // May 11, 2018 at 7:12 am //

          Well said Killa !

        • Flanker41 // May 11, 2018 at 8:43 am //

          My attitude exactly, Killa. When I was playing HS football [60s!] I was dreaming of playing for Queen’s Gaels. It might have come true if I had gone to University at all!! So I dream along with the Canadian kids that might make it in the CFL from CIS, and then watch those that do develop into starters. For me there’s football then there is the CFL.

  17. Edward Leslie // May 12, 2018 at 1:39 pm //

    Jeff, Joe and Area 51: Immigrants to Canada need to take a citizenship test. You three should take a citizenship (and loyalty) test as well! You might be born here, but maybe you ought to at least be deported to the NFL or MLS only websites if you
    keep disrespecting Canadians.

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